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  1. TomH

    Quartz and Gold

    When you figure it out....let me know.....Just when I think I have it figured out, I find a nugget in the "wrong" place Tom H.
  2. TomH

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Dern! Will be praying for him to get over this. Not a fun thing to have. Tom H.
  3. TomH

    Mine shafts

    This is why we dont play around mine shafts kids!. Tom H.
  4. TomH

    Small Gold and Gall stones

    Dang Andy!!!....take care of your self...Get some more water in ya Glad you found the gold and sniffed it out. Least you have a spot to go back to when you have a LOT more water Tom H.
  5. TomH

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Gonna be a nice scar! Keep putting the petroleum jelly on it. Helps with the healing. Take your anti boitics also.....if they gave them to you. Heal up bud. Tom H.
  6. TomH


    Dave: I already planned on bringing REALLY GOOD handmade tortillas. Tom H.
  7. TomH


    Hopefully the sun city area will be open........that's were we will be on Thursday. Tom H.
  8. Ok, guys, gals and kids...grab a drink and enjoy the ride So, it starts out with meeting Arctic Dave and James after much google earth chat.............We are going to go into a spot I found at the outing and poke around. Dave says...Hey! there is a shorter way in there...so I trust him...shorter does NOT mean easier!!!.. We get to a spot where im watching James hang off the side of the Rhino to keep its feet on ground so they can get out of it.. Now its my turn. After sliding down into this gulch in the road 3 times we decide to build a ramp to get my YOTO out of it. Lots of rock and dirt............... After the build, im crawling up with Dave pointing me where to go......my puker facter is at about 50...I look at my tilt meter on the dash and its at 30......NICE...im at the tipping point...but the YOTO is grabbing and I shoot up and out of the mess to find a nice flat spot. James tells me afterwards Dood! your left wheels were coming off the ground....NO CHIT!!!! My balloon knot told me that! Whew... I knew if I did flip I would not go far...just into the bank..but would have to do some sheet metal repair. So,out of that and we are on are way Smooth skooting after that. Get to the area and detect a lot......got lots of old lead and trash , so its a nice area that has not been hunted. After coming down the mountain I wanted to stop at my area I found during the outing. Im not to good at hard rock/vien type stuff so I asked Dave what he thought of a vein I found and if this is what you look for? Heck Yah!!............that is what your looking for he said. So. I took a couple of pieces of it out and took it home. Crushed it up and well............................Lo and behold there was a nice flake in it. Yup....gonna go back and beep it with the monster and dig a little deeper. All in a days worth or fun Tom H.
  9. TomH

    Whew! 4 Nuggs In 4 Hrs

    Nice finds! Yah, those first couple of times out after the summer are harder. But, we must work off our summer fat! Congrats on the gold Tom H.
  10. Hey Doc....one good thing....when we get all this crap cut out, it tightens up our wrinkles Tom H.
  11. TomH

    Advise please

    Nice gold! I dont know...a PI may have heard that big nugget if it was laying flat. Good luck to ya. Come to the outing and learn some more from all the guys and gals. Tom H.
  12. Just tell em you got into a fight with Conner McGregor ...............that what my story is after next week. My Lip is going to look like heck, but its better than the alternative Tom H.
  13. Glad you posted this Doc. So true. I always wear a floppy hat and long sleeves. But.............I did a lot of damage to myself as a kid/young adult and have had melenoma cut off my arm. I just had squamius cell cut off my lip yesterday for a biopsy and will have to go back for removal of the rest. Possibly something going on with my right wrist...waiting on the biopsy. Slather up with sun screen and DONT FORGET YOUR LIPS!!!! This is NOT fun. I look like Godzilla right now. Tom H.
  14. TomH

    Working on the YOTO

    Bob: Yah, im going to repaint it soon. Have to. Its getting a lot of rust spots on it. Edge. Thanks for the compliments. I do carry 5 gallons of Drinking water in the YOTO all the time. Tom H.
  15. TomH

    Working on the YOTO

    About a week or so ago I started out to "clean" the YOTO out and get it all ready for the upcoming prospecting season. Well, one thing led to another and then this happened! Lot of work but well worth it. Have a ton of storage in the sides now and the back is nice and clean. Had to make a map of where everything is stored.I carry a lot of extra stuff in case it breaks down back in the hills. Yah! its done.
  16. TomH

    First Nugget...

    Congrats! Way to keep at it and man what a feeling that first one is. Thats a nice first one. Tom H.
  17. TomH

    Almost skunked

    Very cool! A new wash to detect. Tom H.
  18. TomH

    Hurricane Coming To AZ

    Because it gives us old farts something to talk about Tom H.
  19. TomH

    Happy Birthday Patrick in Havasu

    Yes! You pulled it off again! Happy B day bud. Tom H.
  20. TomH

    The targets I dug today

    Dang! WTG. Thats a great day for sure. Tom H.
  21. TomH

    Working on the YOTO

    Pairadiceau: Yup! Magnets Bob....Its in there..compressor, bottom right. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. Next is the head liner.....and like Bob said, might paint it. Then im going to enter it in SEMA and see if I get the "prettiest PIG with lipstick" award Tom H.
  22. TomH

    Lets hope this holds....

    Good luck to you and have fun! Tom H.
  23. TomH

    Working on the YOTO

    Sure! Just as long as you take it out prospecting..............(Tom heads out to the truck to install the GPS tracker) Tom H.
  24. TomH

    Working on the YOTO

    Patrick: Yahhh....Im pretty certain that's not going to happen Bedrock: Thanks for noticing the "details" Its something only I will see, but if I didn't do it, every time I opened a door I would be saying "why didn't I cover the back of these?" Tom H.