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  1. (Bedrock bob quote) "There are ledges of pure cubic galena here that are three feet thick." I just saw a nice cubic Galena cabinet specimen sell for $11,000 in a natural history auction! Might be worth taking the TLC up there to check it out.
  2. Just a follow up, had a assay done and the galena ore sample, it ran 74 oz. per ton silver and .034 oz gold. so pretty rich in silver. Neat little peice to add to the collection.
  3. Hello again, and thanks for the reply's. The mineral is most certainly Galena, streak is dark grey, as well as its heft give it away. I'm just wondering whether or not you can do a test such as a specific gravity test or ??? to determine if there could be either gold or silver in the piece? I do have a small piece, about 1"x1" that I could have assayed if that is a large enough peice? (not sure). I was also wondering if there is a way to disolve the host rock while not damaging the ore? Ps. I'm not going to be doing any hard rock mining at this location, I'm just curious as to the composition of the ore. Thanks again Luke!
  4. Hello all, found this speci. from a gold/siver mine in Summit co. Colorado. I initially thought it might be arsenopyrite, but now beleive it is Galena due to the fact (among other things) it is extreamly heavy! After reading a report from 1909 on this mine, it says the high grade ore came from the Galena. My question is how to determine if the sample is agentiferous or auriferous without doing a fire assay. I dont want to sacrifice the whole peice to find out. Any ideas?? Here are the pics. They are as close as I could get w/ my camera> Thanks ....Luke
  5. Hello all, I'm sorry if I'm hyjacking this thread but I found some ore today from a known gold silver mine that I'm almost sure has arsenopyrite crystals in the sample....(silver cubic and striated) is it possible this ore has free gold or silver in it? or is it most likely locked in values.(if in fact it is asenopyrite) I would post a picture but I can't get a good closeup of the crystals. thanks in advance for any info....Luke
  6. saw this on the youtube, might be whats causing the falsing>>
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