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  1. Have any of you guys ever broke the fan in the hopper on a Keene drywasher? Im really hoping KEENE has replacement fans! I was pulling mine off last night to lube the bearing and it shattered. :(( Gum
  2. Posted 29 April 2011 - 11:09 PM Welp....went out to box canyon and did some drywashing. Couldnt really do any beeping as I couldnt find any bedrock! Heres some pix. Got a lot of slivers and flakes. Nothing to write home about but at least we werent skunked. Went through the box. Its really scenic in there. If youve never been you aught to run up the Hassyumpa and take a look. Need a 4x4 though. Nothing tough just a lot of sand. Climbed up to Mistake mine right on the tip of the box. That was a mistake....had to pretty much crawl up the mountain! Turned around and Bajeebers....went back down on my butt. It was fun though. Got my exercise for this week. Im the guy in the funny hat and long sleeves...hate getting burnt! Enjoy the pix. Gum
  3. Hey all: North of Box Canyon I ran into a lot of cemented gravels. What do you do with this? I dug to the surface of it and got the small stuff. Then I chipped, gouged, and dug the cemented stuff about 2 inches down.... ran it and panned it and nothing. Is it basically bedrock? I know when I would dredge I would blast the heck out of it with the fire nozzle and suck it all up. But, everything ran through the sluice so I dont know if the gold was in the gravels or the cement. Tks in advance. Gum
  4. Hi Bill: Just wanted to say thanks for chatting with my dad and I this afternoon. Good to hear the amount of gold your getting and to see the little beauties Might need to start saving to get a minelab! Heck by the time I get it saved up they will be up to the 8000..... Tks again Tom
  5. Good job Adam! You sure seem to have a nose for them. Went out by prescott this weekend and got a few bullets and steel. Oh well, found another place to add to the DONT GO LIST. :*&$*(: Gum
  6. Thank you Bill: I actually did this sunday night after coming home from hunting up by lake pleasant. I took different things..2 small nuggets, #9 lead shot, brass..and scotch taped them to some 1/8 masonite. I could only do air tests because my back yard has 27 years of metal working filing and weld spatter in it. I tweeked knobs and tried different modes. I know it will be different once I bury them in the mineralized soil. So, at least me and the detector got to know each other better. We were just about on the verge of divorce. Heres a tip....dont do the testing under florecent lights. Detector makes all kinds of funny sounds. Welp, going up to my secret spot from years back on Sunday...wish me luck, im going in! Tks for sharing your experiance. Gummer
  7. Welp....at least im narrowing it down! It was the perfect spot if there was gold. Found it on Google maps. Used to dredge a lot in the bradshaws in the 80s but this is a whole different animal. Ill get it...just have to keep at it.
  8. Hello all...first post here Got out on Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather! Went to some washes just west of lake pleasant. DONT go to the one by morgan city wash. It sounds like a war zone out there with all the people shooting on Christian camp road. I cant belive the ammo that they burned up. Found a nice crack, broke it up, sucked it out for a few feet and found a picker. I was pumped.....cleaned out the rest of the crack and found....nothing...Whao whao.... Worked the area with the metal detector and found some of the most beautiful bullets, bbs, and shell casings. I think im going to mount them and put them on display Moved to another area and hit on a 45 slug....no gold...not even flour :wah2: <-----thats about how I felt for this day. It was more of a test to take my NEW old vehicle out and give it a work out. Performed great and didnt leave us stranded. Drove around and did some 4 wheeling by humbug creek. Too late in the day to get into anything so we headed home. It was just great to get out. Gummer
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