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  1. CONGRATS EL DORADO Very well Deserved. More of Steve's/El Dorado's Work can been seen on this website as well. http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/index.html Awesome works of art/skill and pics of him in his shop. Scroll down a lil and on the left click on El Dorado. Or Click this link to get to El Dorado's pics instantly.http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/el-dorado.html BTW there is a lot to view and lots of Great info on this Website.
  2. Wishing You a GREAT BIRTHDAY CHRIS. Really Enjoy your Book FIST'S FULL OF GOLD. Very Highly Recommended Book. Take Care Bud. Jack
  3. Mitchel Way Cool Gold info. Lots to absorb. Thanks for Sharing Jack
  4. Way Cool Adam, Nice chunky Nugget. I'm guessing it's weight is 3.7 grams
  5. Gaius Hey Chuck in response to your ps. ? try Off Topic for anything non Prospecting.
  6. Hey Terry S. I clicked on the link on your post. I see that the little video clip in the article on "Goldfathers" has that DITSY BLONDE that GlennM posted on Au Seeker's article / post for "A True Blonde". GlennM had the 4th post on the first page of "A True Blonde". What or why is she on this reality show. Is she really related to the Landowners of the show? Or is she asked to promote it? Im sure you folks remember all the REPLIES and views of "A True Blonde".
  7. Hey Mariposa I agree with Vini. I've been to Briceburg and they have very nice campgrounds. The Gold is Good, although the Merced River might be a lil high. Try the banks, should be good. Pictured a Lil Bit of what I got.
  8. Hey MARTIN/PREZ Happy Birthday. This was a great Hunting year for you. Knowing you, you will top it in 2012. Keep up the Awesome Hunting. BEST WISHES BUD!!! Jack
  9. I seen a News video once where someone can still track a phone with it being turned off. The solution they recommend is to take out the battery. Just think of this, you track someone via cell phone and when Google maps becomes real time video maybe next year. You will see the individual you are tracking in real time swinging in his/her Nugget Patch. Technology & Satellites combined WOW!!!
  10. Thanks for the heads up Micro. So much for our comments at Santa Clarita and phone calls. They sure just blew everything out of the water. The Greedys and the Krook tribe have that financial muscle. Its a shame to see our rights taken away like that. I can only imagine what is next on the chopping block.
  11. NVCHRIS Thanks for the heads up. I got through all three of the Sen. lines (first try) and spoke with the secretaries of each Sen. they answered the phone quickly. I left them with the info that was recommended by ICMJ and my NO vote. Secretaries on the phone were very nice and the secretary for Sen. Fuller encouraged me to call the other Senators. I thought that was very kind of her. We need all the help we can get, give em a call. They will ask what city your from and maybe your name, thats it. Very easy. THANKS Jack
  12. Hey everyone THANKS for the info on the headphones. Really appreciate the feedback. Jack
  13. Hey Jerry, something better than a turkey baster. Automotive battery plunger, you can get them at Harbor Freight or automotive stores really cheap. The trick is to install a brass/copper tube 1/4" through the plungers tube so the brass/copper tube extends past the opening in the bulb. Like the one you lost, also allow a little bit of the brass/copper tube to extend a little on the suction end of the spout. You now have a Snuffer bulb or Suction bulb. This plunger has a eyelet attached just below the rubber bulb. This is great for attaching a lead fishing weight so to not allow the Snuffer bulb
  14. Thanks Flak for the info on the Sun Ray headphones. Sounds like some tough headphones. Durability is a must out in the bush of the desert. I just never heard of these headphones before. Again Thanks Jack
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