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  1. Praying for the best. Its's beatable, I'm proof as I beat it in 2010. Just went through the tests again and got the NO SIGN of anything. Throat cancer here. Good luck! John
  2. A pair of Hodgemans is all I wear. Having spent 40 years winter Steelhead fishing in the Northwest waters it was a great day when neopreme waders came out!! My waders fit tite enough(read I'm fat enough) I don't need a belt, but allways had one on because it held my bait box. I don't think you can even buy felts in Washington anymore. Not only that but they have check station where if your towing a boat you must pull in for inspection. On I-5 south of Portland at the Port of Entry truck weigh station ALL out state vehicles towing boats must stop. Sorry for getting of topic.. Just get a set of
  3. What he didn't tell you was the some places on the wet side hit 70 degrees. Even I got out and hit the Stilly with son and Grandkids. Easter Pannig. No Golden Eggs though.
  4. I would add to take some of those lead shavings and flatin them with a hammer; even make some tiny ones. Practice getting tiny flat flakes and the bigger rounded one will take care of themselves. and paint em bright.
  5. I have used my dogs fold up water dish I keep in the rig in a pinch. Yup it worked enough to tell me I needed to check that stream a little closer.
  6. I envy you Stan, I'm stuck here in the WET and COLD. Maybe next winter I can go south. Spent the last 2 days puting a fuel pump in the Motorhome, Might get that done today. Had to cut a hole under the bed to get to it. NO WAY that tank was coming out.Tried for 6 hours, Nope it ain't coming out. Alittle rivitting panels and such and it will be good as new. Just get to tinker this winter. Built a highbanker and can't wait for spring to try it out. Hood Canal may get snow this A.M. Yup would love to be South!!!!!!!
  7. Look into WPMA good claims, Also Bedrock Prospectors they have some good claims. Any of the clubs you can join online so thats not a problem. Nice to atend meetings and get to know people, but not mandatory to be a member. WPMA has chapters all around Wa., Big club, lots of friendly folks>
  8. Bedrock I know I Washington and Oregon have County park Rangers, thats the only ones I've had contact with. I'm sure the are a lot more!
  9. Dawned on me that some of you Dessert dwellers may not know what Devils club is. It is a Plant that grows around W. Washington, Ore. B.C. and AK.. My DAD called it HANDY BUSH. The stalks have a thorn that is very brittle and fine. Break off easy. Dad said if you fall and reach to grab something they will move so thats what HANDY to grab, hence the name. The fine thorns are real hard to remove cause they keep breaking off. Real Fun.
  10. Yup SLNugget, You haven't lived till you've done the slime rock dance,hopeing you don't break anything inportant while your feet are REALLY busy trying to find a spot without slime to get traction. All in a fraction of a second. Been on my butt way to many times. Find it easier to bushwhack through the Devils Club than walk Slime Creek!!
  11. Had a rock fall happen across from me while deer hunting one time. Had been watching some MT. goats across the canyon from the clearcut I was in. a little latter heard the popping start and it kept getting louder. and saw a slab of the Mt. start to tilt.(through Binoculars) this slab was the size of a football field atleast! the slab just kept popping and tilting away from the Mt. till it fell striaght away. The sound was deafning when it hit the canyon floor and echoed for a VERY long time. This was in a driange just North of the Ghost Town of Montie Cristo. Often wonder how many Gold or Sil
  12. SLNugget, thanks for that link. Have visited a few of the sites listed. Only mine I have been in is the Black Chief by Red Bridge in Snohomish Co. on the Mt. Loop. I can't do holes in the ground! Often wonder whats in them though, just can't make myself go in.LOL Take the Grandkids exploreing alot around Wa.
  13. My Great Grandfather, John B. Meenach Is buried in the Sawyers Bar Cemetery. He was a Miner and had a cabin there. He passed in 1940 working his claim. We think his claim was on in the Monson Cr. area. Most of that Family History had died. My older Sister has some pictures of my Mother,Grandmother and Uncle playing in the river that she tracked down the swimming hole with. The cabin is gone but with the help of some locals she visited the area.I hope to get there this summer to check ouut the area and atleast dip a pan Was going to last summer but I had a stroke I am 60yrs old..I will be spend
  14. Everytime I see that Vidieo I say this time I'm going to look at the Honcoop. Hasn't happened yet,Just watch the hotties!!!!
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