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  1. LOL....hey I notice you were a Gold king dealer? My father in law (Bob Rose) and two others started that business in the 70s. They made a ton of money when gold went up to 400 bucks. Tom H.
  2. Does that sign to the lower left in the picture say Donald has brains with a high IQ? .......oh god......I did it... Why did I hit submit reply !!!!!!! Tom H.
  3. Well Luke, if we ever have a 10.0 earth quake in AZ. your swamp cooler will be the last thing standing Good use of the water also. Tom H.
  4. When our monsoons hit our coolers die. And things start rusting in the shop. Constant battle. I still run it as it keeps the shop at about 85-90 and tolerable.Better than 110-115 outside. I have always had the 4 sided aspen pad cooler, ( I do miss the smell of the pads for the first couple of weeks) but this year Luke and I put a brand new Mastercool on the shop. Right now I have to turn it off sometimes as it gets down to 68F. I coated the inside with 2 part epoxy, put another coat of paint on the outside and have a bleed off to keep the calcium build up down. Great for watering trees and plants in the yard! Our water here is bad. Tom H. Excited....but not so excited, to see how it does in the latter parts of our summer. It costs 2-2.50 dollars a day to run. Im good with that! Tom H.
  5. Where are you at that it is getting that hot already? Its still not that hot in Az. Tom H.
  6. I have had swamp coolers for years. They work great until the humidity goes up. Humid air will not evaporate the water. I would think the best way to operate yours is to have it so it can suck in outside air and expel it through a window on the other side of the RV. If you keep it inside with no fresh air, well, you will find out why they are called swamp coolers Tom H.
  7. I actually saw a decline in post answers when the forum went over to the Face Book style. Easier to hit like or whatever than to type out a reply. Just my thoughts. For some reason I only saw one. Will have to watch it again. Ah, I saw it. I clicked out of it too fast Tom H.
  8. Thats a heck of a nugget! Congrats! Tom H.
  9. Heck, you cant even remember my name! Tom H.
  10. We rode the heck out of them. This was back in the 70s. The desert was our play ground back then. Lots of open land around our house. Tom H.
  11. Yah...I remember walking the horses to keep them up and get their guts pooping again way into the night. I guess I was cheaper then a horse walking machine. Tom H.
  12. BD. yes, the flood last year really did a number on that area. In the main wash in some areas it took out 4 feet of overburden. When I went in last week, the lower stretches of the main wash had running water in them. I have never seen that before. I was looking at all the water and drove right past Owl wash! Tom H.
  13. Tks bud. Justin was a great cook. I have some of his books that I use. Tom
  14. Well, it doesnt have chicken, but it does have shrimp, scallops, fish and andouille with a nice dark roux. Just made it tonight and im drowning in it now! I understand your accent Lots of Onyon and gaaalic too! :)Wee boy. Tom H.
  15. Morlok: Thanks. Im happy just to find a couple of dinks now and then. I have gotten LOTS of gold out of that area and am not driven by the "I got to find a big one" anymore. This is from one of the washes close by. Over 4 oz. total over the years from Pizza nugget wash. Named after the big flat one.
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