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  1. Chuck, Red Necks built this country and made it what it is, White Collar types are the ones who are tearing it apart. LET THE RED NECKS RULE! Gramps
  2. First lets put the what price question to rest. I spent twenty years of my protecting every living soul in this country, so the price I put on human life is quite high. Yes I consider $3500 a bit much for a PI unit just as I consider the stuff from down under over priced. If these people would put realistic prices on their goods they wouldn't be able to keep up with demand. Don't even think that I'm against people making money but it boogles my mind how much more money could be made if things were priced within reason. Just the wanderings of an old GI whose brain was radiated for twenty years, then attacked by it's own immune system for the last twenty. Gramps
  3. darn I knew I shoulda built and patented that, I thought about something like that about six yrs. ago, I was going to half of a blue plastic 55 gal. drum that I got from a fella that worked at the cheese factory. Oh well reckon I'll just have to dream up something else. :lol: :lol: Gramps
  4. Accurate Locators stuff is more on the order of GPR than metal detectors and it's very over priced. I rather doubt that he is making tons of money at it either. Gramps
  5. Frank I feel your pain. When I lived in San Diego, many moons ago, my buds and I would go adventuring in the fields and gullies across the street from my house. on one of our trips we came across a good sized stand of Cholla. I guess I got just a little too close and true to their other name, jumping cactus, one of those balls jump right out and into my right temple. I reckon y'all can imagine how much that hurt to extract. Up here on the north Oregon coast I don't have to worry about cactus but the webbing you get between the toes makes it hard to find a good fitting shoes. ;) Gramps
  6. I am absolutely fed up with this "debt limit" crap, if John boehner had a pair of stones in his shorts he'd call Obummer over the the house and flat tell him this crap stops right here. The House of Representatives writes the checks as it were and the "man child" needs to told that his credit cards have been cancelled and there will no more money for anything that does not directly involve the running of the country. In other words we pay our bills and nothing more, no lollipops for the kiddie countries around the world, no more funding of NGO's if it's not a dept. of the government it don't get no money and then we start reducing the number of departments in the government. After we get things in hand we scarp the present tax system and install a "Flat Tax System." A tax rate of between 10 & 14% with no deductions, none, nada, zip should bring in the cash needed to run a leaner Streamlined government. As it stands rights now the folks at the lower income levels don't pay taxes but rather get money from Uncle Sugar. The Knot Head in Chief talks about shared responsibility sacrifice when the not everyone is sacrificing equally. This country was established on the premise that all men were created equal, if that's the case then paying an equal percentage of ones income fulfills some of that premise. Gramps
  7. Many thanks guys for the replies, I had an inkle that that would be the case. Rodd I put an E-mail in their box last sunday and haven't hear squat from them, guess I'll have to try again after the 4th. Gramps
  8. I've heard it said that you can can find anything if you have the right coil for what trying to find. If that is the case then maybe someone can help this old GI out. I have a White's 4900/D pro plus with their 8" coil, what would be the best coil to use on this machine for nuggets and such. Many thanks in advance, Gramps
  9. Frank, is that a wiper motor pumping your bellows? Do you get enough rpm's at 12V or do you have to up the voltage to spin the motor faster? Gramps
  10. Greetings to all from the north Oregon coast, I'm an almost newbie, I started panning a few yrs.ago but then it was decided that grampa would watch the granddaughters in the summer. They are big enough to take care of themselves now so grampa is going up the river again.

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