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  1. TOM,... "SHISH!!!"  Why are you trying to let the whole world know what a great opportunity just opened up up here????  Think of it this way,  Prescott was established in 1863 because of the gold that was found in the Lynx and the Hassayammpa (spelling??).  I'm sure that all that nasty scrub oak was just about-as-thick then, as it was ( up till the fire) and still is in parts today.  It was virtually impossible for a human to even walk thru back then as it has been for almost 150 years --and longer.  Therefore, considering that that whole Eastern flank of the Bradshaw's has been a known gold producing area over the years, and given the fact that there where No metal detectors back then, and given that the old prospector's couldn't even walk thru the scrub back then ,............all that whole burn area is potentially a "Virgin-never-hunted area".  I was also out yesterday and found some very good spots to hunt.  I found "many" quartz patches scattered in spots that had been covered up with the thick scrub oak, so they couldn't be seen before.  So, "if" it is indeed true that gold can be found around quartz patches, then we may have a great opportunity go find some virgin patches.   So, "SHISH"   Gary

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