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  1. All yours video are great, but watched this yesterday and had to save it. Thank you Sir!
  2. Congratulations Mr. Hurd. I was just on your YouTube page yesterday and watching & learning from your video on panning cons.
  3. Watched the instruction video and used the tables today. Thank you for posting this.
  4. I have a couple different semi-auto handguns, but by far my favorite is my Smith & Wesson 686 Plus, 3", .357, the wife got me for my birthday last year. Like others here, I shoot .38's at the cardboard, but the defensive load is the Remington 125 grain, jacketed hollow point. Great gun, very accurate and will defend us from anything having bad intentions and a heartbeat here in AZ. IMHO, the .357 revolver is like the Colt 1911 or the Boeing B-52 - they have been around for a very long time, having that nostalgic appeal to them, yet still very capable of doing what's asked of them.
  5. I have a Griphoist T-516. I had a come-along and there is no comparison. The Griphoist is significantly more efficient use of your time and energy. Also, much more flexible in anchor locations and where the big rock piles end up. I do intend on adding something like the Sierra Blaster to the arsenal.
  6. Happy to help and always looking to promote the kind of service offered by these folks. Like you said, hard to find people who actually care anymore. Enjoy your Griphoist - mine had allowed me to go where no man/woman has gone before
  7. This business is run by an older gentleman and his wife. He is pretty knowledgeable with all things Griphoist.
  8. This is where I get my Griphoist parts. http://www.trailservices.com/PDF/2016_Catalog_Web.pdf
  9. Ya, nothing ruins a day out prospecting more then the natural views and the wildlife sightings. Just spoils a prospectors day!
  10. I sure hope not. I have lurked around here for about 5 years. I really enjoy this forum and I have learned much here. I am not an active poster/contributor, but I visit very regularly. I will make an effort to give more. Like most have already said, it is very important to keep prospecting healthy, and this day & age, forums like this are one of the best ways to do this IMHO. Happy Hunting, -Joe
  11. Alwaysdirty - Yes, I do find the birdshot, boot tacks, slivers of metal shaved off the pick and blessed with a piece of gold on occasion, some, amazingly small. I don't have the confidence to skip the signals of the hot rocks. Some are obvious to me and others not. I do carry a small piece of gold that I toss down from time to time to remind myself of that distinct "zip - zip". I do know from burying my test nugget, that I don't have to go more then a couple inches and the signal is lost. This piece may weigh a couple tenths, if that. My concern is that if I don't rake the dirt out in the location I am detecting that I will miss these pieces due to the lack of depth for the GB. A lot of the areas I detect are not right on bedrock.
  12. BD - care to share the settings you use? Yes, it is a significant amount to spend, which is why I am asking what it will do that my GB won't. I do find the GB frustrating with those little red/black hot rocks. I don't have the experience though to know if that is something one lives with in any detector. Also, I find that I do a lot of digging, raking, scanning and then repeat, due to the shallow depth of the GB.
  13. Thank you DOC...that is the information I was looking for - a direct comparison between the two. Ahorton10 - why you thinking of selling yours?
  14. Thanks for the reply garimpo. We may have a 2300 in the arsenal Monday...then again maybe we won't...wife pending.
  15. Thank you for the replies. I think its time to start negotiations with the wife.
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