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  1. late october or early nov works for me. I missed the last one and dont want to miss another one
  2. Someone quick grab the fire extingisher cause Frank is on FIRE!!!!! Awesome job Frank if you keep at this rate you'll be know as the nugget king for sure.
  3. And I double that. Too bad. Now the question is, is the area next to or around their claims, claimed. That might be another spot to try.
  4. WOW Frank nice chunk of gold you got there. How about leaving some of does big ones for us too
  5. Thanks Bill I'am already a member of the GPAA and will be joining both the nuggetwranglers and quartzite metal detector clubs. Are does the two clubs the have the are claimed up? Is there another club or clubs the I need to join to be able to use the area?
  6. Hi folks I am really interested about this outing. I enjoyed the last outing the Bunk had out there and I had a few questions about this one. What clubs do I have to join to be able to prospect here? Also I don't own an atv so can't really travel to far into some area to prospect. Does any one know if there is a place near there the rents ATV? I know there is one here in CA but not sure if I can take them out of state. Thanks and hope to meet some more great fellow prospectors.
  7. Just finished watching it. Was an good and I like the fact that they showed how hard it is to find a meteorite. I laugh a little when Jeff got mad and pounded the ground when he was not finding anything. Still one of the best i've seen that is close enough to visit. Now time to google some info on both.
  8. WOW Frank your just finding them one after another. Awesome job, the gpx is sure singing a lovely song.
  9. WOW Frank that is a nice nugget you got there. Was this the one you found on Saturday or is this another one. I did not see it in person, must have been awesome finding it.. Wish i would have found one half that size. This just make me want to get out more and find me some. It was also a pleasure to finally meet you and see that nice meteorite you found. Hope to see you someday out in GB.
  10. Thanks Jayray, i've been lurking in this site for a while but never had anything to post so never did. Hopefully ill have more stuff now that ill be going out nugget and meteorite hunting. Franks thanks, and you are right now I know how hotrocks sound and when I do find one ill know what it is. Hopefully ill meet up with you when i am out in AZ. Not sure if youll be at the Quartzite outing this weekend but if you are hope to see you there. Mario
  11. bummer and here I tough I had some thing instead of being skunked. Oh well there is always next time. I guess now I know what not to pick up, well that's how we learn Thanks for the help guys hopefully ill have better luck this coming weekend.
  12. Hello everyone I was wondering if some one could help me ID this. I was finally able to get out to AZ for some beeping time out in the Quartzite area this weekend. Didn't find much as far as gold but I did stumble across this rock that made the detector go nuts. I went ahead and check it with my magnet that is on my pick and to my surprise it got stuck to it. I didn't take any picture of it at the site since my camera was at home . Any ways I just got home and used my scale and it come up to 239.6grams. I also took some picture and placed the magnet on it to show its magnetic. Hope some on
  13. Goldfinger, I understand about digging 100-200 trash targets since I also detect parks. The best feeling is when you dig up a target and its gold or silver. I get all excited and it makes me want to go get some more. It also makes it worth digging up the targets cause you never know whats in the hole. highbanker58: This hobby is in my opinion one of the most exciting hobbies there is. Filled with lost of surprises, just the other day all my hard work paid off when I found an 18k ring at a park. I also found lots of old and interesting things. You really don't know what you'll find until y
  14. Thanks Fred, Ill have to check them out. I did go out today but all I found were bullet fragments and bullet casing. But It was still good to get out. Did do much detecting since I was drywashing most of the time. I was also by myself so it was a little bit scary being out in the wild and no one to help or call for help if something were to happen. Well thanks again folk and ill have to read some more on thin forum.
  15. WOW, lots of info here. I am a member of the GPAA so I have a few places to go to. I am also looking into some of the clubs in AZ since most of the nice nugs are out there. I'll take all the advice and start getting out there and practicing. Thanks everyone Mario
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