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  1. For emphasis, since possible imprisonment under the code would (obviously), seem to exceed a civil prohibition.
  2. Laws, Policies & Regulations The National Park Service carries out its responsibilities in parks and programs under the authority of Federal laws, regulations, and Executive Orders, and in accord with policies established by the Director of the National Park Service and the Secretary of the Interior. Policies are designed to improve the internal management of the National Park Service. They are not enforceable legal tools. An example of NPS policy is section of Management Policies (2006), deal
  3. AIRLINE PILOTS REPORT UFO SIGHTING IN NEW MEXICO https://simpleflying.com/american-airlines-ufo-new-mexico/ On Sunday, February 21st, shortly after passing into New Mexico, the pilots of an American Airlines’ Airbus jet reported seeing a ‘long cylindrical object’ passing by at great speed. The airline has confirmed the sighting but refers to the FBI for any further questions. Almost like a cruise missile . . . American Airlines Flight 2292 was operating from Cincinnati, Kentucky, to Phoenix, Arizona, on Sunday when its pilots reported an unidentified flying object (UFO). Wh
  4. When I first started out hunting silver coins, I routinely ended up finding clads and maybe an old Wheatie or two. When I stopped hunting coins and concentrated on nugget shooting, I started finding silver coins. That's not all bad I guess, but it can be distracting. The historical allure of old silver coins can have a tendency to divert my attention away from gold. Especially if I haven't found any nuggets and suddenly start finding silver coins. I find myself gravitating toward old deteriorating buildings and evidence of habitation, and straying away from the more likely areas I should be se
  5. 22 shots, 3 needles in each arm simultaneously, repeat; then walk through a series of door frames set up as air gun injection stations. It's an interesting way to give shots, with three syringes held between the fingers of each hand, then a quick left and right back hand leaves you standing there with 6 needles sticking out of you. The next Corpsman finishes the job by pushing in the plungers. Another step forward and more shots until they redo all of the shots that had already had been given prior to them losing that all important shot card . . . Out in the bush, between the malaria pill
  6. Outstanding! Sometimes no rhyme or reason. Might be worth thinking about renting a Backhoe or Bobcat for a day or two . . .
  7. Hard to beat a lightly brined rotisserie roasted duck basted with green peppercorn sauce and glaze of choice with wild rice on the side . . .
  8. The camp was up and running strong when I was there in Nov last year. James Rixie 928 208 7294 is in charge of membership, dues etc and is who I signed up with last spring.
  9. Good luck Don, you will certainly need a thick skin. I hope you are able to persevere despite the perception of negatively and ultimately find it worth the effort.
  10. Product Liability. The manufacturer would get sued under the theory of liability that the manufacturer, "knew or should have known" that the product was inherently dangerous and likely to cause injury.
  11. Very impressive in anybody's book . . . And with no weather. Piling up the Good Time's/memories.
  12. " AGGRESSIVE WASPS AND 'MEAT BEES' HIT WEST COAST" LOS ANGELES, SEPT. 12 --" Unusually large squadrons of hostile yellow jacket wasps, joined by an aggressive new species, are sending people to hospitals along the West Coast. "Those suckers are eating us alive," said Ruth Budesa of the northern California town of Sonora. At least one horse died after disturbing a nest of the meat-eating yellow jacket, also known as the meat bee. "One sting is enough to kill a hypersensitive human," said George Poinar, an entomologist at the University of California, Berkeley. "Fifty to 75 stings are en
  13. That shore ain't chicken feed! Grab the Monster and start a scratchin'!
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