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  1. Wow Terry! Thats a find of a lifetime. Congrats.....you put your time in to finally be rewarded. Tom H.
  2. Wow! Looks like something you would have seen on the original Star Trek. Tom H
  3. How many tubes of Bengay ointment?
  4. Really nice piece of gold there. You went up one of those washes everyone else figured had been hit before. I have also found gold right next to dig holes. Tom H.
  5. Check out the shape of this one!
  6. Was finally able to get out and do some detecting in a couple of old spots and a new spot with Luke. The 1 gram I got from the new spot at about 4 inches. YES.....lots of new ground to hunt! And the .1 I got from a old spot at 1 inch deep. Great day to be out in the peace and quite and find some gold Tom
  7. Very nice! Congrats on the finds. Tom H.
  8. Kyle.................start detecting the banks and hillsides also. I know it can seem boring...but that gold came from somewhere and it might just be a little out of the wash up on the sides. I know you said you did not find any other small stuff, but, if you dig down and hit it with a VLF, I bet you will find more that way. GO Geet it!! Tom H.
  9. Crimmy! Your doing great!!! This does not happen much.....enjoy the heck out of it. Tom H.
  10. Ron! Congrats are in order at our age Hope you had a good on. Tom H.
  11. I have hammered the heck out of some spots in the past......and went back in with a shovel and dug it out. Got a lot more after that using my VLF detector. Its a pain digging. Sit down and act like your rowing a boat. Not so hard on the back and that way you can sit on a pad and scoot around Dont forget to detect your throw piles. GOOD LUCK TO YA!!!! Hope to see more from that spot. Tom H.
  12. Sweet!!!! Get a shove and start digging the wash out. Really nice score. Congrats. Was it Arizona? Tom H.
  13. Try googling it..there is tons of info out there and lots of Vids. on Youtube. Tom H.
  14. Yes, the outings are open to all forum members. The are we go to "Little San Domingo" has lots of GPAA and Roadrunner claims. Also a lot of open unclaimed areas to prospect. Tom H.
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