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  1. Outstanding! A big 10-4 and Semper Fi to you Doc. "Once a Detectorist, Always a Detectorist" . . .
  2. DIARY NOTES: It was late November 1962. A cold windy snow had left frozen white patches across the West Texas desert landscape. I carried a bolt action .22 rifle, a box of ammo, and a hunting knife. My hand me down coat was two sizes too big for my skinny 15 year old frame, but it had warm, roomy pockets that held a box of matches, 3 small Tootsie rolls and a can of Sardines. I wasn't too worried about water since I knew there would be a windmill or stock tank to drink from while crossing the 60 - 70 miles of cactus and mesquite country where I was headed. An all day walk and jog to keep warm, brought out a few coyotes, and the soaring buzzards overhead was a constant reminder - don't stop, keep moving. Into the early morning darkness of the second day, numbing cold and staggering fatigue was starting to set in. The base of an oak tree blocked enough of the wind to start a tiny fire using sardine oil dripped over a few small dry twigs dug out of a pack rats nest. Downed the sardines and dozed off, slumped over the fire. Startled awake by wind whipping the branches over my head - Wait! Too loud to be just the wind. Looking up, I saw the outline of several large buzzards roosting overhead, flapping their wings trying to stay balanced on the limb. Oh, Crap! Literally. If I didn't do something, I would wake up covered in buzzard poop. My tiny fire was still going, so I added a few small sticks, dripped on a little more oil, then fired a shot into the air to scare the birds off. Instantly, a huge, black flopping beast of a bird fell out of the tree, obliterated my fire, and rolled downhill where I heard it land in a small creek that was layered over with a thin sheet of ice. Agonizing minutes later, frozen fingers now slowly thawing, I slumped and dozed. I woke at first light and I could see the bird laying with its back to me in the creek. My fire was smoking, and smoldering, and I knew that, soon, I was going to need food. Not a particularly appetizing thought, but on the other hand, not a particularly tough choice either, when it's the only one you have. I walked over, knife in hand, grabbed it by a leg and turned the stiff, frozen buzzard to face me. Only, it wasn't a buzzard, after all. It was a huge Wild Turkey! Bigger than any domestic turkey I'd ever seen! I cut off the drumsticks, smoked them on the fire and ate off of one of them for three whole days! Eventually, I came across a highway and took my rifle apart, hiding it under my coat. After a short wait, I caught a ride with a trucker going all the way to El Paso. He dropped me off at a diner and was kind enough to buy me a hamburger and fries, then shook my hand and wished me good luck. It was late November, and I don't remember if it was Thanksgiving day, but I knew I had plenty to be thankful for. I was a mess. My shoes were coming apart from hard walking, my clothes were smokey and torn, my face was sunburned and my lips were cracked from the wind and the cold. But I only had a few more miles to go before I reached the home of a relative I could stay with and a waiting job offer. As I walked along, I was smiling as I ate my last tootsie roll thinking thoughts of a new life and a new beginning.
  3. BMc

    Vlf power

    He's spoofin you . . .
  4. BMc

    Was It An Alien Probe???

    Swamp, I'm sure you must be familiar with: The Physics of Interstellar Travel : Official Website of Dr. Michio Kaku where detailed information related to Quantum Physics and Faster Than Light Travel (FTL) is discussed. For those who have not yet read his work, it sheds light on the issue, which might be interesting to anyone curious about the subject.
  5. BMc

    Was It An Alien Probe???

    Weird. Something about the bursts of acceleration apparently made it an anomaly , I guess. At least according to Hav-ad . . . The other networks did pick up on it though.
  6. And if that much was missed, it could have been a lot more, AND a lot more valuable! You just never know. One thing we do know, is, nobody gets it all, and having a persistent, positive attitude, is the hallmark of success. Well done Sir!
  7. BMc

    Four Prop Drive

    Nice Try!
  8. BMc

    Four Prop Drive

    The Amish have it right . . .
  9. BMc

    Remember , AZ has Cactus

    Is this Adam or Bolderdash? If so, big nuggets can't be far away!
  10. Clay, you're on a roll. Simian references aside, break it down and lay it out for us. Please give us your dissertation, exclusive of hyperbole, but inclusive of pithy enlightenment and relevance. Your audience awaits. Mac
  11. BMc

    Stupid is As Stupid Does

    "Learn about the importance of controlling panic in an unplanned life or death situation" Great example of being cool and calm "under fire" When the situation is life threatening and having a trained mindset that excludes uncontrolled panic, a controlled panic tends to either slow down or speed up the necessary response. If oxygen is available, slow deep breathing can prevent hyperventilation (which can occur with uncontrolled panic), and helps the mind stay calm, focused and functioning analytically.
  12. BMc

    Is this a meteorite?

    Not an expert. I have found a good deal of Magnetite, some in mountainous areas, some in flat sagebrush country. I've never sanded, cut or polished any. It tends to erode into black sand over (eons) of time.
  13. BMc

    Is this a meteorite?

    You might post photos of the exposed "nice shiny steel" to see if any of the met guys on the forum want to render an opinion for you.
  14. BMc

    Is this a meteorite?

    Not sure why being in the middle of a field would disqualify it from being magnetite. Wonder what the field looked like millions of years ago? Cut a window on it to examine the inside.
  15. The deposition process may have been Epithermal but the detection process was decidedly Hydrothermal for these two guys in their 30's who walked into A & B Prospecting Supplies in Mesa AZ, looked around for bit, then bought a a book on how to file a mineral claim, and left without saying anything. A few days later, the same two guys went back to A & B Prospecting Supplies and bought a miners pick, a rock hammer, pry bar, mortar and pestle, 2 gold bar molds and again left without saying anything. Two months after that they returned. This time both men were noticeably overdressed, wearing heavy, baggy winter overcoats. They looked around the store briefly, making sure there were no customers hanging out anywhere, then, in front of the surprised store employee, began removing gold bars from their coat pockets and stacking them on the counter. They two, (now talkative guys), said they were not prospectors and had no prior experience in hunting for gold. They proceeded to relate the following story: A few months before they had been out 4-wheeling and drinking beer in the desert back roads N/W of Phoenix and stopped to take a pee break. One of the guys hollered out to his friend, "Hey, this big rock I'm peeing on is turning yellow" His friend yelled back," "That's what happens when you pee on a rock, stupid! Both men laughed, and the first guy said, No no, really! Come look, the rock was covered with dirt when I started peeing on it and now it's turning yellow. Both guys stood looking and peeing on the rock for a few minutes then decided to break off a chunk and have it tested, which they did. The result? They became $80,000 richer through the process of Hydrothermal Gold Detection!