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  1. From what I have read and heard, they sing when the days are the hottest and driest. Which is typically right before the start of the "real" monsoon season. They are all trying to out buzz the other to attract a mate. Tom H.
  2. Doc....stop trying to do good!!! We will beat you up for that! Tom H.
  3. Thanks for the really cool coin! Did you have these made? 1 oz of .999 copper. I really like it. I won this when Terry asked about a picture with Doc/Bill/Rob in it as to where it was and what year. I knew where it was....but guessed on the year and hit it! Time to go buy some lottery tickets. Tom H.
  4. Congrats to you and your wife Doc. Not many can say they were married for 50 yrs these days. 2 more years and we hit 40....holy cow! Tom H.
  5. Wow! I cant believe I got the date right? I knew the place...but the date I forgot. Thanks! Tom H.
  6. 2010? Prescott Valley? If I didn't know Bill personally, I would never think that was him in the second pic. Tom H.
  7. Very interesting! I have not seen anyone else test like that. I usually just run the small coil, seems to deal with difficult ground better. By the looks of your small coil cover, you use it mostly also Good luck to you out there. Tom H.
  8. Bob: It is 14 ga copper wire. Soldered together then I nickel plated it and burnished the toe nails so you could see the copper again
  9. Im glad that thing is not alive! ACK! Here is my little creation I made last year from a seed pod out of the Az. desert.
  10. Dang Dave! You knocked it out of the ball park on that one. REALLY NICE score!!! I was thinking more like 1.25 oz like my flat one ..Heck either way SWEET find. Still at 29, you hit an OZ? yes? Pretty nice dig hole also....not too much digging to get to the target. Miy dig hole would have been twice as big. Tom H.
  11. Thanks Clay! I found some of the same brand with 1000 lumen for 14 bucks for two. I needed to put ONE mode in the search. Thanks! Tom H.
  12. Hey all............does anyone use a LED flashlight they are happy with that DOES NOT have the annoying strobe mode on it? Trying to find one that doesn't throw me into an epileptic fit when I use it. Under 15 bucks? If you know of a link I would appreciate it. Cant seem to find any on E-bay with out the strobe. Tks Tom H.
  13. Skip! Have a great one. And thanks for all you do keeping up on the forum. Tom H.
  14. Wow! Crazy find. That makes the digging worth it? Well, maybe not Tom H.
  15. NIce job! Go find some stuff now. Tom H.
  16. Great story and cool finds. Well done. If your going to be doing this a lot more in the future, have you thought about buying one of these to go over the area? Tom H. https://www.harborfreight.com/30-inch-magnetic-sweeper-with-wheels-93245.html?ccdenc=eyJjb2RlIjoiNjcxMjEzMzYiLCJza3UiOiI5MzI0NSIsImlzIjoiMzIuOTkiLCJwcm9kdWN0X2lk IjoiMjU4MiJ9 &cid=paid_google|||93245&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=&utm_content=&msclkid=5eba4ba99e5714c2f75c157197dab21a
  17. Thats really cool! Tom H.
  18. Where is Bedrock Bob when you need him! Tom H.
  19. Sweet! Thats pretty cool. Wonder if someone a long time ago was sitting on the curb waiting for his wife also. Tom H.
  20. These were all gold mines or placers. Getting kind of remote though. Tom H.
  21. Edge. The area around Oxbow mine should have some fines. Also, the X right behind Oxbow estates is a old placer area. I dont know the claim status, but im sure if your just scraping up a few buckets to let an old timer have some fun no one is going to shoot you The area I circled in yellow is all kinds of gold/copper mines. Dig out those crevices real good. Good luck to ya. Tom H. Payson Placers Past Producer in Gila county in Arizona, United States with commodity Gold Map XML JSON KML C Geologic information Identification information Deposit ID 10098208 MRDS ID M001988 Record type Site Current site name Payson Placers Related records 10161095 Geographic coordinates Geographic coordinates: -111.35349, 34.18256 (WGS84) Elevation 1280 Relative position ABOUT 5 MILES SOUTH OF PAYSON. Political divisions (FIPS codes) Gila(county) Arizona(state) United States(country) North America(continent) Land(continent) USGS map quadrangles Payson South(quadrangle 1:24,000 scale) Payson(quadrangle 1:100,000 scale) Holbrook(quadrangle 1:250,000 scale) Hydrologic units (watersheds) Tonto(hydrologic unit) Salt(hydrologic accounting unit) Salt(hydrologic subregion) Lower Colorado(hydrologic region) Federal lands Geographic areas Country State County United States Arizona Gila Public Land Survey System information Meridian Township Range Section Fraction State Gila and Salt River 010N 010E 32 Arizona Commodities Commodity Importance Gold Primary Materials information Materials Type of material Gold Ore Host and associated rocks Host or associated Host Rock type Unconsolidated Deposit > Gravel Stratigraphic age (youngest) Holocene Nearby scientific data (1) Early Proterozoic granitic rocks List Map Economic information Economic information about the deposit and operations Development status Past Producer Commodity type Metallic Deposit size Small Significant No Mining district District name Green Valley District Land status Ownership category National Forest Area name Tonto National Forest Reference information Links to other databases Agency Database name Acronym Record ID Notes USGS Mineral Resources Data System MRDS M001988 U.S. Bureau of Mines Minerals Availability System MAS 0040070538 Bibliographic references Deposit JOHNSON, M.G., 1972, PLACER GOLD DEPOSITS OF ARIZONA: USGS BULLETIN 1355, P. 9. Deposit WILSON, E.D., 1937, ARIZONA GOLD PLACERS AND PLACERING: ARIZONA BUREAU OF MINES BULLETIN 142, P. 81. Deposit LAUSEN, C., WILSON, E.D., 1924, GOLD AND COPPER DEPOSITS NEAR PAYSON, ARIZONA: ABM BULLETIN 120, P. 32. Deposit WILSON, E.D., CUNNINGHAM, J.B., BUTLER, G.M., 1934, ARIZONA LODE AND GOLD MINES AND GOLD MINING: ARIZONA BUREAU OF MINES BULLETIN 137, P. 182. General comments Subject category Comment text Deposit THE GOLD WAS DERIVED FROM THE OX BOW VEIN AND WAS CONCENTRATED IN THE THIN SOIL ON THE HILLSIDE. THE GOLD PARTICLES OCCUR AS FLAT NUGGETS TO A QUATER OF AN INCH LONG AND ARE A DEEPER COLOR THAN THE VEIN GOLD, PROBABLY OWING TO LESS SILVER. Reporter information Type Date Name Affiliation Comment Reporter 01-APR-1972 Gere, W. U.S. Geological Survey Updater 01-JUL-1979 Hall, R. K. (Creasey, S. C.) U.S. Geological Survey
  22. LOL....hey I notice you were a Gold king dealer? My father in law (Bob Rose) and two others started that business in the 70s. They made a ton of money when gold went up to 400 bucks. Tom H.
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