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  1. Congrats and a tip of the hat to you Bob. You called the shot. Perhaps for different reasons than appeared to be the case at the time, but a win is a win nevertheless.
  2. ECONOMIC GEOLOGY OF THE SIERRA ESTRELLA, MARICOPA AND PINAL COUNTIES, ARIZONA OPEN-FILE REPORT 93-12 September, 1993 Gold and Silver Pegmatites of the Sierra Estrella contain an average of 15 to 40 parts per billion (Ppb) gold with one pegmatite reportedly containing up to 23 ppm gold and 13.5 ppm silver (Korzeb, 1988). While most of the pegmatites are not presently an economically feasible source of gold or silver, they do provide a possible source for gold placer deposits. Since 1980 there have been over 75 placer claims located in the alluvium on the western side of the Sierra Es
  3. Do you live in a gold field or in an area where gold has been found before?
  4. You might consider a walking cast, which should help take the pressure off your ankle. Those type of injuries can take a long time to heal, and are prone to re-injury. I had a torn tendon and ligaments in my left ankle which took two years before it stabilized and still bothers me decades later. Hope the therapy does it for you.
  5. Max, Looks like one I saw out around Atlantic City, East of the Cemetery last summer when I was up there. Still a few old cabin remains hidden in the trees. Very wet winter last year and heavy runoff in all the creeks. Flat tails had a lot of them damned up and most of the good tailing piles were under water.
  6. Wow Max, I just reviewed that story yesterday while researching Forrest Fenn. That one rates right up there with Mel Fisher's finds and the Great Britain Hordes. Probably exceeds both in monetary value even!
  7. Won't it make the Elk meat too blood shot?
  8. Out of the frying pan into the fire . . .
  9. Hi Tom, Thanks for the tip! Actually, I did look at that magnetic sweeper and a couple of others before I found the picnic site and since I already had the basic component parts on hand, decided to cobble one together myself. I used an industrial strength bar magnet that does a good job of sucking up bottle caps, nails, rusty metal debris etc. It doesn't have a release mechanism other than manually scraping stuff off, but that's not hard to do and it's narrow enough to get into tight spots between rocks.
  10. Aug 18, 2009 "STEALING THE PAST: The haul included everything from arrowheads to pots and pendants. There were woven sandals and ceramic figures. There was even a rare turkey-feather blanket and a female loin cloth. All told, undercover investigators purchased 256 artifacts worth more than $335,000. All were illegal. Using an undercover source, agents from the FBI and the US Bureau of Land Management had spent since November 2006 infiltrating a tight-knit community of looters in the Four Corners area who dig up graves and pillage archaeological si
  11. 10/17/2018 "A Pennsylvania man arrested for burglarizing Forrest Fenn's New Mexico house told police he believed the famed art and antiquities collector's treasure would be there. Robert Miller, of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, was arrested Friday and charged with residential burglary, breaking and entering and criminal damage to property after he used an ax to break into Fenn's Old Santa Fe Trail home. Miller told a Santa Fe police officer that he flew to Santa Fe because he believed the treasure chest that Fenn says he's stashed somewhere in the Rocky Mountain region, said to be filled
  12. I agree. Not only that, the find predates the discovery of gold in NV by over a 100 years. That's what makes it even more of a mystery.
  13. Forrest Fenn’s treasure found in Rocky Mountains “The guy who found it does not want his name mentioned. He’s from back East,” Forrest Fenn said. A perfect ending to the story . . .
  14. Lots of German immigrant miners back in the day. Did you happen to find any old rusted pieces of metal around where the coin was found that could have been part of a Bratwurst cart? Nice find!
  15. "Forrest Fenn was an art, antique dealer and author from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and before the treasure hunt, Fenn conflicted with authorities over Federal antiquities law. FBI agents raided his home in 2009 as part of an investigation into artifact looting in the Four Corners area and seized items, but he was not charged. Two people targeted in the case committed suicide, and Fenn has blamed the FBI for their deaths" Fenn's gallery sold a variety of American Indian artifacts, paintings, bronze sculptures, and other art, including forged copies of works by Modigliani, Monet, Degas, and oth
  16. I like his biopic introspection and expressive poetry. Wouldn't be surprised if the motivational emphasis in his mind was the sharing of the thrill of the hunt with others. That rings true to me more so than his explanation about "giving people hope". Also wouldn't be surprised if he actually was involved in setting up the recovery. More to this than meets the eye perhaps.
  17. I never saw it although I heard about it. Thanks Max.
  18. Way to go matt! How thin and eroded were the coins, especially the dimes and clads? I used to hit the beaches after summer holidays; all up and down the L.A. (Malibu, Zuma) Ventura, and Santa Barbara coasts. Also, after those big "pine apple express" storms would pass through that area. Made a lot of very worn finds, and occasionally, a nice piece of jewelry near the volley ball nets, around the life guard towers, and once was able to help a distraught newlywed find his lost diamond encrusted wedding ring and almost got a kiss from the bride! I was more that happy with a beer as a consola
  19. Sounds like somebody that anyone would want to meet. I will always regret that I didn't look him up during the time he lived in Deming or even later when he moved over to to Dona Ana Co. He had a lot of experience and insights about MD searching, less obvious places to go, and details that I was able to benefit from. Another guy I always wanted to meet who lived in Deming, was Skeeter Skelton, who worked as a Customs BP officer. He was a well known Pistolero and gun writer for Shooting Times. He turned out some great gun articles as well as a lot of stories based on life experience and loaded
  20. Great story Max! I really miss old Glen. He was one of the most inspiring writers I used to read when I first started
  21. From my perspective, and the way I was taught in two different police academies and years of police work (under California law), A police officer (or a citizen) may not use deadly force solely in defense of property. Burglary, auto theft, etc. No shooting at moving vehicles, even if it's coming at you. (Unless you can't get out of the way and it's life threatening) No deadly force against rioters or looters unless in self defense or when defending the life of another, unless: the crime committed is so great that it would be justified to use deadly force to prevent a suspect's escape or to prev
  22. No Bob, that's more your style than mine. I do applaud your concern for police problems though and I'm sure you're just the man for the job. Unarmed and alone to face the crowd of rioters and looters. Go get em' Bob! Be sure and Let us know how it went!
  23. Open carry. Appears to be working. Any looter with experience would indeed be a fool for putting on a show for the camera in an armed neighborhood like that. I guess it's just a coincidence that the looters don't seem to be attacking people, and looting stores in any armed neighborhood, in any videos showing open carry. They are not fools. They know a citizen protecting himself and his property may not show restraint like the police do. So why take the risk. Why confront an armed citizen when there are plenty of unarmed victims out there to brutalize.
  24. I don't blame you for not wanting to go down that rabbit hole Bob, It might not work out so well for you . . . but then again, who knows?
  25. "Delta is ready when you are . . . "
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