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  1. Welcome Robert! I'm not a Met guy but there are some knowledgeable folks here on the forum that should be able to offer you their opinion, so feel free to submit whatever you think might be interesting. Good luck!
  2. Sometimes, I wish I was too. But I'm not so sure I'd want to go through it all again. Not to mention the fact that the coin has probably held up a lot better as well . . .
  3. Don't worry jr, the statute of limitations has long since run out (unless the guy died), and that warrant for your arrest is probably no longer in the computer system
  4. Has anyone ever seen a 1909 S. VDB Lincoln Head Cent? Held one in your hand? Found one in your pocket change? Finding one like that used to be on my bucket list (in the 6th grade) One day it actually happened! Walking home from school with two of my numismatists friends, I casually reached into my pants pocket to check my small accumulation of change for the day, to see if I had acquired any collectible coins. In those days, it was still possible to find an occasional valuable penny or two in circulation. Lo and behold, there it was! A 1909 "S" Victor D. Brenner Lincoln Head Penny! I was shocked and elated, and showed it to my friends who were suitably impressed and envious (for about half a second), until reality set in with the realization of one minor detail. We all knew where it came from and we knew it wasn't mine! I took another step, then turned around and started walking back to the candy store we had just left, to return the coin to kindly Mr. Jameson who had mistakenly given it to me in change. We knew he would be heart broken for the loss of his most valuable coin and we felt at least partially to blame for the costly mistake he had made. After all, we pestered Mr. Jameson almost daily to see the coin, so he had put it where he could easily reach it in his coin tray and show it to us. It just so happened that he had placed it along with some other collectible Lincoln pennies in a tray adjacent to the regular ones he routinely gave back in change. When we arrived back at the store, several students were standing around whispering to each other. Someone said, "You won't believe what happened. Mr. Jameson lost his 1909 penny!" I went up to the counter and stood silently in front of the tearful Mr. Jameson waiting for him to notice me. He continued to frantically sift through the pennies in the cash register drawer searching for his prized possession. To get his attention, I noisily lifted the lid on a candy jar sitting on the counter and took out a single piece of candy. I held the candy in my hand and laid the missing penny on the counter. Finally, Mr. Jameson paused and looked down at me standing there; looked at the candy, then picked up the penny. The surprised look on his face and the gratitude in his eyes was easily worth as much to me as the penny was to him. He rewarded me with free candy the rest of the school year, which I shared with my friends. Mr. Jameson continued to generously share his passion for coin collecting with us by letting us see and handle all of his rare pennies which included a 1914 D Lincoln cent and several others. However, he did wisely remove them far away from the other pennies in his change drawer and never lost another coin as far as I know. The irony of having bought a 1 cent piece of candy with a 1 cent piece that would now be worth a few hundred dollars, still makes me smile whenever I think about it.
  5. I happened to run across a news article from the '50s that mentioned a remote picnic site that was popular for weekend and holiday gatherings. A faded black and white photograph showed several concrete tables, benches, and stone bar-b-que pits on a secluded hilltop outside of town. I couldn't find anything else to go on and everyone I talked to had never heard of it, so I explored the back-roads until I located it by a process of elimination. There was nothing left of the concrete and stone that was functionally intact, and the (4x4 only), inaccessibility of the rocky washed out road made the location an ideal lover's lane, beer drinking - high school hideaway. After several trips to the site and a modest clean-up effort, I managed to unearth a few nice surprises: Wheaties, rosies, jeffersons, one buffalo/Indian head, a girls10k gold ring with a tiny "diamond" setting, and a singed 1961 Ben Franklin half dollar. The biggest surprise though, was the improvised "black-jack" made from a gym sock filled with (217) clad pennies, hidden under a pile of rocks. That's what makes detecting so head shaking interesting. You just never know what you might find next!
  6. Jack! You let us down man! Just kidding. I'm willing to believe you taught her how. Great Job Jack! (and Mrs Jack)
  7. RandyinWY, I was wondering how you know that it's a silver nugget? If it has been certified as silver, it's origin would appear to be possibly an interesting anomaly. "According to the West Virginia Geologic Survey, no native silver has been recognized to date in West Virginia.Jan 24, 2019"
  8. Yeah grubstake. 1969-70 might have been a little early, say 15-20 years or so but still a B1 doesn't have the speed that a UFO has, or the aerodynamic dexterity of a UFO; 90 degree movement, reverse trajectory with no banking or turning etc. Known physics doesn't account for stuff like that and what would the "G" force do to the human body? Maybe reverse engineering, or unexplained light/gravity quantum mechanics? Very speculative. Here's how renown Astro-Physicist Michio Kaku explains it: "Researchers have been poring over recently declassified videos shot by U.S. Navy pilots over the East Coast in 2015, showing mysterious flying objects that behave like no known aircraft. Thanks to newly updated radar systems in Navy jets, the videos have aided scientists by providing “test-ability” and previously unknown metrics about UFOs. “We now know they fly between Mach 5 and Mach 20 — five to 20 times the speed of sound,” Kaku said. “We know they zigzag so fast that any pilot would be crushed by centrifugal force. That they have no exhaust that we can see.” The explanations usually invoked for UFO sightings — meteors, weather balloons, even the planet Venus — can’t explain these live-action high-precision shots, said Kaku, leading to either of two possible conclusions: They are of human origin, representing a technology so cutting-edge that even leading scientists are puzzled by it. Or, he said, “maybe they are evidence of an advanced outer space civilization.”
  9. Thanks bill, for your neutral and objective sounding feedback. I know this is a difficult subject to place any faith in, sight unseen, so to speak. It truly is one of those things you have to see to believe. And even then it's a little hard to process. I don't blame anyone for disbelieving or being skeptical, especially with all the kooks and tin-foil hat BS stuff that's out there. But I am sincere and have always been willing to take a polygraph test to support the veracity of my story. In Response: There were about 23 of us that were attending Scout Sniper school at the time. I remember the names of a couple of marines that I deployed with. Richard (Dick) Martin from Ohio. Francisco (Frank) Maldonado Jr. from El Paso, TX, whom I last spoke to in 1988-89 by telephone. We didn't talk about the UFO incident, just catching up in genera,l and I proposed a visit and reunion like we had talked about in the past. Unfortunately Frank had some personal problems he didn't specify and we never reconnected. He's probably relocatable, but based on his demeanor when I last spoke to him, he might not even remember the incident, I don't know. Cpl. Roberts was the enlisted troop handler, NFI. The senior enlisted was a Master Gunny or 1st Sgt whose name I don't remember. He was a Pacific Islander, I believe. The OIC was a Lt. Wrigley, JC, (from my service record book), who was a Mustang, (former enlisted), decorated Vietnam veteran. I never knew where he was from but he's the individual that would most likely remember what happened that night. The class graduated about 27 March 1970. After the saucer craft had departed there were a few seconds of absolute silence, then some marine said, "Hey LT, you gonna call it in?" Lt. Wrigley replied, " You think I'm F . . . in' crazy? Back in those days, that would have been a career killer for sure. Then, since the craft were no longer in the area and didn't present a perceivable security risk, we went back to work, completed our scheduled shooting, and a few days later after our final qualification shoot with the 7.62 cal. Remington Mod 700, we received orders to our next assignment. All of the Scout Sniper graduates were scheduled for deployment to Vietnam as far as I know. Myself, Martin and Maldonado initially received orders to Mare Island Nuclear Submarine base/launch facility at Vallejo, Calif., and later on to marine ground forces I-Corps Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. Regarding your question of how we got close enough to see "so deeply" inside it. Actually, we weren't that close and couldn't get any closer even if we wanted to. The mt. peak in question was in an area that was off limits to all foot and vehicle traffic, being an air/artillery impact zone, un-exploded ordinance hazards etc. The area had been used as part of our training several days earlier when we were learning to call in close air support and artillery fire as part of the Scout Snipers role as Infantry Forward Observers. I believe that the intensity of the light-energy source inside the craft accounted for much of the ability to see detail inside the porthole-windows, coupled with the light gathering and light amplifying and magnification capability of of the Starlite technology, which was, if memory serves, at least 1000 times magnification of the target light source. Even normal body heat produced enough light to plainly illuminate a human outline/ target at designated ranges (in pitch black darkness) So, when observing the saucer craft, to me in retrospect, it was like walking down a sidewalk past someone's home at night (with the living room drapes pulled back, with a light on) and being able to see inside. It was that clear. Starlite Scopes had a fairly low optical magnification capability, about 2X to 3X I believe, and that was one reason the rather short range of 200 meters was where the range targets were placed. In my experience, night vision scopes were mostly used in Vietnam for perimeter defense, ambushes, night patrols/recon, etc., all of which generally occurred fairly close, usually within the designated effective shooting range of 200 meters. But it was the tremendous light gathering and light amplification quality of the Starlite technology that made it possible on this occasion, IMO. I did report the incident to the National U.F.O. Reporting Center (NUFORC) about 15 years ago. During an internet search, I also discovered, much to my surprise, another report by a marine scout sniper regarding an incident that occurred in Nov 1969, at the same shooting range, (report summary below) National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report: Occurred : 11/1/1969 22:00 (Entered as : Nov. 1969 22:00) Reported: 9/29/2008 11:58:36 AM 11:58 Posted: 10/31/2008 Location: Camp Pendleton, CA Shape: Light: Duration:2 minutes Object could only be seen through a Starlight Scope - UFO Report November, 1969 Camp Pendleton, CA While attending Scout/Sniper School for the Marine Corp I was witness along with at least 30 other Marines of a UFO. This occurred during our night training on the firing range using Starlight Scopes. This night was a clear night but without a moon. The background in the distance was the mountain range on Camp Pendleton. During the firing practice everyone who was firing using a Starlight Scope became exited by a bright light they could see through the scope. The light was flying/hovering fairly low to the ground in the distance. The weird part was that you could only see this light using the Starlight Scope. With the naked eye you saw nothing; no light whatsoever. Through the scope the light was obvious and moving over the horizon. My recollection of this event would have been over a 30-90 second time period. I looked at least 3 times through the scope to observe the UFO then with my naked eye and could see nothing. I was watching through the scope when the bright object went around one of the mountains and came into view again from a valley. The object began to rise into the air higher and then disappeared into the sky in a streak of light similar to a falling star but away from the earth. ((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD)) END. Conclusion/Comments: Although this sighting is one of the, "Lights in the Sky" type, to me it sounds similar to the above described incident a few months later, at the same location. It's unknown re: the reason for the lack of additional detail that might have been helpful for comparison purposes in that marines report. I understand that it's tempting to make light of or even ridicule peoples accounts of UFO sightings. That's been the norm for ages. My hope is that people can at some point be a little more open minded about the subject, especially given the more recent information that is being released by official U.S. sources. Perhaps it is, military or experimental aircraft that is being observed, who knows? All I can say to that is, I just hope it's our military. Thanks,
  10. Russia has documented UFO's in the past. The United States acknowledges, accepts and has released video showing that there are/have been documented incidents of UFO's in American air space. Google US Navy UAP's. The days of Project Blue Book are over.
  11. C'mon bill, you were doing fine before, but please consider the following: As far as alien spacecraft lights go, how would you know what the purpose is? The lights may not be there for any obvious, unimaginative or easily imagined purpose. A personal experience involving UFO's (not lights in the sky), occurred in March of 1970 on a military rifle range at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif. The incident left a lasting impression on me and changed my attitude toward the subject of UFO's. INCIDENT SUMMARY: A Platoon of Marine Scout Snipers, (myself included), were involved in a night training class at a rifle range on base and were preparing to engage in a live fire exercise. We had 3 sand bagged bench rests set up, with Starlite Scopes mounted on M-16 rifles. The 1/2 man - size (waist-up) silhouette targets were positioned at 200 meters downrange, with open terrain and a small mountain peak in the background. As the first shooters sat down and waited for the command to commence firing, a Saucer Craft silently rose up from behind the mountain peak past the targets in the distance about a mile away. Since it was night time there was no ambient light except star light and to the naked eye the object looked like a twinkling star, only brighter. When viewed through the night vision scope the object was clearly visible and discernible as a saucer shaped craft, dark metallic in appearance. There were multi-colored lights which emanated from 5 portholes on the counter clockwise - rotating turret of the craft. Through the night scopes we could see that all of the porthole windows seemed to have a different colored filter/cover; red, blue, green, amber, except for one clear-transparent porthole through which the interior of the craft was visible. The one clear porthole allowed a 1-2 second view into about half of the interior of the craft when it passed across our line of sight as it rotated. Inside the craft was a blindingly powerful light - energy source similar to a the beam of a Light House, which only had the effect of being bright when it shot out of the clear porthole in our direction every 15-20 seconds. (when the transparent window of the open porthole came back around again) There were no visible interior features inside the craft except it had a flat floor and a curved "ribbed" open wall construction, (no visible hatches or doorways) similar to the framing of a house or garage that hadn't had the sheet rock put up yet and wasn't finished. Looking back in memory at the appearance of the inside of the craft today, I'm left with the impression of it possibly being a drone since there was no control console, desk, seating or sleeping accommodations or anything except the blinding light and stark bare interior construction. No wiring, no plumbing no closed areas. Just open space. The craft alternately rose, from behind the mountain peak then descended behind it over the course of a few minutes before two additional - identical appearing saucer craft rose in formation, one to the left and the other to the right side of the the original craft, in a triangle shaped formation. They silently remained in that position for a few minutes, turrets slowly revolving, all appearing to have the same type of interior light source and colors emanating from the portholes with the turrets rotating in unison. Finally, some 20 minutes or so after the initial sighting, the 3 craft started slowly moving off to our right, Eastward in formation for a short distance, and stopped. The original craft then continued moving through the sky at the comparable speed of an F-4 Phantom jet. In a few seconds, it hit a "pivot point" and without slowing or making any banking or turning movement, it shot off at at what was estimated to be a 45 degree reverse angle upward to our left, Westward at an incredible speed, burning through the "atmosphere" in about 30-40 seconds or so, leaving a tail of sparks and fire, beginning at the front of the craft, gradually engulfing the whole thing until it looked like a comet in reverse, until it finally punched on through and disappeared from sight. The remaining two craft repeated the same departure maneuver, one by one. To say it was incredible to witness this eye opening event is an understatement. Our Company Officer refused to report the incident out of concern for his credibility and his career, even though there were many witnesses there who all saw the 3 craft, including senior enlisted Marines. CRITIQUE: There are many claims and theories that this stuff can be explained by saying that these sightings are just our experimental aircraft etc. But obviously, that doesn't take into consideration that reports of UFO's go back many years before the airplane was invented . . . and Imagine, if the US had possessed this type of capability during Vietnam, the war would likely have turned out very differently (speculation) . . . and . . . the explanation of airplane flares or weather balloons only goes so far. As far as legitimate UFO's not having lights are concerned: The lights may not be there for any obvious, unimaginative purpose, Example: In my opinion, in 1970, the colored lights (actually only colored porthole windows, like colored camera lenses) and the revolving turret, may be designed to resemble the effect of a "twinkling" star, to disguise it's appearance, because to the naked eye that's what the craft looked like. However, on an object the size of what was reported over Phoenix, there was no apparent attempt to disguise it until it went dark (lights out) I saw the video many times and it is possible to envision the curved configuration of the hull of the object as outlined by the curved alignment of the portholes as they closed, (appeared to blink out) one after another IN SEQUENCE! Curved is the operative term! They weren't in a straight line or just up and down, some higher than others. The lights were in an expanded open, curved and rounded, horseshoe shaped symmetrical pattern. All the other types of "UFO debunking" may have their place, but not to the exclusion of reliable, verified sightings like the US military now recognizes and accepts as factual. What should be rather obvious to the informed public, is the verifiable point that now, the United States policy toward UFO's/UAP's is acknowledgement that they do exist! The US government/military say that they don't know what they are or where they are from, but yes, THEY ARE OUT THERE! and United States Navy pilots have been chasing them around for awhile now, recording them on cockpit camera footage and witnessing the physics defying aerodynamics displayed by these craft. That reality is unexplained on this forum (or anywhere else that I know of) If anyone cares to watch any of the new/recent news clips on regular television channels, you can see and hear our military pilots chasing these things, not catching up to them, and commenting (on the air to air intercom), that they do not appear to be of earthly origin . . . Keep Looking Up! They are out there!
  12. The parody is humorous bill and I do appreciate the supporting theories and analysis. Any opinion on the U.S Navy fighter pilot's video/audio recordings and current/recent UAP sightings in the U.S or around the world?
  13. Thank you for jumping in Skip!
  14. PHOENIX LIGHTS AND CURRENT SIGHTINGS: The Phoenix Lights (sometimes called the "Lights over Phoenix") were a series of widely sighted unidentified flying objects or UFOs observed in the skies over the U.S. states of Arizona, Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora on March 13, 1997. Lights of varying descriptions were seen by thousands of people between 19:30 and 22:30 MST, in a space of about 300 miles (480 km), from the Nevada line, through Phoenix, to the edge of Tucson and the Mexican state of Sonora "At about 18:55 PST (19:55 MST), a man reported seeing a V-shaped object above Henderson, Nevada. He said it was about the "size of a (Boeing) 747", sounded like "rushing wind", and had six lights on its leading edge. The lights reportedly traversed northwest to the southeast. Dozens of people in the Phoenix area reported seeing the object as they looked straight up while it slowly passed over them and "blocked out the sky" In an interview with The Daily Courier in Prescott, Arizona In March 2007, former Arizona Governor Fife Symington, said that he had witnessed one of the "crafts of unknown origin" during the March 1997 event, although he did not go public with the information. Symington said, "I'm a pilot (former USAF Capt.), and I know just about every machine that flies. It was bigger than anything that I've ever seen. It remains a great mystery. Other people saw it, responsible people. I don't know why people would ridicule it". Symington had earlier said, "It was enormous and inexplicable. Who knows where it came from? A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too. It was dramatic. And it couldn't have been flares because it was too symmetrical. It had a geometric outline, a constant shape. Symington also noted that he requested information from the commander of Luke Air Force Base, the general of the National Guard, and the head of the Department of Public Safety. But none of the officials he contacted had an answer for what had happened, and were also perplexed. Later, he responded to an Air Force explanation that the lights were flares: "As a pilot and a former Air Force Officer, I can definitively say that this craft did not resemble any man made object I'd ever seen. And it was certainly not high-altitude flares because flares don't fly in formation". In an episode of the television show UFO Hunters called "The Arizona Lights", Symington said that he contacted the military asking what the lights were. The response was "no comment". He pointed out that he was the governor of Arizona at the time, not just some ordinary civilian" The U.S. government has recently gone on the record as recognizing valid UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) formerly called UFO's, and is allowing US military pilots to document and report the incidents. Several such sighting incidents have been reported in the national media over the past several months and the video footage and conversations of military pilots are viewable on the internet. "Keep Looking Up. They're out there!"
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