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  1. I borrowed your little Payaso Pendejo. You can have him back anytime.
  2. Sure Bob. It's always been just a friendly greeting among friends.
  3. In the spirit of harmonious reconciliation, I would like to dedicate this song to my good friend, Bedrock Bob. It is a Mexican Ballad (Corrido), which is, no doubt, near and dear to his heart. It is a true story, about a legend, " the true heroes of the people", and the take over and shootout in the Court House in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico over issues related to land rights. I have posted the words in English for those who wish to sing along . . . In the year of '67, the 5th day of June was the day....,,there was a revolution in Tierra Amarilla...... There at the courthouse, town of Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico the state, Rio Arriba the county..... A group of our people came down very discontented....and on state officials they took vengeance..... Their leader begged them: "There should be no violence"....but he didn't control them...Well, they lost patience.... A deputy on the floor moans in agony, with a bullet in his chest, up there in Tierra Amarilla..... The women and children went running and crying....at that moment we thought that the world was ending...... There were 30 that managed to escape to the mountains...and the governor called up the National Guard...... When they were captured, they took them to prison...so they would be judged for the crime of which they were accused..... This corrido will end when justice is done, so that what happened in Tierra Amarilla will not be repeated.
  4. Bob, I haven't tried to paint you as anything. By your own words you have created a self portrait and an interpretation that is clear and unambiguous. My objection is that the forum, IMO, should not be used as your own personal megaphone for your grievances.
  5. "some call it an ingenious peoples opportunity to manage lands historically" Mitch, Did you mean, indigenous" by any chance?
  6. "Nothing I have posted is political in any way" "We have a little different view about the subject than most because of what happened back then. If any group or person supports taking our birthright again they are our natural enemy. And we made that plain about 4 years ago when they tried to do it. Anyone that didn't get the message then is in for a rude awakening if they try it again. Forests may burn in extreme drought. But Santa Fe will burn if they try to peddle our beautiful mountains to some wealthy gabacho. Tierra o muerte! Viva Los Gorras Blanco! Viva Nuevo Mejico! Not Hate speech? What do you call Land or Death? (Tierra o muerte!) And Los Garros Blanco was clearly a political and a vigilante movement. You also made it a racist issue with your divisive and pejorative use of Gabacho, as if public land was only "owned" by non-whites. Both the language and context is not only political it is hate speech. "We have a little different view about the subject than most because of what happened back then. If any group or person supports taking our birthright again they are our natural enemy" And who is "We" ? This is more of your La Raza type victimization and fantasizing. That issue is not about tolerating your opinion, it's about your seething anger and continually contorting topics that reveal a personal vendetta against historical inequities, perceived or otherwise.
  7. I am not going to the Mods behind any ones back, but I am respectfully requesting that somebody please do something about this type of radical political inflammatory crap that we have had to put up with for much too long, IMO. It's not cute, funny or even satirical. It is Radical Left Wing Revolutionary Propaganda which doesnt have any place on this forum, IMO, (at least for my 2 pennies worth) Demonstrations, Protest(s) and hate speech are all protected in certain venues but on the forum this kind of stuff is way over the top for me.
  8. BINGO! "incredible memories and adventures in deserts and mountains that are more worth to me than the gold I find" Whatever the cost of the so-called "investment", the real pay-off is in the experience . . . trash and all! 1
  9. Possibly a Dog Tooth calcite geode encased in the rock?
  10. IMO, looks like Rhyolite with a vug in the rock caused by trapped gasses, containing possibly calcite or quartz crystals .
  11. That was my point . . .
  12. The posts are Interesting, in a cautionary sense. Unfortunately, not everyone believes in the above.
  13. Not withstanding the negativism and redirection away from the central issue under discussion, I think it's a fair question to pursue in order to resolve the inconsistency. Maybe there is more information to be gleaned by further inquiry.
  14. "well, it has certainly been found naturally" There seems to be some conflicting information which begs the question Mr. Bassebus, in that you said you knew Nada about the item, yet you insist that it was found naturally. So I'm wondering how you know for a fact that it was found naturally? Is there a source that verified the origin?
  15. Kind of resembles a compacted core sample of some type . . .
  16. Well said. And to avoid the fate of Phaedrus in the novel by Robert Pirsig, you can't let the lack of quality, (trash), drive you insane. By learning patience while detecting endless amounts of trash and still having fun doing it, is in its self a quality experience.
  17. 6000 Technology = Greater Sensitivity. 6000 +Solar energy = ( EMI sq.)
  18. My original thoughts were in favor of allowing a discussion of politics to be confined to a separate section. I thought maybe the contestants could fight among themselves and not intrude on the topics and interests of other members. The consensus seems to be that it wouldn't work, and that the animosities and disagreements would spill over into other topics, like it is doing now. So for the record, put me down as a no, although at this point I'm not sure it would make much difference one way or another.
  19. Relax, Bobby. If I was going to dime on you, I would have done so when you posted the photo. New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Regulation. Bow fishing is a legal means of take for game fish species in lakes. It is not a legal means of take in a river. "Bow fishing and spearfishing for game fish are not allowed in any river or stream" ing-Rules-and-Info.pdf /52
  20. Ditch Pickle? Could be. No whining, or accusing, (and it's certainly a nice fish), But! Does the river in the original published photo look like a lake where bow fishing is legal? (In NM it's legal to bow fish in a lake but not legal in a river where the water tends to be shallow and the fish are sitting ducks)
  21. Hi Bear, Although I don't keep track of all the upgrades in comparable models of detectors since I sold my SD2200d almost 20 years ago, there are times that I wish I still had it. Most nugget hunters swear by the upgrades that you mentioned and I like the GPX5000 that I use now, but if you can get a newer model and keep your 2200, I would certainly recommend it. Mac
  22. Actually, (politics aside), Harry Reid appears to be the one who initially got the ball rolling back in 2007 by appropriating 200 million dollars to investigate/study UFO phenomenon before he left office. The investigation apparently was ongoing and numerous sightings were being documented over period of several years, when the information and video was inevitably leaked to the press. Once the cat was out of the bag, congress demanded answers and a 6 month deadline was set to produce both a classified report for congressional review and a non-classified version for public release. Reid stated publicly that he was aware of hundreds and hundreds of documented sightings not just the few that were selected for the reports that were released.
  23. Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. On 25 June 2021, The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released it's congressionally mandated report on the subject of UFO/UAP activity involving the U.S. military. The declassified report documents 143 incidents from 2004 to 2021. While the report found no evidence of aliens, it did find that UAPs could pose a threat to national security. The report issued by the intelligence community and the Department of Defense did not definitively determine what the military personnel saw. https://www.dni.gov/files/ODNI/documents/assessments/Prelimary-Assessment-UAP-20210625.pdf
  24. Not taking anything away from Clay. The subject has been covered by several forum members. The recent news on the subject emphasized the rather serendipitous finding of the deposit which I considered worthy of mention.
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