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  1. It kind of looks like we may be headed for a maintenance type of preventative dosage, similar to what visitors to other countries have to take to avoid infection. "Hydroxychloroquine can be prescribed for either prevention or treatment of malaria. The drug has a long track record in medicine, having been used since the 1940s as an antimalarial. The modern drug is a synthetic form of quinine, which is found in the bark of the Cinchona plant. The plant was taken as an herbal remedy by indigenous Peruvians four centuries ago to treat fever. And there are some early indications it could work against SARS-CoV-2 infections" "For instance, a study in France published on March 20 in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents described the treatment of 42 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, 26 of whom received a version of chloroquine called hydroxychloroquine and 16 of whom received routine care. Of the 20 patients who took the antimalarial and completed the study, six also received azithromycin, an antibiotic. All six of these patients were free of SARS-CoV-2 by the fifth day post-treatment, while seven of 14 patients who took hydroxychloroquine alone were negative for the virus, and two of 16 control patients were no longer infected" Remdesivir may become the main treatment for covid 19, while Hydroxychloroquine can continue to be mass produced and distributed as a preventative maintenance or prophylactic drug, since it's so inexpensive.
  2. "certain people"? So it's about the how, not the who? I wish you were right. Maybe you need to read it again . . .
  3. Nice parry Bob. But no touche' with your reversal, and who said it made a difference anyway ? I certainly didn't. That's the whole point. Logically speaking, all partisanship aside: It shouldn't make any difference at all. If it works, and that's the tool we have available, let's use it! And anything else that works too!
  4. From the above Link: Remdesivir and chloroquine effectively inhibit the recently emerged novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in vitro. Manli Wang,#1Ruiyuan Cao,#2Leike Zhang,#1Xinglou Yang,#1Jia Liu,1Mingyue Xu,1Zhengli Shi,1Zhihong Hu,1Wu Zhong,2 and Gengfu Xiao1 That being the case, it would seem to beg the question: Why this? "Surely it's much better then the much touted hydroxychloquine certain people were peddling" What difference does it make with regards to who the proponent of the drug is?
  5. The smaller iron stones/lode stones that I have found are usually in a wash, in compacted gravel. They come off of a hill side, or erode out of the bank, like gold does, since they are heavy. The larger specimens, probably come from association with volcanic intrusive events, I believe, since you find them in areas where there are ironstone outcrops.
  6. Hydroxychloroquine, to a great extent tended to have excellent results when administered in time to save people (like countries abroad were doing). Administered early, before patients are hospitalized, intubated, on respirators, (and are dying), the drug saved people. Unfortunately, the way the drug was generally being administered was In late stages of the disease, or when the cytokine dump was either in progress or imminent. Then it was too late, and it's no wonder people were dying en mass. So far, it appears that Remdesivir may be tend to work better overall, (late stage administration)
  7. the flowers are still beautiful . . . Yes, they are! These beauties here in the desert as well! The Hedge Hog Cacti bloom once a year, in April, for about a week. Salud!
  8. Bunk and debunk, like "facts" are, of course, subjectively in the eye of the beholder.
  9. IS THERE BALM IN GILEAD? Remdesivir, made by Gilead, is all over the news, being touted as the new wonder drug to defeat Covid 19? Let hope it's true but what about the other drugs that work and are much, much cheaper ? Is there more to the story? Did Dr. Faucci fund any of the studies or have a financial interest in the outcome? Any conflict of interest in his glowing endorsement? Big Pharma et al, tends to help those (Doctors), to help themselves . . . Not conspiratorial, but does seem curious . . .
  10. Nice try meaning . . . I was thinkin that maybe he was tryin to ease the subject off in a safer direction.
  11. Hey Bob, Your family ever use trumpillo to make asadero? My neighbors Mom used to make it although I never had any. Sounds good though. "In Chihuahua, north Mexico, the berries of Solarium elaeagnifolium (trompillo or silverleaf nightshade) have been used in the manufacture of artisanal filata-type asadero cheese." (A potentially deadly nightshade unless you know how to use it)
  12. Is there a like button we can click, to show Bob that we like, the like button that Bob clicked?
  13. ANTI-ACID DRUG FAMOTIDINE BEING TESTED FOR COVID 19: A big run on pharmacy sales of common anti-acid drug. Apparently is being tested successfully as a anti-viral medicine for covid 19. Reduced to liquid form, 9 times regular dose, mainlined to patients, seems to be "showing promise" in test trial. Dr. Kevin Tracey, president of Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research at Northwell Health, which runs 23 hospitals in the New York City area, said that's because, theoretically, the structure of famotidine is such that it could stop the virus from replicating, in the same way that protease inhibitors, which are used to treat HIV, stop that virus by interfering with an enzyme that allows the virus to replicate.
  14. Matt, please post photo of your armored car . . .
  15. That's the biggest channel cat that I have seen. Caught a ton of them night fishing at the base of the caballo dam at the confluence of the river and the backwater eddy current, Back in the day before it became a state park. Average size about 1.5 to 2 lbs. Mighty fine eating. Much better, IMO, than their bigger cousins.
  16. Nice fish. Channel cat, Bob? Only reason I ask is the split tail which makes it look like a cc rather than a blue or a flat head.
  17. See what I mean Reese. Take a look at BRB's post: "Either way, the best indicator of gold is little pieces of gold. Not pieces of iron" "You should dig all targets. And even obvious hot rocks that may be obscuring a signal. But digging noisy slingshot ammo will not fill the poke no matter how many you dig" Reese, sorry to say, there is a long history which, unfortunately, you were not aware of, and got sucked into the middle of it. Best,
  18. "I completely see what you are getting at" Sorry Reese, I don't think it's quite clarified yet. Maybe what's been mis-understood is, I don't just set out to hunt for iron nuggets exclusive of gold! All the other things you mentioned applies. But what I was stating, was simply how I responded when finding them in a wash! That's all. If they are there, fine. Not there, fine too. I am encouraged when finding iron, especially of the rusty vuggy type that may be associated with an insutu deposit. But it should be obvious, the object of detecting for gold is, the gold!! Personally, I look for all the many other indicators that are basic in gold hunting including, alteration and contact zones, fault lines, rock types, direction of strike, and a bunch of other things that might point to gold, but if I start finding iron nuggets, I would probably go ahead and check up hill to see where they came from. But that comes after hours, days and sometimes weeks of research, acquiring the various geologic maps, claims research, mining record research and a "hundred" other things That's if I'm going to a new area. I think you were initially led astray by BRB in his comment: "The point was that trying to locate this type of rock with a detector is a waste of time. It is easily observed by eye. It slows down the detecting process. And most detectors allow the operator to readily discern these rocks from metallic targets" This comment missed the point entirely, and is gratuitously mis-leading IMO, when compared to the single concept which I have laboriously tried to explain. Good luck with your 17 yr search and please keep us posted on the results. Mac
  19. The magnetite pieces in my photos streaked black and are very heavy and strongly magnetic. Doesn't meet the description of the properties of "Bog Iron" or Goethe, IMO.
  20. I get what you're saying. My point was: If a well known Geologist suggested that if iron nuggets were only being found in a particular stretch of a certain wash, that it would be logical to detect the slopes and ridges, benches etc. above where they were found, as a proven method of possibly finding gold (because it had been done in the past), I would probably be inclined to pay attention. Especially if it happened to be Jim Straight. Pretty sure I would try it, no matter who suggested it, if I respected their opinion. In the area where the larger pieces in the photo were found, I was new to the area and discovered that there were massive sub-surface iron dikes. I eventually ran across some of the iron outcroppings, not gossans per se. Good gold was also being found in the area so I alternated to an SD 2200 which ignored the iron (but not some of the hot rocks) I still used a VLF in new areas, under certain circumstances, to check for iron nuggets. I learned that if I only used my SD I wasn't locating any iron. Like with any/most techiniques, it's not a panacea or sure thing, but just something else to keep in mind when out there trying to put together pieces of the puzzle.
  21. In highly mineralized areas (outside of New Mexico where magnetite "iron nuggets" either don't exist or are not recognized by some), say, Arizona and Wyoming for example, there are areas of sub-surface mineral iron deposits that consist of larger and smaller pieces which, depending upon depth and other factors, can sound suspiciously similar to gold, The choice may be either to dig or not dig the signal. In a wash or area that is producing both iron and gold nuggets, 20 plus years ago, when the above magnetite pieces were found, the Gold Bug-2 was being used to help locate these areas to then be exploited with ML SD type detectors, with good success. They don't seem to be visible through the alluvium.
  22. That's a good thing up to a point Adam, but the problem is, some of us on the forum were hoping that you would continue to bring home the type of gold that we have become accustomed to seeing, which helps keep those excellent and inspiring posts, photos etc, coming. Otherwise, members might get bored and start thinking about new topics that would tend to diminish the forum content and the emphasis on gold.
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