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  1. So would the Silver Hawkers. Personally, I'm a little surprised it's as high as it is, given the price history of silver over the past few years. A silver dime (pre-1964), appears to be holding it's worth of a dollar or more at meltdown prices. To me, that makes them fun to find (along with quarters, halves and war nickles), and there seems to be quite a few still out there waiting to be found . . .
  2. Be that as it may WillM, perhaps there might be some in the forum not in admiration of your boastfulness, concerning what was construed as misdeeds. Apologies and deflection of responsibility notwithstanding.
  3. Shady dealing. Sounds unethical at the very least . . .
  4. Taking refuge in doubt and disbelief serves a useful purpose of calming fear of the unknown. This may be the reasoning behind the decision of governments that have previously hesitated in disclosing or confirming physical evidence of U.F.O.'s. It is much easier (and safer), to simply reject their existence than to grapple with unknowable and possibly foreboding explanations.
  5. Seem to be finally trending a little . . .
  6. He may be trying to close the deal, while playing what appears to be a traditional courting flute. Could that be the bride price/dowry grazing in the background? Unless he's good with the flute he may still be one pony short of a princess.
  7. Good eye Jack! Wonder what's inside?
  8. Jan 8, 2020 Gold slips; oil prices lose more than 1% Spot gold fell 0.2% to $1,562.81 per ounce. Oil prices also retreated on Tuesday, losing more than 1% before paring losses in the afternoon.
  9. The neutral term "administration" was used in the context of the likely hood of the price of gold spiking. I was supporting Chrisski's side of the discussion. There was no intent, and no mention, implied or otherwise, of politics.
  10. Didn't mean to hit a nerve Luke. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as you may recall, the prohibited subject that went off the rail was Politics. And, with respect, you seem to be missing the point entirely. The "flames" are not about the right to agree or disagree on a topic. It was the topic itself. You may have noticed that I didn't jump into the rapidly accelerating discussion that was clearly turning Political. I stayed out of it for good reason. For one thing, Skips admonishment/warning. That should have been enough of a reminder for anyone. And as far as Bill needing my help or anyone's help, Bill has repeatedly asked nicely, and also stated in plain English that certain topics were off limits. Politics was one of them. I respect that, not only because he's the Boss but because It should be common sense, and obvious that the subject creates divisiveness As far as the rest of your editorial goes I tend to agree.
  11. Not blaming you Skip, I blame the one(s) who fan the flames and take advantage of your tolerance, and good nature, which intentionally disregards and disrespects Bill's edict IMO.
  12. Better late than never . . .
  13. The historical weaknesses in the hedge with regards to oil and gold prices doesn't seem to be there as a significant effect compared to previous administration policies. Deregulation and technological expansion of resource development etc, has been proven to contribute to a reasonable stability of the worlds oil market to the point of an all time glut as in in the recent past. Iran and the Emirates are considered to be much less of a factor in present and future global price of petroleum, even with instability in the region.
  14. H-2 Charlie, Thanks for your response. That sounds pretty consistent with what I have seen in a side by side comparison between the Gold Monster and the GB Pro. Greater sensitivity on smaller targets, (especially at increased depth) which does give the Monster a distinct advantage.
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