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  1. BMc

    TV show Meteorite Men

    Ain't we all . . .
  2. BMc


    I'm guessing that would be the complaint on just about any engine. When they don't run . . . I reviewed all the various blogs on the Rotax engine and that doesn't seem to be an issue except for one anomaly on a failed part, but other than that . . . Thanks for all the feed back!
  3. Even though I never met him, it really bothered me after I heard he had been defrauded out of his biggest single nugget find and it was depressing to then learn of his death. It was like he had been hit with a double whammy that was so unfair and hard to take. Terry was a fine craftsman doing what he loved to do, maximizing his potential at a very difficult profession and beating the odds for a long time. A happy go lucky guy, whose luck run out, at least partially because the deck was stacked against him. Every time I cross the tracks at Pronto crossing I look good both ways, then I hit it and try to catch air, and I say a whispered prayer for T-Bone . . .
  4. Dang, Edge! What a drag. Don't sell that .32, whatever you do! But if you must, use the proceeds for a safe deposit box at the bank. Sorry for your loss(es)!
  5. BMc

    Advise please

    Beautiful gold! Kudos for the effort that went into the recovery. If that remains your preferred method, you will have quite a few hot dry days each summer to ply your trade.
  6. BMc

    Advise please

    Jim Straight said, "Follow the Dry Washers", not be a dry washer. If you do it right, the dry washing method is usually hot and hard, dusty, dirty work, but it does find gold, as we know. I passed on back surgery long ago in favor of another method which works for me. I'm a wand waver. And when it comes down to it, and things happen to look right or sound right, I will dig, shovel, scrape, rake and poke into whatever cran and nookie that it takes to avoid the dreaded, smelly striped beast that we wand wavers, all dread at the end of the day . . .
  7. One of the Met guys hopefully, will be with you momentarily. That is if we have any left . . . Looks interesting to me as an average non-met kinda guy.
  8. BMc

    100 year old artifacts?

    Glad you were able to keep your detector. Too bad about the scare tactics, especially in front of your kids. Sometimes these areas are marked by signage but many times they're not. It pays to always know where you are, on the ground and on the map.
  9. BMc

    100 year old artifacts?

    No wonder she didn't ask for a diamond. She's a Gem already!
  10. BMc

    100 year old artifacts?

    Oh Saul, but that's the beauty of the English language, isn't it? With the properly disguised phraseology, it allows us to discuss everything about anything!
  11. BMc

    100 year old artifacts?

    If what you say is true, then I've got a lot of back pay coming to me! Where do I collect?
  12. According to the attached news accounts in THE HUMBOLDT SUN , (a local Winnemucca newspaper), On June 23, 1996 Terry Bone was in his 1981 Toyota pickup when he attempted to drive across an uncontrolled rail road crossing (Pronto crossing), off of Jungo RD West of Winnemuca, NV and was struck and killed by a Union Pacific cargo train. There were many unanswered questions surrounding the accident, and a great deal of opining about the cause of the accident among friends and forum members who knew T-Bone. (It was believed that he was following another vehicle while en-route to a Dozer "push" and perhaps his vision had been obscured by the dust trail from the vehicle in front of him) One thing is certain: It was an established fact that during his relatively short life as a full time professional nugget hunter, Terry found many pounds of gold nuggets, (not to mention the 27 1/2 oz one), and had a top notch reputation of being able to find gold. His name still comes up frequently, and reverently, whenever the subject of big nuggets or nugget hunting expertise is discussed. R.I.P. Terry Bone. Nugget Hunter Extraordinaire!
  13. An unfortunate footnote to the story is that T-Bone consigned the biggest nugget find of his life to someone he trusted in the Quartzsite area and reportedly, the nugget was sold without his being informed of the sale and he never received any compensation for it. The Sheriff's Office in the local jurisdiction became involved, and they located and sized the nugget. As a result, T-Bone said that he fully believed that he would eventually regain custody and ownership of it. The investigation of the case was ongoing in Arizona, and so it was said, that T-Bone returned to the Eugene Mts area hoping to repeat the performance of finding another Giant Gold Nugget. Con't.
  14. Any discussion of big nuggets, would have to include the story of Terry Bone (T-Bone), a gold nugget hunter from Arizona, and his famous nugget as shown in the attached photographs. Several forum members are familiar with the story, and a few folks, mostly distinguished nugget finders in their own right, knew Terry and hunted gold with him in Arizona, and also hunted in the same general area of the Eugene Mts. in Nevada where Terry made this spectacular find. I wanted to tell the story the way I heard it not long after it was found, from someone who claimed to have been present when Terry dug it up. The story and photographs of Terry's huge nugget should serve to inform and inspire the latest generation of nugget hunters in the same spirit that prevailed during this earlier exciting time when so much gold was discovered by metal detecting, mostly at shallow depths by the technology of the day; to include the venerable Whites Goldmaster series and the Fisher Gold bug series. T-Bone's Big Nugget: "A group of several gold hunters, including Terry Bone, were metal detecting in the vicinity of Blue Mt., about 14 miles West of Winnemucca, NV. After detecting the down slope area of a mine, and not finding any gold, it had started to rain, and the group began to head back to their truck, parked a few hundred yards away. T-Bone, was jogging along swinging a large coil, when he got a loud "booming" signal, and thought it was likely a coke can or something similar. The nugget was only a few inches deep, weighed 27 1/2 ozs, and was heavily encrusted with quartz." The photographs show the nugget after it was cleaned. In the mid to late 1990's, thanks partially to the publicity of Terry's nugget, ( by Jim Straight, Arizona Al and others), and by word of mouth describing the size and amounts of nuggets being found at and near the "Rye Patch" Majuba Placers, certain areas in the Lovelock and Winnemucca, NV vicinity became fairly inundated with enthusiastic coil swingers. Additional large individual, and "Patch" type gold finds in Pershing and Humboldt Counties in NV, contributed to an influx of gold seekers which still continues to this day. The PI technology changed the game considerably after the capabilities of Minelab detectors became well known, and each new phase of advanced technology resulted in a steady continuation of gold finds in the area. (More to follow) Special thanks and appreciation to Unc Ron for his contribution of T-Bone's nugget photograph (held by fellow prospector Ross Hefner with nugget in his right hand), which Unc posted July 11, 2011 on this forum.
  15. BMc


    No, the water helps keep the Chile good.