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  1. Nice finds indeed! Especially for that area. Tom H.
  2. Sloppy joes and corn bread for dad and I. Tom
  3. Did a short hunt up one of my old washes that I knew got hit hard with the rains a few weeks ago. (owl wash) Wow...was it different. Bedrock ive not seen before and piles of blow sand. Got a little goober as soon as I turned on the 5000. Not much after that. It was one of those days when you just decide to take it easy/enjoy the county and look around......not focusing so much on finding gold. I had my headphones off on one target and heard some crunching off to the side. Investigated it and it was a big ol desert tortoise up on the bank. Got some good pics of it. The main wash to (owl wash) got hammered hard with the rains. Lots of Palo verde trees that were in the middle of the wash are gone along with the islands they stood on. Looks like about 6 ft high water in the main wash and about 15 ft high when it hit the main road/culvert. Tom H.
  4. Nice finds Chris! Glad you got them. Tom H.
  5. Just drive down the road and you will find it Tom H.
  6. Was able to get out with Luke today and get some hunting in at one of my old spots. Boy, the rains really moved some material. After and arduous 5 mile hike in (well, it seemed like it.) Within 5 min. starting to hunt, I found the small one on the right with the 5000. Had to chase it around a little as it was tiny. About 5 min. after mine, Luke comes back to me and he had found the larger one. Its really flat. After 4 hrs of detecting and no gold, Luke found the little chunky one next to the flat one on the hillside. Great weather out today and gold was found. Nice thing about this wash is I park on the side of a paved road and walk in. Easy peasy! Tom H.
  7. WTG Mike! Nice gold and great scenery. Had to get back to warmer weather? Tom H.
  8. Wow! 76! your catching up to pops! Hope you had a good one. Tom H.
  9. YES!!!! WTG Andy. Very nice finds. Got me motivated. Tom H.
  10. WTG....glad you are back and got out with Beel. Good times ahead. Tom H.
  11. Ive seen coins on E-bay go pretty darn high. Tom H.
  12. What month in 2020 are you going to be there? We have a camp out there in in Dec. Your invited! Tom H.
  13. Great video...and really great gold finds! Thanks for sharing. Tom H.
  14. I dont..the knee pad was an ankle pad during the shoot. I was too concentrated on getting that nugget to notice. Later on in the vid. I pulled it up after the rocks reminded me where it was. Tom
  15. Hey all....well it looks like we are going to be blessed with a fast start on the nugget hunting season. Cool weather is moving in and im loving it! If it keeps up, I will be wearing long johns at the Nov outing at Jackass flats. So.............here is a vid I did last year. About the same time and I was sweating in Nov. Luke and I hit one of my old washes and he got some and I was able to get a half ounce that day. This is the first guy I popped out. It was a really fun time and made some memories. (Keep skipping ahead to get over my digging drama) ....It was a 2.1 grammer. ARG>>>>>>>>disregard the trommel vid...cant seem to delete it...or watch it.. Enjoy
  16. Well, thats one more thing for you and I to throw in the truck for our trips......bug spray! Was that in the lower desert or up around where you are. I have noticed a lot more skeeters out in my workshop this last week also. We didnt get them earlier as we usually do so you may be right in its a late hatch out. Tom H.
  17. It is off a 53 Nash. This is the 3rd one. If I PM you my E-mail address could you give it to the lady that does the bugs? I would be interested in knowing her process. I may be able to help a little also. Tks Tom H.
  18. WOW! Thats one heck of a day for sure. Tom H.
  20. Yes sir they are....send me your info in a PM and I will give you the PP address. Tks. Tom
  21. Right on....will get the info to you tomorrow. TKs. Tom
  22. 50.00 and shipping Still cleaning house! This coil came with my new GPX 5000. I used the coil 3 times and switched to a 9x14. Some scratches on the coil cover but other than that its in very good condition. PM ME IF INTERESTED...................
  23. Bob: Cudos to your friend for keeping the build up down on the pointed areas. If she does not know already. Adding brighteners and levelers to the acid copper will help in reducing the nodules on the legs. Also, air agitation is very important. What type of conductive paint does she use? Graphite based im guessing. Lower amps will produce a smoother coat of copper also, but it takes longer. Tom H. P.S. A couple of pics of a "bug" I just finished.
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