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  1. Hey you old goat...Happy Beeee Day! Tommy.
  2. Glad you were able to get out and score! Lots of open land around where you live that has nuggets on them. Go geet some more! Tom H.
  3. Wow...a ring baker!!! Nice finds. Tom
  4. Well, thats Az. We got a good amount slow rain here in Peoria. I saw a video of the water raging under the I-17/New River over pass. They got socked! Tom H.
  5. Hope you sell some so you can get a manicure! Tom H.
  6. You might want to hit it again after this weekend. We are looking like we are in for some rain finally! Tom H.
  7. Back in the 80s dad and I used to dredge up a wash called Eugene gulch south of Prescott. There was a mine at the head of the wash that they were processing chalcopyrite in big flotation bins. Lots of pretty pyrite all over the ground. And.....I actually did dredge up some nice gold in that gulch. I really big 3 oz chunk and some smaller pieces. So, if you find an area that they were mining using this process, there might be detectable/dredgeble gold around! I edited this..got confused with another wash I detected a 1.25 oz out of. . It was a 3 oz nug. It was crusted in rotten iron. I almost threw it out of the hole as I was down about 4-5 feet and had to throw a lot of rubble out due to the lack of suction, but felt some weight and after rubbing on it....I saw some yellow! Oh ya....I check my throw pile really good after that!!! Tom H.
  8. Good to see you back Bill. Yup, its hot....as usual this time of the year. I do feel for you as you just have a swamp cooler. And, as Frank said, we seem to tolerate it a lot less as we mature. I used to work out on the flight line launching jets at Luke in this stuff. Did not bother me half as bad as it does now Heck, I could fall asleep under the wing waiting for a pilot with jets taking off and 115 deg on the tarmac........now a stupid cricket will keep me awake! Tom H.
  9. Nice nugs bud! Yup, its stinking hot and humid out now. Dont worry about stillweaver......he likes to babble and not many of us can understand him anyway. Im just waiting to see how long it will take for Bedrock Bob and the others to turn this into a political post! Tom H
  10. I will take the scoop! Glad your selling everything. More nugs for me Seriously, hope everything works out for you Mike. Tom H.
  11. You know you enjoyed every minute of making it. Dont give me this PITA stuff. Tom H.
  12. Skip! Happy B day...hope you have a great one. Tom H.
  13. Thats some nice gold Frank! Congrats!!! Go get some more.....after it cools off some. Tom H.
  14. Was able to get out on Sunday with Dad. He was going stir crazy and had to get out and see the desert. Did not find any gold but had a good time. Weather was not too bad from 8-11....then it started to get warm and we headed out. Dads still at it.....walking cane and all Tom H.
  15. TomH

    Sharpie hack

    Skip...yes! show some pics!! I have done a lot of cabinetry/wall units and anything anyone wanted out of wood also. Will dig some pics out and post them also. Tom H.
  16. TomH

    Sharpie hack

    I use a lot of Sharpies out in the work shop and it seems that they run dry too fast. Did a little experiment a few weeks ago and it worked. Drill out the back end of the Sharpie, inject 1 ML of lacquer thinner. Put some tape over the end. So far it has lasted 2 times as long as the first time. Don't know how many times I can do this but it works! I know....im cheap. Its just irritating they don't last very long. Tom H.
  17. Happy Birfday Bill! You old goat. Tom H.
  18. It was done so the animals would be able to drink water. Been that way for as long as I can remember. Tom H.
  19. Shay! Happy birfday you old goat Hope you are having a great one. Tom H.
  20. You could always bring 10 gal. of water and a tub to pan in. Dry creeks are a lot easier to dig in than one that keeps filling up with water. Tom H.
  21. Glad you sold it.. Hard to believe I paid 6G for mine new....and they are at this price now. Oh well. It paid for itself and had a ton of fun along the way Tom H.
  22. Terry: Glad to hear your doing good, especially after a bypass surgery. Heal up sir! Remember to keep your heart pillow close and dont push it. Keep that sternum together Tom H.
  23. Happy Burfday Terry! Hope you have a great day. Tom
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