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  1. TomH

    Sharpie hack

    Skip...yes! show some pics!! I have done a lot of cabinetry/wall units and anything anyone wanted out of wood also. Will dig some pics out and post them also. Tom H.
  2. TomH

    Sharpie hack

    I use a lot of Sharpies out in the work shop and it seems that they run dry too fast. Did a little experiment a few weeks ago and it worked. Drill out the back end of the Sharpie, inject 1 ML of lacquer thinner. Put some tape over the end. So far it has lasted 2 times as long as the first time. Don't know how many times I can do this but it works! I know....im cheap. Its just irritating they don't last very long. Tom H.
  3. Happy Birfday Bill! You old goat. Tom H.
  4. It was done so the animals would be able to drink water. Been that way for as long as I can remember. Tom H.
  5. Shay! Happy birfday you old goat Hope you are having a great one. Tom H.
  6. You could always bring 10 gal. of water and a tub to pan in. Dry creeks are a lot easier to dig in than one that keeps filling up with water. Tom H.
  7. Glad you sold it.. Hard to believe I paid 6G for mine new....and they are at this price now. Oh well. It paid for itself and had a ton of fun along the way Tom H.
  8. Terry: Glad to hear your doing good, especially after a bypass surgery. Heal up sir! Remember to keep your heart pillow close and dont push it. Keep that sternum together Tom H.
  9. Happy Burfday Terry! Hope you have a great day. Tom
  10. Congrats! That will be a day to remember. Nice finds. Tom H.
  11. Watch this video...these two guys are masters at drywashing. Tom
  12. Hey Jean! Good to hear from you again. Yes, its been a long time. Still getting out when I can. Starting to warm up though. Tom
  13. Max: Glad to have you back! Really good to hear your wife is doing better. Thank you for taking me out when I was a nooby I still remember the day...you sitting on a little chair and classifying material to bring home for Polly to pan out. Im still detecting and finding gold every now and then Tom H.
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