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  1. Sorry Flip,but I agree with Frank C. Keep looking down. Remember - Hopes up Eyes down ;)
  2. Nice stuff there.You gonna let Wendy take point out in the field?
  3. Well Jimmy-It looks a lot like foundry slag to me.I've been to mountain tops with no iron works within 50 miles and have found slag.It is not unusual to come across items that just could not be there.Keep up your study's about meteorites and keep looking.Don't be afraid to ask or answer.Good Luck.
  4. Stay in Payson and you'll have a choice of several lakes nearby.
  5. Watching the Avatar changes is a lot like nugget shootin' or meteorite hunting our plain ole looking for stuff,you never know what your gonna find but it's a hoot (or hooters) B)
  6. Thanks Fred. My son strives to appeal to as many people as possible and is very good at putting all the elements of the subject in his minds eye.We are at work on a huge meteorite story that should be done later this month.
  7. Bob ! What have you done to yourself? Your Avatar looks better B)
  8. Great find (hope its cold).Where did you send it to?
  9. I think this is on my dads side of the family tree
  10. Lots of avatars are gone.When I hit the "like" button it tells me I'm over my quota of zero.
  11. Looks like a new find to me.Way to go.I'll help you find more :ph34r2:
  12. Thanks Ben, Abe really liked your comment.He worked hard to get it just right. I'm pretty proud of him.
  13. My link My sons video is done for the hunt.Follow the my link and stay to the very end,this happened on at the Salt River bridge on Rte 77.
  14. Great pics Erik!

  15. Richard, It was great to meet you! Now how long are you going to rub that beauty in my face;) ABE Enochs
  16. Well ya'll, I live in the middle of the desert here about 30 miles SW of Tucson.No city,nobody lives within a half mile of me and thats my mother.So just about everyday I can't walk to my truck,car or any out buildings without looking at the ground and still picking up every rock for the 1,000,000 th time.It takes me half an hour to take the trash 20 feet to the trailer and back to the deck to check my whatevers.
  17. If you do find something like that I hope I'm with you.I'll get your body back to your wife and the find will have a happy home with me and mine
  18. Not too far off the m crap!! forgot what I was saying.:hahaha::hahaha::hahaha:
  19. Well done Geo. I like the glint of the smiles of the people we help as well as the glint of our finds.The crack of a smile is louder then any detector.
  20. After sayin' a prayer I would do the same as Dizzy.When "THE MAN" showed up I would holler DIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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