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  1. I just gotta say, when I'm a bit bored or feeling a little down, all I have to do is visit the "Nugget Shooter Forum"!! There are some very clever, good natured and "FUNNY" is an understatement :hahaha: ,people on this forum!! GOTTA LOVE IT. Wishbone
  2. Howdy Uncle Ron, Never used it on schist either but I think it should. One way to find out for sure. Go for it and let us know how it goes. Just can't stand the suspence!! Wishbone
  3. Hey Uncle Ron, I probably should not bring this up because almost every body goes nuts when I do!!?? So here we go. Hydroflouric acid will do the job for sure. However, you had best leave that up to the experts because it's very nasty stuff without a doubt. I've used it for 40 plus years and I do know how to use that acid and I've saved a number of "Butt Ugly Nuggets". By removing a controlled amount of ugly quartz (grey, stained and cracked)until the quartz was snow white (sugar quartz)? and more gold was exposed thereby making it into a beautiful specimen!!!! I've done the same
  4. Hey, I just want to say "Thanks" to each and every one of you for all the input and web sites you sent. I believe I have things under control now with all that good info at hand :wubu: Wishbone NM
  5. I want to go over to rechargeable 9 volt batteries on my GB2 and am having a bit of a problem doing so!! First problem is a charger that will automatically turn off when a complete charge has been reached I have not been able to find such an animal, search as I might :*&$*(: I've already fried a few batteries by overcharging and they aren't cheap! One must monitor these rascals constantly or come to grief for sure Not only that but what should they be charged up to anyway?? I know you don't charge them up to the level of a new nonrechargeable 9volt battery (around 9.6 volts
  6. Howdy Woody, Hope I'm not too late for some advice for you so here goes. Check and be sure all excess coil wire around the shaft is wound up around the shaft as far away from your coil as you can get it. Even though the coil wire is shielded it can cause you to neutralize your coil to a great degree. Also it might not be a bad idea to clean all connections with "electronics spray cleaner" while at it. Here's wishing you the very best in your quest for that "yeller stuff" Wishbone NM
  7. Howdy Mario, Just a couple of small tips for ya.Always take a container with you to put your bits of trash into. In your case, being new to the world of nuggetshooting and all. Take along a quart size zip-loc bag. Save all those bits of trash that you find every time you go out. Empty the junk into a container and save all of it until you find your first piece of gold. Now that may sound a bit silly but believe me when I say that it will help you endure the monotony mentally.When you find that first nugget and someone asks you "How long did it take you to
  8. A great big HOWDY to all my friends that are still here on the Nugget Shooter Forum! I retired July 1st of 2006 and have been absent from the forum ever since then. I haven been absent from the world of nugget shooting however and would like to join you once again if I may,as of now. [Wishbone-NM]

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