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  1. 1) "Yes, the ritual opening of the weapon and showing everyone involved it was empty was not done. But that ritual is not for the actor to initiate" Under the NM Criminal Code, why wouldn't that be his responsibility Bob? Not necessarily, to "show everyone", but just to make sure to himself that the gun was safe since he was the one that would be pulling the trigger? (Otherwise potentially leaving himself open to a charge of Criminal Negligence) Where in the NM Criminal Code does it say that Bob? (It doesn't) And now are you going to try and tell us that goes to the issue of Intent? Please explain how lack of intent excuses someone from a Negligent Homicide charge? Also, how does "policy and procedure" excuse someone from statutory Criminal Negligence? 2) "He was the big honcho on set and obviously allowed things to slide. Either by ignorance or apathy he didn't insist on discipline on his set. And for that he certainly could face a civil suit" Bob: The civil suit is a forgone conclusion. But, by your arguments stated above, you do not seem to get even the basic facts of criminal law. Ignorance or Apathy is the often the essence of a Criminal Negligence charge. Opinions are one thing. Jumping off the deep end with wild and misleading speculation and misinformation is another. That's why it is important to let the facts play out and allow the professionals who are qualified to be in their league to do their jobs.
  2. Nonsense. The same old dodge, and blame somebody else. As Dan indicated, it shouldn't be happening period!
  3. "Which is nothing except rumors from within the film industry" Exactly! Please stop spreading false rumors! And leave politics out of it! 1) "I know the armorer on the set personally. He is a hateful, violent human that has a long history of being a dangerous jerk. I wouldn't put it past him to do something like this" According to ABC news the Armorer's name is "Hanna" She is not a He! She is Thell Reed's daughter! (Thell Reed is a known and respected handgun expert) 2) ABC News: Court records indicate that an assistant director, Dave Halls, grabbed a prop gun off a cart , and handed it to Baldwin. Obviously there is much that is unknown about the case. Spreading false rumors, speculation and innuendos to support your personal political bias is creating dissension. Please stop the B.S.!
  4. After perusing the various forums on the subject, it's pretty obvious that a lot of GPX 6000 users are looking for this type of information. Most written explanations of how to deal with the problem tends to be brief, without much detail IMO. It is one thing to read a few blurbs and some written instructions discussing how to overcome the EMI (and related issues) that may impede proper function of the detector. That's seems to work for some, but it's quite another thing to produce a walk through, step by step audio/video which visually illustrates the exact steps to take that quickly smooths out the threshold and can be repeated as necessary to maintain detector stability. To me, seeing is believing, and more of a confidence builder.
  5. Amen! Looks like it might be some pretty serious iron staining too.
  6. Attn: Snake Whisperers: More than 90 snakes found under Northern California home! https://fox59.com/news/more-than-90-snakes-found-under-northern-california-home/#:~:text=SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Al Wolf is used to clearing one or two snakes from under houses but recently was called by a woman who said she had seen rattlesnakes scurry under her Northern California house and was surprised to find more than 90 rattlesnakes getting ready to hibernate.
  7. Nice try Brownie! Guess you can't blame a guy for tryin'
  8. A sorrowful loss of a such a beautiful dog. Thanks for sharing.
  9. "The big glob of lead looking stuff, is I think linotype? It's harder than lead" Might be Antimony . . .
  10. Interesting artifacts and misc. mystery metal collection you guys got there. If you get tired of waiting for the grass and weeds to die off, you might try using a manageable piece of plexiglass or plywood to help get your coils closer to to the ground. Might not hurt to have a hand held pin pointer to (cautiously), poke around in the rocks with. Good luck!
  11. At least for a change, this one wasn't about a meteorite . . .
  12. "Confirmation bias, the tendency to process information by looking for, or interpreting, information that is consistent with one’s existing beliefs. People are especially likely to process information to support their own beliefs when the issue is highly important or self-relevant. Confirmation bias is one example of how humans sometimes process information in an illogical, biased manner. Many factors of which people are unaware can influence information processing. Philosophers note that humans have difficulty processing information in a rational, unbiased manner once they have developed an opinion about the issue, or when having a vested interest"
  13. A song to listen to in the desert at night. Crystal Gayle was a fan and admirer of Art Bell and Coast To Coast AM, an immensely popular overnight talk show. She wrote this song for him.
  14. On the one I saw, the larger screen was a heavy duty non-flexible grate type classifier that was on top. It deflected the larger rocks and gravel and allowed the smaller stones and dirt to drop down onto a second screen. Anything smaller than about a inch in size passed through to the sluice box. The screen in the photo looks like maybe someone was trying to make do with what they had, or the screen might have been used just to help somehow contain and guide the load onto a truck.
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