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  1. Shoot, im all packed, just have to get the food together.....cant wait! Tom H.
  2. Yup! Guess its just a big target for irresponsible shooters. Tom H.
  3. Tell me at the outing! Oh, BTW, nice job on the road bud. Smooth ride in. Tom H.
  4. Dad and I met up with Dave yesterday for a day in the hills detecting. We wound up kind of exploring the first half of the day so we didnt get much detecting in. Went to the Big Reef Mill to look around and then visited some cool mines. Was good to get out and exercise both me and the 4x4 Can anyone guess what all the little lights are? No gold but we did clean up the desert in some washes that have not been hit in a LONG time. Real old 22 short shells with a half moon firing pin indent. Tom H.
  5. Jez, what a mess! Can you imagine having to clean all that up? Tom H.
  6. Okee....since the upgrade, I receive E-mail notifications any time someone posts or likes one of my posts or something I commented on. I have changed my notification setting to "do not send me notifications" But, they still keep coming. Is there another area I need to change? Tks Tom H.
  7. What the heck are those darn snakes doing out already!!! ARG!!! Good pics. Tom H.
  8. I would keep the GM1000 and also get the 4500. Sell the Eureka. The PI will be good for deep ground and the monster for shallow ground and small nugs. Tom H.
  9. Thanks for all the B-day wishes you guys. I appreciate it. Really nice day for a B-day.....cool and some rain. Love it! Tom H.
  10. Oh heck yah..Gold was second..Time with buds was first. ..It was a great time out with friends. Tom H.
  11. Well, its been a while..but, myself and some friends were finally able to get over some gold! Went back to Road wash. to hit it again after about a year of letting the rains move some stuff around. Road wash didnt give up anything, but......Golden diaper wash did! Went back to a trib James found about 7 grams in, and I had gotten 3 grams after him. Stuff was moved around and I was able to get another gram out of it. I get almost to the top and Luke comes over from hunting another parallel trib that did not give up anything. I told him to go up in front of me and hit the rest but he didnt want to take my "new" ground and said he would just detect over the wash I had come up.....Well........he spanked my butt!!! I missed some. And he got the most with 2 grams. Either due to my smaller coil, He had a 15" and really good ears, or going too fast or im just a retard Anyway.... He hit a nice one about a foot downstream from one I had to chip out 8 inches of bedrock to get to. I just plain missed that other one. DOH!. But it was all for the good. Scott was able to score a little guy with his SDC he got from Bill also. Luke gave him a lot of great pointers on using it. All in all it was a fantastic day out in the hills with friends, finding gold and helping each other. YAH~~~ Tom H.
  12. Dad and I went around to see John tonight. He is doing well (as well as he can) He was talking to us a lot and is being very well taken care of. Doing therapy every day and they are starting to talk about discharging him to go home. Keep him in your prayers and thoughts please. Hes a great guy and has helped many of us out through the years. Tom H.
  13. Darn nice find! WTG Can you say what state it was found in? Tks Tom
  14. WOW!....incredible work. Tom H.
  15. Hey Gary....have a great one! Tom H.
  16. Yup....you got some Iron in there. Nice nug!! WTG Tom H.
  17. Hey Patrick.....one of the guys in a FB group put up some pics of Big Bug creek this morning.......yah....have fun! Tom
  18. Will be praying for him! Tom H.
  19. Jez....now people are finding the light gold that stays on the surface. Remember guys, its just like light beer.....looks the same but not neer as good Tom H.
  20. Ok...thats it....Im going to start rolling boulders! Seen it done in person....now im a believer. Great score bud. Got to post this again after you waited so patiently for us seasoned detectorests to hammer the area around your boulder, you asked if we were done and could you move this boulder....we were looking at you like...yah what ever, you flipped out and POW! Tom H.
  21. Cool find Adam Does that stuff make all kinds of cool colors if you put a UV light on it? I was playing around with some of my rocks and it is amazing the colors that appear. Tom H.
  22. Nice machine Jim. It sure gobbles up the rock fast. Got to hand it to ya Tom H.
  23. Right on! You were right...there are a lot of fines in there. Tom H.
  24. Old fart! Happy B day Tom H.
  25. Have a good one Mike! Tom H.
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