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  1. "I completely see what you are getting at" Sorry Reese, I don't think it's quite clarified yet. Maybe what's been mis-understood is, I don't just set out to hunt for iron nuggets exclusive of gold! All the other things you mentioned applies. But what I was stating, was simply how I responded when finding them in a wash! That's all. If they are there, fine. Not there, fine too. I am encouraged when finding iron, especially of the rusty vuggy type that may be associated with an insutu deposit. But it should be obvious, the object of detecting for gold is, the gold!! Personally, I lo
  2. The magnetite pieces in my photos streaked black and are very heavy and strongly magnetic. Doesn't meet the description of the properties of "Bog Iron" or Goethe, IMO.
  3. I get what you're saying. My point was: If a well known Geologist suggested that if iron nuggets were only being found in a particular stretch of a certain wash, that it would be logical to detect the slopes and ridges, benches etc. above where they were found, as a proven method of possibly finding gold (because it had been done in the past), I would probably be inclined to pay attention. Especially if it happened to be Jim Straight. Pretty sure I would try it, no matter who suggested it, if I respected their opinion. In the area where the larger pieces in the photo were found, I was new
  4. In highly mineralized areas (outside of New Mexico where magnetite "iron nuggets" either don't exist or are not recognized by some), say, Arizona and Wyoming for example, there are areas of sub-surface mineral iron deposits that consist of larger and smaller pieces which, depending upon depth and other factors, can sound suspiciously similar to gold, The choice may be either to dig or not dig the signal. In a wash or area that is producing both iron and gold nuggets, 20 plus years ago, when the above magnetite pieces were found, the Gold Bug-2 was being used to help locate these areas to then
  5. That's a good thing up to a point Adam, but the problem is, some of us on the forum were hoping that you would continue to bring home the type of gold that we have become accustomed to seeing, which helps keep those excellent and inspiring posts, photos etc, coming. Otherwise, members might get bored and start thinking about new topics that would tend to diminish the forum content and the emphasis on gold.
  6. Hi Ivigo, I've been wondering about your daily walks with your dog 2 rocks. You've been adding a lot of rocks to your collection, but so far you don't seem to be having much luck finding a meteorite. I was just wondering, and please don't take this wrong, is your dog a seeing eye dog by any chance? That could be the problem and would tend to explain a lot . . . By the way, could you please post a picture of your dog so we can guess what breed he/she is? That way we can have more pieces of the puzzle to try and put together, and it might up the interest level a tiny bit. Thank
  7. Actually, and more specifically, it's a compliment. Or would be If it were sincere. Which it's not. It's just more sarcastic belittling. But I have a novel idea which I invite you to consider and it just might help promote good will on the forum. Let's not point out each others "behavioral tendencies", Let's not feel that we have to criticize or "critique" each other. Then hopefully, the"difference", if there is any just won't matter anymore because we are concentrating on what the forum was intended for.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly! It should just be about Gold and Alcohol! Not necessary in that order . . .
  9. He "helps me out" with definitions too Luke. He will "assist" whenever he thinks it might serve his interests. He tries to help Skip out too. He points out things that he feels are an infraction of the rules whenever he disagrees with the content. He repeatedly posts the forum rules in those cases. He is strangely silent when those that share his views do the same. He is just "helping out" and is ready to "assist" whenever he thinks it is needed. Mac is our handy helper around here for sure!
  10. How about we discuss prospecting? Maybe even electronic prospecting for gold? Leave the rest the rest of the crap for the comment section of the political news columns...This is a forum for gold and prospecting, not politics!!! Go attack somebody else, we are all supposed to be friends with one common interest.
  11. I agree Adam. Except the topics you suggested don't have the emotional drama that some people tend to thrive on. And as we all can see, simply banning a topic doesn't make it go away.
  12. If forum members would start calling out posters, or at least jumping in at the beginning, at the first sign of a politically slanted comment, the united combined peer pressure of the forum group as a whole could have a moderating effect before things seriously got out of hand. This of course, would require some degree of directness and possible confrontation, such as that exhibited by the moderators (who can't always intervene in a timely manner) The problem seems to be that some member(s) (apparently), either enjoy and want this raucous disharmony to continue, or they are angrily impulsive a
  13. I didn't define it Luke, you verbally requested it. Which is a good reason that off topic in-fighting is not a good idea. It can backfire. And I didn't admonish anyone. I'm trying to make peace Luke, so hopefully we can go back to observing proper decorum.
  14. OK Luke, I remember it now. I didn't know it had been deleted. I guess that's why I couldn't find any reference to an acronym. You asked what TDS meant so I pulled up the Wikipedia definition and posted it. I wasn't looking at it like it was characterizing you. I didn't mean it as an insult or personal attack. I thought I was assisting you with the meaning, that's all. If you were offended by it, I apologize.
  15. Luke, the point is, why call anyone names on the forum? And why continue to be antagonistic? "Many of whom seem to have nothing better to do than point their finger" And in the second half of your response to Old Tom, you copied and posted my original post before I responded to your grumpy geezer comment.???? And in your first response you asked: Do you remember that? Pretty sure you were there when it happened" (see below for context) "Just last week, some of my posts were deleted by a moderator because I wrote something that was verifiable true, but hurt someone's feelings.
  16. OK, Luke. But why does anyone here have to be, " a bunch of grumpy geezers who want to whine and spread false information for the rest of their lives, why should I care? "Seems childish to me" Really?? Is the gender gap that wide? I would hope not, at least not here on the forum where the common denominator is, and should be, our shared interests. That's the weld that holds it all together. So, sorry, that's where I take exception. I can't speak for all the " grumpy geezers" on the forum (if there are any) Personally, I don't consider myself to be either one. Grumpy or a Geezer. An
  17. I believe that's why the "No Politics" rule was created to begin with. So people wouldn't be fighting and backbiting like you see now. It is disruptive, boring to many, especially to the Non- Zealots, and not considerate of forum members in general. If no one talks about it, no one should care or be offended because it just doesn't come up. And shouldn't. I have hunted gold many times with people that strongly dislike one political party or another, or one politician or another. Who cares? We don't fight about it out there. Why should we fight about it here?The forum should be about the thing
  18. Darn it Tim, you've been holding out on us! Great history and story telling!
  19. NEW FINDS: MEXICAN SILVER AND YANKEE HISTORY!! US Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Half Dollar 1892 and 1893 This is the first commemorative coin issued by the United States Mint. Like all US silver half dollars, these coins contain 0.3617 troy ounces of silver. Catalog values for these pieces, both the 1892 and1893 dates, are: Worn: $15 US dollars (approximate catalog value) Average circulated: $18 Well preserved: $20 1910 Mexican 5 centavo (not silver) 1939 Mexican 50 centavos “Nice coin. And silver, too. These old 50 centavos coins from Mexico have maintained their v
  20. Spent much of the day reminiscing, and re-reading Fred’s posts from over the years. I came away with a heavy heart and sense of loss for his passing, but I couldn’t help but smile at his humor and good spirit. RIP
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