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  1. Here is a pic of the big one and the littles under it on a dime. It is open BLM land. Cant get a quad up there. Too many obsticals/big rocks. So we hike up 3/4 mile. Not too bad. Tom H.
  2. I do think the rains helped. I could tell material was moved by a storm we had about 3 weeks ago. Not as much as one we had 2 yrs ago....that one blew out everything! So, if it moved 6 inches of gravel and put it somewhere else...it helped. Im using the 5000 in Fine gold with a 9x14 EVO coil. A VLF would be worthless in this wash with all the banded iron stone. I know there is more gold in there in the deeper areas. Im just not too into placering it out. Tom H.
  3. I would hunt any ground that has that much mineralization in it. Good luck Tom H.
  4. I hear ya! I love anchovy pizza! Tom H.
  5. Found a 1.25 oz flat piece initially in that wash. Looked like a pizza to me! After that close to 5 oz in that wash. Just seems to never keep giving it up! All of them have some hematite on them. Wash is LOADED with banded ironstone so you are digging a lot of that also. But, when you know there is gold in it you just dig. Another nice thing is there is hardly any trash in it. Its a dream wash for sure. I can drive right up to the mouth of it and head in. Lots of people just drive right by it. I think once they start hitting the ironstone they give up.
  6. Went out today for the first time in about 5 months. WOW! What a awesome day! Just under 9 grams in 3 hrs. I hiked 3/4 mile up pizza wash and within 5 min I got the big one. It kept reversing the signal so I was not sure. I guess its just so solid it does that. The big one is 5 grams. Got the other two a little farther down the wash. Its always a good feeling when your digging and you get down to the red hardpack and then hit bedrock and the signal is still there. Good Lord really blessed me today But, my legs are shot! Need to get back in shape from the summer hibernation.
  7. You forgot "Memories to last a lifetime" Nice gold bud. Tom H.
  8. Congrats. Good that you think highly of him and he's not a bum Tom H.
  9. Good thing I dont get up that early! Tom H.
  10. Nice poke Bill! Yup. The weather is starting to cooperate..............FINALLY! Tom H.
  11. Think I figured it out. A marine signal horn! If he cant hear that.......its hopeless! Tom H.
  12. Hey Guys...I need some help. Trying to find a 2 way communication for my dad so he can hear my mom call him at night. It HAS to have a LOUD volume as he is "slightly" hard of hearing. Any kind of 2 way radio or baby monitor? I have been searching for one but none of them say if they have volume control. Thanks! Tom H
  13. Tks. Beautiful hood ornaments. But kind of a butt ugly car! Little upside down bath tubs. Tom H.
  14. Chris: Yes. I did all this myself. If you want to learn more, PM me. Different metals take different procedures to do it right. Most of the time I use solder/copper plating to fill defects. Its like bondo on a car. Your welcome to come over and take a look at the process if you want. Tom H.
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