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  1. What he didn't tell you was the some places on the wet side hit 70 degrees. Even I got out and hit the Stilly with son and Grandkids. Easter Pannig. No Golden Eggs though.
  2. Had a rock fall happen across from me while deer hunting one time. Had been watching some MT. goats across the canyon from the clearcut I was in. a little latter heard the popping start and it kept getting louder. and saw a slab of the Mt. start to tilt.(through Binoculars) this slab was the size of a football field atleast! the slab just kept popping and tilting away from the Mt. till it fell striaght away. The sound was deafning when it hit the canyon floor and echoed for a VERY long time. This was in a driange just North of the Ghost Town of Montie Cristo. Often wonder how many Gold or Silver viens are exposed by events like that!! Goats were about a 1/4 mile away and just looked and kept doing what thay were doing! I shot a 3pt blacktail an hour latter in that clearcut.LOL
  3. My Great Grandfather, John B. Meenach Is buried in the Sawyers Bar Cemetery. He was a Miner and had a cabin there. He passed in 1940 working his claim. We think his claim was on in the Monson Cr. area. Most of that Family History had died. My older Sister has some pictures of my Mother,Grandmother and Uncle playing in the river that she tracked down the swimming hole with. The cabin is gone but with the help of some locals she visited the area.I hope to get there this summer to check ouut the area and atleast dip a pan Was going to last summer but I had a stroke I am 60yrs old..I will be spending some time with the Gals from Sawyers Bar the week of June 18 in Grants Pass for the Jet boat trip we take every year. They are full of history from there. They are bringing my Sister some buckets of cons from thier claim to run throw her gold wheel. Gonna be a fun week. Like always.
  4. Ya forgot the Window Panes in the Strawberry fields. We must be the same age! Except we had Orange Sunshine.
  5. H John, I bought a 99 Taco from my ex SNL for $500. Needed a 5sp.. CAUSE HE NEVER CHECKED THE FLUID IN IT. $600 for a trans and new Clutch. I sware that was the roughest ride in a 4x4 I ever had! And over the years I have had and rode in many! Thought the axles were welded to the frame. Not a good daily driver. Sold it in July for $2500 and bought a 92 Jeep Cherokeefor $1000. totally stock with 127k on it.Winter I will add a 2" lift and set it up to tow behind my M/H. Drove it to Pheinox and back Labor Day weekend, close to 3000 miles. Like the ride much better! Oh, I have a 97 GMC Yukon also, Gas mileage Sucks on it. I like to be able to lock my gear up. We are in the Meth capital of the N.W.!!
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