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  1. There's always that 10 percent that can't leave well enough alone . . . no matter how hard they don't try.
  2. My guesstimate is Serpentine. I ran across a a hundred yards of slabs and boulders of similar material in Mendocino Co. CA. back in the 'late 60s and took samples to a gem stone dealer and other allegedly knowledgeable experts and they all identified it as Serpentine. One of the "experts" who claimed that he was a geologist, said if Serpentine was exposed to extreme heat and pressure long enough, it might possibly become Jade but that Serpentine was too soft to polish to a mirror finish or make jewelry out of. It's definitely a nice looking rock though. PS I lived in Granite Falls for a couple of years and traveled that Loop country deer hunting before the big avalanche happened. Beautiful country.
  3. Having previously been a police officer in Calif. I am unaware of any law in the CA penal code that provides for a 24 hour expiration of a trespass warning by a peace officer. Verbal trespass warnings by property owners (unless written and posted) generally do not prove: 1) that the individual(s) received a legal warning. 2) And lacks the proof of specific intent to commit a criminal offense.
  4. In order to enforce CA criminal code PC 602, it is common that District Attorneys require that a written trespass letter be served upon the individual(s) committing the trespass before any criminal violation of the code be prosecuted (simple trespass) Verbal trespass warnings don't tend to hold up in court coming from a private property owner. Posted property warnings may be exceptions to the rule. For example many cities in CA provide business owners with blank trespass orders to fill out, which can then be served upon the offender by the owner's representative. Those letters generally expire in one year and must be renewed each year. EXAMPLE: Trespassing Letter The Trespassing Letter Program enables business owners in the City of Anaheim to place a PC 602 (Trespassing) letter on file with the Anaheim Police Department. Letter Criteria The letter must be composed by you or your company on a company letterhead. The letter must be signed by a person who has a vested interest in the property, for example: the property manager, owner, or employee. The letter must contain phone numbers and an email address for the person signing the letter. There should be nothing in the letter that mentions transients, homelessness, race, ethnicity, or religion. The letter must be similar to the sample letter below. The letter may contain information about your private security company who is authorized to make arrests. The letter expires in one year and must be resubmitted each year.
  5. Now that we have the first confirmed corona virus cases in NM I guess we will see how prepared the various government and health services agencies are.
  6. Welcome to the forum wilcam47. Mac
  7. Copied from post: BY FISHING8046 Posted October 8, 2018 Quick Story: I'm a southern Arizona guy. I first started metal detecting with my children in an effort to get them interested in the outdoors...6 hours on the boat didn't work. I had recently got my 1st detector and I thought we would try an area near Mamouth Arizona. History said it had one on the largest and best-producing gold mines of the late 1800's with a cable trolley pulling water from more than 3 miles from the San Pedro river up and down the hill. There is a road to the west called Willow Springs road. Anyway, the detectors is new the kids are loving the new adventures, we drive in on the road and I notice a few white quartz stringers of disseminating white quartz on the surface a few 100 yards off the dirt roadway. So we park the truck off to the side of the road and hike the short distance with the detector in hand. Back then I always carried a 5-gallon bucket. We messed around there and detected the surface quartz exposure a bit. We were there less than a 1/2 hour. There was a bit of traffic on the dirt road. I have never been to Willow Springs but it is a destination for the off-roaders. The kids at my side (7-year-old girl and the 9-year-old boy) detecting looking at rocks, I look up at the truck and there is Fish and Game truck and a Forest Service truck. The officers are out of their vehicles looking at my truck and me and the kids about 100 yards away. I feel the pressure of their presence and start to walk up to the truck. As I get close to the truck I hit the button to unlock the truck and let the kids get in. The officers yell for us to stop ( freeze ) freaking my kids and myself out. The officers ask yelling do you realize you are on state trust land? I can arrest you! Metal detecting is against the law, illegal! He then moves up close and takes my detector from my hands. I didn't know what to say. My kids were so scared. I told them to get in the truck. I was a bit confused. They asked to search me and my vehicle. They told me they were looking for antiquities that I may have dug up. I consented knowing that we had done no wrong and they continued to terrorize my children for about another 20 minutes at which time they gave me back my new detector and a pamphlet about Arizona State trust land where it clearly states you can not use a metal detector.
  8. Cool Dave! Can't wait to see what you do with a can of enchilada sauce !
  9. In-expensive, quick and easy install. Trickle charge is great if you have access to Elect outlet. Or if you just want to disconnect the battery so it doesn't discharge, you might try this one. Works for me. Mac
  10. Chet: Glad I ran into you last summer in NV. Your two-fisted MD technique using a GPZ 7000 in your right hand to detect a signal, then checking the target with an Equinox 800 in your left hand as a discriminator, was quite interesting. Judging from the nuggets you were finding, obviously it was working for you! I was particularly interested in the solar powered, battery operated refrigerator/freezer unit that you installed in the back of your SUV. That is the most useful and convenient way to have a steady supply of cold drinks that I have seen. With hot weather coming up soon here in AZ, that's a project at the top of my list for my Tundra. Hope your still out there hitting it hard. Best Regards, Mac
  11. TYVEK HomeWrap 2 in. x 164 ft. Excellent tape for indoor/outdoor use, it is strong, weather resistant and will stay in place. TYVEK - HomeWrap Installation Tape, It is waterproof, impact resistant, conformable and is good for a range of temperatures variations. Highly recommended !
  12. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/970-minelab-gpz-7000-a-super-vlf-saturable-soil-tips/ "CW means Continuous Wave and includes all technologies that do not have zero transmit periods (almost all technologies other than PI)." "The GPZ 7000 is most definitely not a pulse induction detector in that the detector is always transmitting into the ground"
  13. "I had to get them all first" Very Nice! I noticed a few nugs with quartz attached and was wondering if these came off of a vein pocket or just a scattered roundup?
  14. Red_desert, I was wondering if you were ever able to identify the tribe of the the Native male and female shown in the court ship ritual painting by James Ayers in your original post?
  15. So would the Silver Hawkers. Personally, I'm a little surprised it's as high as it is, given the price history of silver over the past few years. A silver dime (pre-1964), appears to be holding it's worth of a dollar or more at meltdown prices. To me, that makes them fun to find (along with quarters, halves and war nickles), and there seems to be quite a few still out there waiting to be found . . .
  16. Taking refuge in doubt and disbelief serves a useful purpose of calming fear of the unknown. This may be the reasoning behind the decision of governments that have previously hesitated in disclosing or confirming physical evidence of U.F.O.'s. It is much easier (and safer), to simply reject their existence than to grapple with unknowable and possibly foreboding explanations.
  17. Seem to be finally trending a little . . .
  18. He may be trying to close the deal, while playing what appears to be a traditional courting flute. Could that be the bride price/dowry grazing in the background? Unless he's good with the flute he may still be one pony short of a princess.
  19. Good eye Jack! Wonder what's inside?
  20. Jan 8, 2020 Gold slips; oil prices lose more than 1% Spot gold fell 0.2% to $1,562.81 per ounce. Oil prices also retreated on Tuesday, losing more than 1% before paring losses in the afternoon.
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