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  1. Whats an affordable GPS device for recording the location of found items? Do you have to pay a monthly service? Can you just use a GPS app on your phone, will it work if your signal is bad? Thanks guys.
  2. To store about 50 or so small meteorites and fragments, what type of box should i use, i was going to get a rebbermaid container with lid and then keep dry packs and paper towels in with them, but maybe a wooden box wood stay dryer, then again it might absorb and release moisture. Just want so.ething that looks nice. Not just a cardboard box.
  3. So I checked FB for groups around Kern County for finding out about recent falls and such, for me my closest dry lake beds and good hunting grounds I’m about an hour from Mojave California. whats my best way to find out about sittings of falls anywhere out there?
  4. Some megs I sold recently. Not found by me. Ive got a few in my collection but these ones I bought and pieced out to fund some other purchases. May by another lot just for me soon lol.
  5. Ah man your making me look bad with your big ol fish lol. Yeah the only fish I have are the 2 little sample plates you see in my pics, been pricing some nice ones though, just got those for kicks, plenty I got my eye on, yours is very sweet.
  6. You know I read something about a spot in the desert? Someplace I cant remember but it seemed like I remember them saying you can keep one item and thats it, which is fine I guess but visually and just to get to feel the area I wonder is it worth the trip, Im not sure, do you know more about it? Maybe you are speaking of someplace Ive never heard of?
  7. yeah Im not bad for an amateur lol, doesn't compare to most collections but I love it, like I said before if I get a fossil lot to go after a few things I want, I sell a few, then get to keep a few without loosing my butt, and I try to get others like my little cousins and other kids into things like this instead of being bored and goin out tagging and such. Some think its quite nerdy, fossils and rocks and all, but how can someone not think its awesome to have things from extinct animals we never will get to see in person. Big and toothy lol, Im scared.
  8. the only stuff I dug is the shark teeth and sea mammal material from this area in Bakersfield, excluding the megs and a few of the dark gray teeth from Calvert cliffs. Ive got lots of shark teeth in matrix I dug. A lot of the other stuff I purchased or traded for, sometimes I will buy fossil lot and keep what I want and sell the others, some things I see it just cant live without so I just grab it lol. Their were two matching femur bones from an ice age alligator on ebay I wanted, I thought I made my max bid correct, watched it for weeks, then lost it by 50 cents because they said the server messed p or something or I didnt do it right lol, I almost ate my laptop. Thanks for the kind post.
  9. Hi guys. These are a few quick shots I took just to show some of my fossils, I mainly go after smaller stuff so I can keep more in a small space. The shark teeth and teeth in matrix are all stuff I dug here in Bakersfield around shark tooth hill and ant hill area. Miocene epoch. The others are things Ive bought or traded for. The megs I did not find, the sea mammal bones and such I dug, but it would take me forever to post it all in detail sorry. Ive got piles of matrix and shell concretion material in the yard on the benches too lol. I see Southern would like us to use photobucket when possible, I will work on that when I get time. Here are some things for now. Thanks for looking. Ive got more and better pics. Just given a quickie. I often buy a lot of fossils and sell some to support my hobby. I may post them here for sale once I get permition, hope you enjoy the pics.
  10. hey whats up with skyrock cafe?

  11. Its a good thing Im a snake guy too, however its usually a long way from help while fossil and meteorite hunting lol, might go from a snake guy to a dead guy real fast. Certainly gotta keep an eye out.
  12. Im sorry for bringing up an old thread but these pictures are out of site! Im new here so thats why Im late lol. Ive been watching for larger mens dino rings for some time, always just see womens. Do you know people or are they yours to sell ever? Now that my money is kind of invested I have to see these, sheeesh. Just awesome pics and rings, drop me a pm or something if you ever have some listed just in case Iv got some extra funds. Jason
  13. Im not really a rock guy so I dont know much about your item other than it does look very nice, great pic. Jason
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