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  1. Hey BOB, 7's are automatically lucky # too.. 2/7/2020 should work ;) Wishing you the best of LUCK! *EDC*
  2. Congratulations! What a GREAT B-Day Present! These are Great Lucky DATES! There are lots more of those Lucky Dates coming this year... 02/20/2020, 02/22/2020, 03/02/2020, 03/03/2020, 03/20/2020, 03/23/2020.. Etc.. Looking forward to my birthday NOW! *EDC*
  3. Hi All, Glad to have a Place to learn, share and meet like folk. I am hoping that members will share who is going out, when, where and if they would mind a tag along (like some company!)... I have been prospecting for over 20 years in the Great NW and looking to GET On THE GOLD AS MUCH AS LIFE WILL ALLOW! If I am planning on getting out, I will POST my plans in advance too :).. A bit of luck is involved, but you have to be on the GOLD to have any chance at all, let get out there! Thanks! *EDC*
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