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  1. John I don't think you can write this off to hop heads trying to finance a habit. These heists sound like they were well thought out, druggies wouldn't have snatched gems they wouldn't know what to do with them. Like GeoJack said they probably had the furnace fired up and those fist sized junks are in little bars by now and on their way to dealers outside the country, probably through Mexico or even our good friends in Canada. Gramps
  2. I would think that after he makes sure the claims are encroaching on ant other claim and he gets noterized transfer of claim ownership he could fill up the paper work for placer claims using the same data as on the lode claims. then he would go in and close the lode claims and file the the placer claims, the only thing that cahnges is the type of claim they are. Of course I could be shoot'n blanks, wait a minute I do, but that's another story. Gramps
  3. Many moons ago I saw a crew using a man portable seismic gizmo, It used shotgun shell, blanks I would presume, to put the thump in the ground and they had an array of sensors to gather the data. Don't remember what they were hunting for but it was a cool device for doing the job. Gramps
  4. It sounds like Idaho is in line for new ownership. The enviros and land control freaks need to be thrown out on their butts and the people need to take back their state, but then we have the same problems here in Oregon. Gramps
  5. Chuck, Red Necks built this country and made it what it is, White Collar types are the ones who are tearing it apart. LET THE RED NECKS RULE! Gramps
  6. First lets put the what price question to rest. I spent twenty years of my protecting every living soul in this country, so the price I put on human life is quite high. Yes I consider $3500 a bit much for a PI unit just as I consider the stuff from down under over priced. If these people would put realistic prices on their goods they wouldn't be able to keep up with demand. Don't even think that I'm against people making money but it boogles my mind how much more money could be made if things were priced within reason. Just the wanderings of an old GI whose brain was radiated for twenty years, then attacked by it's own immune system for the last twenty. Gramps
  7. darn I knew I shoulda built and patented that, I thought about something like that about six yrs. ago, I was going to half of a blue plastic 55 gal. drum that I got from a fella that worked at the cheese factory. Oh well reckon I'll just have to dream up something else. :lol: :lol: Gramps
  8. Accurate Locators stuff is more on the order of GPR than metal detectors and it's very over priced. I rather doubt that he is making tons of money at it either. Gramps
  9. Nice music and the pictures twern't bad either. ;) Kinda puts the lie to the myth that miners are despoilers of the land. Ruged but beautiful country, would be nice to detect those old sites. Gramps
  10. Frank I feel your pain. When I lived in San Diego, many moons ago, my buds and I would go adventuring in the fields and gullies across the street from my house. on one of our trips we came across a good sized stand of Cholla. I guess I got just a little too close and true to their other name, jumping cactus, one of those balls jump right out and into my right temple. I reckon y'all can imagine how much that hurt to extract. Up here on the north Oregon coast I don't have to worry about cactus but the webbing you get between the toes makes it hard to find a good fitting shoes. ;) Gramps
  11. I sent a letter to the Daily Courier sunday evening, got an E-mail from Julie Hall at paper asking for ph. # for verification as they have been having trouble with a crank. Sent # to her she called and said letter would be printed. My letter is below with my reply to Ms. Hall. To the citizens of Josephine Co. it has come to my attention up here in Tillamook, Co. that one of your County Commissioners, namely Sandi Cassanelli, has come under attack by a group of, no doubt, Socialist Trolls calling for her recall. This is a really disgusting ploy used by leftist groups whose aim is government control of every aspect of your daily life. Ms. Cassanelli has been fighting the systematic closing of roads into the mountains (public lands) by the BLM & USFS which they say is to protect the land for future generations. Well with all the love in my heart for my future generations, phooey, what about the present generations. For all her hard fighting for your rights to use “public lands” and streamline county government she is threatened with recall. Don’t let this travesty happen, don’t let the Trolls win, don’t let a “good” public servant slip through your fingers and let the Socialist control freaks take over, your life depends on it. Dennis Sheridan TSgt, USAF Ret. Tillamook, OR Ms. Hall, no problem with ph. # it's 503/xxx-xxxx. My purpose is support people, like Ms. Cassanelli, who stand up for our rights and freedoms as written in the Constitution and the mining law of 1876. The ML 1876 allows American citizens to prospect on public land and if an area is deem to have a large accumulation of the mineral of interest to establish claim to those minerals. The USFS and the BLM have been routinely closing roads accessing those public lands to prospectors, hunters and yes even nature types. They do this under the guise of preserving it for future generations, well quite frankly future generations can take care of themselves, it's my generation, which I might add is coming a rapid close (I am 68) which is my present concern. If I fight for the constitutional and ML 1876 rights now future generations of my family line and many other lines will be able to squat next to a mountain stream with a pan and search for that shiny yellow metal unrestrained by a bureaucratic leviathan wishing to control the every movement of the population. Dennis Sheridan Tillamook, OR Gramps
  12. A Geologist on the tube said that east coast rock formations are cold in relation to the west coast, so what would be a ho-hummer out here on the left coast was teeth rattler in the east. Who cares it's just to bad the epicenter wasn't at the golf course where Obummer was and a sinkhole open up and swallow his skrawney butt. Gramps
  13. Thanks, I'm green.///I'll forgive yah. If you have Google Earth go to "goldmapsonline.com" for $15 bucks a state they have little sub routine that show you both open and closed claims. They do not claim to be totaly accurate but it is a good place to start. Gramps
  14. Me thinks they goofed up big time and you made out like El Bandito, nice find. Gramps
  15. Got'cha covered on that Garimpo, my wife (6 yrs. younger) thinks I'm slipping my moorings but the way I look at it you're only youg once and I ain't letting go without a fight. There's a time to be serious and then there's the time to kick up ones heels and have a little fun. Although I do seem to be having more of those darn senior moments lately, gotta get a better grip on my child like mind or i won't just be thumping a hillside but driving off a cliff. Gramps
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