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  1. I knew my way back....I just didn't want to leave Luke out in the field with a broken hip Tom H.
  2. SPOT is an emergency locator that sends a signal for search and rescue to follow, via satellite. It also sends a message to my wife and daughter as to my location with it pin pointed on a GE map. Lots of places we go there is simply no cell phone service. Tom
  3. Carry a SPOT in case something goes wonky Tom H.
  4. I dont have a cell phone....probably never will. Im stuck in the 70s
  5. One other thing....I dont need a GPS in the unit...just two way communication. Tks Tom
  6. Hey all: Looking for some advice on walkie talkies. Was out hunting this weekend with Luke and we were suppose to meet at a certain spot at 1. Well 1 came and went and about 1:30 we found each other. My fault. The spot we were suppose to meet at was on the other side of the big hill! Needless to say, all sorts of things start going through your head....both our heads! Broken leg, broken hip, heart attack....... So, we are looking at getting some walkie talkies. What I would like to know is........... Do all of them not work (like the ones we have) when your down in washes and such? Are the longer range ones more powerful and will over come the hills and valleys? Do any of you use one that works good out in the hills that you could recommend? Thanks Tom H.
  7. Kyle: You will learn that certain geology/rocks/ground are more favorable to finding gold as you go along. BUT......I have also found gold in areas that I googled and once on the ground it looked like crap. Detected it anyways and found some gold. Guess what im trying to say is, dont get too focused on looking for a certain type of ground that you dont detect other areas. We dont know what happened mubzillion years ago on earth or what has eroded away in the not to distant past to make the ground look good or bad. Just keep at it and you will learn. P.S. if you get into a area with iron stone/green stone and rotten rusty quartz.....slow down and hunt. The ironstone may drive you nuts, but, GOLD RIDES AN IRON HORSE. Tom H.
  8. Very nice...congrats on your gold. Hope this year is even better. Tom H.
  9. Nice looking area. And, it is close and has gold. Sweet! Tom H.
  10. Only you would come up with this! Tom H.
  11. Lon! Hope you had a good one. Where the heck you been lately? Tom H.
  12. Happy Birfday pops! Many more to ya. My grandpa almost missed the tax deduction Me
  13. Nice piece! I think I would be searching that area really hard for a source. That has not walked very far at all. Tom H.
  14. Thats Nice! Very well done. Art work Tom H.
  15. You need to change that name from Arctic Dave to Sonoran Dave Tom H.
  16. No....that is why we pay the sun tax in the summer. Tom H.
  17. Went out today with Luke and Dad to do some detecting. Weather was fantastic! First wash I went up I was able to dig this little guy out with my finger. Sure is a neat feeling when you see a little yellow smile looking back up at you. We met up after a couple of hours and Luke/Dad had not found anything......so we went to the old stand by Pizza wash. I was able to coax 1.4 gram nugget out of a small trib to the side that I have detected a lot and Luke even hit it. Must have been the bigger 13x17 EVO along with wet ground that I heard it this time. It was about a foot deep. Luke scored two nice ones in the main wash. He worked for them though! Must have been about 40 holes he dug chasing banded ironstone, but two of them gave up some yellow. Mine is on the right, Lukes is on the left. Just missed that big rain storm. Got hit with it on the freeway. Would not have wanted to be back in those washes as some of them were still flowing. Great day out in the hills Tom H.
  18. Oh, I get it, your going backwards like a woman Happy B-Day! Tom
  19. I bet that area got ripped up with the storm a couple of months ago. Tom
  20. SWEET! Congrats to her. A sunbaker taking a bath. Is that the spot you took me to were I found that crevicing tool on the hill side? Tom
  21. Great vid Doc. Plus.......gators keep your knee pads up! Tom
  22. Its usually the second or third week in March. It may be down at Quartzsite though. Tom
  23. Dang nabbid that is one cool piece of gold!!! Tom H.
  24. Bill put up a vid. on his you tube channel. Tom
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