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  1. Can Supplements Help Combat COVID-19? Andrographis Paniculata: Andrographis contains bitter constituents that are believed to have immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory actions. Andrographis contains andrographolides that have demonstrated immune-enhancing qualities in preliminary studies. Andrographis supports the immune system and protects against microbes. Andrographis is a supplement used primarily for its immunostimulating properties. Multiple studies have demonstrated its ability to not only reduce the duration of upper respiratory infections but also significantly reduce th
  2. I like the combination shown above, which seems to have many of the supplemental properties of a multi-vitamin and exceeds MDRs on some supplements. I have been advised by more than one MD, that 1,000 mg of Vitamin C daily will usually prevent urinary tract/bladder infections and has other health benefits as well.
  3. From what I've observed during the various medical updates and my own research is, yes definitely, a healthy immune system is paramount to having a first line defense against the virus. Moreover, the key factor, in terms of a vitamin or mineral supplement which might help stave off an infection would be a steady intake of Zinc, which allegedly interferes with the virus's ability to attach itself to cells within the human body. An increased intake of Vitamin C is also allegedly helpful. A safe dosage of Zinc, in studies I have seen, was 150 mg daily. Also recommended was Zinc and Vitamin C loze
  4. Initially, I was under the impression that the 'cytokine' storm/dump was what led to a pneumonia infection which could possibly be stopped by antibiotics. However, what I am now inferring, after considerably more information from health care professionals; that theory does not appear to be the case. What seems to happen, (my interpretation), is that the body's immune system produces such a flood of white blood cells to attack the virus, the effect is that an overpowering flood of liquid mucus"cytokine" substance ends up smothering and destroying healthy lung tissue as well, in an attempt to de
  5. Well thought out and executed. Exemplifies the 5 P Doctrine. (Prior planning prevents poor performance)
  6. A lot of innovative and creative protective masks are being used out there, but in case anyone was wondering . . . I can reliably report that regular strength Pantie Hose will not stop droplets from seeping through. (Although there is a brand called "Sheertex" tights that does show promise)
  7. I checked the NM Dept of Health website Friday and yesterday, and 43 was the number initially shown but after clicking the update tab, the number was 57. It would appear they are getting it right but the site mechanism apparently doesn't auto update over the weekend, you have to manually click on the update tab.
  8. "Things are never as bad as they seem" Until they are. Then they're worse. (military axiom) Right now, all we can see is an ominous shark's fin cutting the surface and coming our way. What lies beneath we can't be sure, but the music suggests that it probably wouldn't hurt to get out of the water before it gets here. Just in case . . . it's here already.
  9. COIN SHOOTING!! (Literally) After another magnetic surface cleanup and raking/scraping, dozens of bottle caps, rusty nails, and brass 22. casings; (and digging lead bullets), The old Picnic Site gave up another interesting find. A 1961 Washington Quarter with a .22 cal. bullet hole. Both the quarter and the half dollar found previously showed signs of having been burned/blackened in one of the several fire pits at the site. Strange . . .
  10. Mike, with respect, I personally think that this is the type of documentation that will support your presentations on the forum, and I do appreciate your support and for adding to the knowledge base regarding the subject matter that I originated. There is, generally, a great deal of interest in the subject matter, as you well know.
  11. I stocked up with a 2-3 month supply of staples at home and in my camper when I came back from WY in late Aug, including many bags of Beef Jerky from Walmart. I keep a couple of freezers stocked at all times just to have stuff on hand to share with neighbors who run low or need help now and then. I do hate to see people getting price gouged on certain items, but retail plus 100% seems to be the norm now.
  12. I don't know what to tell you Mike except you have your work cut out for you if you expect to convince the skeptics on this forum of much of anything when it comes to tales of Treasure (IMO), myself included. I also have periodically run across your blogs and claims over the years, and reserve comment. I do not consider myself a Treasure Hunter (with rare exceptions), and based my opinions regarding the Indian Head and Poodle rock formation based on Kenworthy's book, photos and my own in field observations and inspection of the "monuments" which show indicia of physical tool marks in/on the st
  13. One of the problems may be that the price that you are asking is about what a new GPX 5000 costs from a dealer with a 15% Veterans discount. I would expect that a sale price of around $2500.00 might move it more quickly. Good luck.
  14. C. Diff. Really bad stuff. https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/clostridium-difficile-colitis
  15. There's always that 10 percent that can't leave well enough alone . . . no matter how hard they don't try.
  16. My guesstimate is Serpentine. I ran across a a hundred yards of slabs and boulders of similar material in Mendocino Co. CA. back in the 'late 60s and took samples to a gem stone dealer and other allegedly knowledgeable experts and they all identified it as Serpentine. One of the "experts" who claimed that he was a geologist, said if Serpentine was exposed to extreme heat and pressure long enough, it might possibly become Jade but that Serpentine was too soft to polish to a mirror finish or make jewelry out of. It's definitely a nice looking rock though. PS I lived in Granite Falls for a c
  17. Having previously been a police officer in Calif. I am unaware of any law in the CA penal code that provides for a 24 hour expiration of a trespass warning by a peace officer. Verbal trespass warnings by property owners (unless written and posted) generally do not prove: 1) that the individual(s) received a legal warning. 2) And lacks the proof of specific intent to commit a criminal offense.
  18. In order to enforce CA criminal code PC 602, it is common that District Attorneys require that a written trespass letter be served upon the individual(s) committing the trespass before any criminal violation of the code be prosecuted (simple trespass) Verbal trespass warnings don't tend to hold up in court coming from a private property owner. Posted property warnings may be exceptions to the rule. For example many cities in CA provide business owners with blank trespass orders to fill out, which can then be served upon the offender by the owner's representative. Those letters generally expire
  19. Now that we have the first confirmed corona virus cases in NM I guess we will see how prepared the various government and health services agencies are.
  20. Welcome to the forum wilcam47. Mac
  21. Copied from post: BY FISHING8046 Posted October 8, 2018 Quick Story: I'm a southern Arizona guy. I first started metal detecting with my children in an effort to get them interested in the outdoors...6 hours on the boat didn't work. I had recently got my 1st detector and I thought we would try an area near Mamouth Arizona. History said it had one on the largest and best-producing gold mines of the late 1800's with a cable trolley pulling water from more than 3 miles from the San Pedro river up and down the hill. There is a road to the west called Willow Springs road. Anyway
  22. Cool Dave! Can't wait to see what you do with a can of enchilada sauce !
  23. In-expensive, quick and easy install. Trickle charge is great if you have access to Elect outlet. Or if you just want to disconnect the battery so it doesn't discharge, you might try this one. Works for me. Mac
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