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  1. Kudos to mn90403 and anyone finding a random search, significant size nugget in Rye Patch these days Passed through there last month on the way back from Wyoming. Visited the usual places to check in and say hello. For those in the know: Don and Dusty doing well. Gold Diggers parking lot full, so didn't stop, but ran into a couple of nugget shooters, each coming out of the GD claims with a palm full of dinks. (raking tailing piles) The GB-2 and the ZED being the weapon of choice. And in the nearby Eugene Mts.: The North slope of the Golden Eagle reportedly still producing, and (believe it or not), Bikini Tree area coughed up another nice one, (to the ZED) There was a time in the mid-to late 90's when you might see, (at least), 50-75 nugget hunters in the Majuba placer area. Nowadays, very few. The gold is still there . . . just harder to find.
  2. I thought about suggesting that maybe you should put your meteorite obsession aside for awhile and take up gold nugget hunting, but then I thought better of it. Please don't take up nugget hunting. Unless you give up posting first.
  3. I was wondering where Morlock was getting all his popcorn from . . .
  4. "The investigator must rely heavily upon insight gained by experience in aerodynamics in order to interpret and supplement his direct observations. He must use his imagination, and by that very act he risks being challenged by other scientists whose insights are based on other disciplines" D.T. Williams
  5. By all means, continue testing. Sub-sonic flow mechanics would seem to be worthy of further consideration. IMO. Good Luck!
  6. I'm not hating on you WillM. I normally root for the underdog and the downtrodden. I do hope you are successful in reaching a satisfactory conclusion in your quest. I am somewhat intellectually concerned that your hypothesis may have exceeded your investigative process, in that you seem to have reached a conclusion and are working backward to prove your theory. (Instead of taking it by the numbers, as they say in the military) Concluding the validity of a Venusian meteorite by using principles of fluid mechanics would seem to be a quantum hypothetical leap in logic, that's all.
  7. So we have noticed . . . But even though the flow equations published by D.T. Williams adhered to the scientific method and was accepted by the scientific community (perhaps with minor disagreements among a few), how is your specimen proved to be a meteorite, much less a meteorite from Venus? I don't see anyone on the forum disagreeing with the math but as has been repeatedly stated, the subject specimen fails the basic meteorite identification/elimination test(s) And, regarding his experiments, even D.T. Williams cautioned: "None of this evidence is strictly speaking a proof, and of course, a rigorous proof is out of the question since no tests can be made on the pitting of meteorites during astroballistic flight" Williams further states: Paraphrased: In searching for an aerodynamic mechanism to explain flow lines and meteorite pitting, one need not be limited to a supersonic speed of the flow . . . Which is apparent throughout his experiments which were conducted at subsonic speeds! Therefore, it would seem reasonable to examine the subject specimen with consideration of a hypothesis that the pitting, thumb prints and flow lines, (if any), may have been (and in fact more likely), to have been caused by the affect of fluid/flow dynamics at subsonic speeds of an earthly origin . . . such as a blast furnace or similar environment that could possibly offer a more plausible identification.
  8. I can see your ablative theory and process but doesn't there have to be a known quantity as a bench mark for a quantitative or comparative analysis?
  9. Cool. But I really think you should let Matt Damon do the math for you . . . And as for pattern analysis, what's with all the uncorrected typo's?
  10. BMc

    Where Am I?

    Don't care about the bears doing it, as long as they're not doing it to me!
  11. Sonja, It's not the rock. It's the nature of the beast . . .
  12. BMc

    Where Am I?

    Spanish? Close to the Bradshaw's?
  13. If it is Venusian, no one could figure it out anyway, so might as well stop trying . . . it's female!
  14. Yeah, sure Bob, that's probably what happened, but it also could have been the stench of hot urine running down my leg that made him let go . . .
  15. Don't know about good eating, but they seem to be good eaters . . .
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