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  1. About 95 lbs dry without the oil filter and hoses, Ready to fly weight is probably 105-ish.
  2. I finished welding and painting the topside of my fuselage today. I also got a chance to annoy the neighbors with some low horsepower action...
  3. Just don't pull up too close and set someone on fire.
  4. I fabricated and welded the hanger bar for the folding wings. This will make more sense after I build the wings.
  5. Bob I agree with you for the most part, but the NFS and BLM in AZ are closing roads that have been in use for decades...or longer. Some of these roads lead to old mineral discoveries, some to cattle camps, some are hunting or woodcutting areas. Closing a temporary road built to clear a timber sale is an entirely different matter, and one I have zero issue with. I think it would be an outstanding idea to allow firewood permit holders to access those timber sale areas for a brief period after the logging company is finished and before the road is closed. There is always stuff left behind that folks like myself, would happily cart away to keep our homes warm. Otherwise a NFS firewood permit is basically worthless here. The FS seems to be happy to sell you a permit that they know you can't fill. Paying for something and not getting it...is theft. I disagree with the closure of the traditional routes. I comment during the open periods but my opinion seems to make little difference. Those closures concentrate public land use into progressively smaller and smaller areas, increasing the impact on the land. I don't like being herded...and I believe that is what's being done. It's easier to close an area than it is to police an area. It's unfortunate that policing is needed, but not all humans are trustworthy and it IS needed. I rarely see Rangers when in Prescott NF, yet I can walk into a whole building full of them in Prescott. Maybe if those Rangers were actually out in the forest instead of sitting at a desk pushing paperwork...conditions and enforcement of existing laws would be better. There are no easy answers for this problem, and as our population continues to increase, these issues will only get worse.
  6. A large chunk of which is inaccessible to wheeled vehicles because of road closure policies. The last firewood permit I received from Prescott NF, they made sure to tell me, that vehicular recovery further than a couple car lengths from a sanctioned trail was no longer allowed. I was allowed to winch a log to the trail, but could not drive to it. I don't think I would enjoy backpacking a Ponderosa pine very much. Apparently neither do any of my fellow humans, because the areas close to a road are all nicely groomed with zero harvestable wood to be had. Plenty of wood out past the reach of winchlines though.
  7. Dang...that saw toothed bastard looks flat nasty. I'd hate to be on the receiving end. Exquisite work!
  8. Happy Birthday OT! I hope your cup runs over with wine, women and song this year! Well, at least...smoky mesquite fires, frosty malted beverages and a few gold nuggets
  9. I think you're right Skip....I see a trend here.
  10. Ain't no sunshine....performed by Matt Andersen. What? You never heard of him? Me neither...until I found this gem. Dude is full of the Blues! Legend says he still holding that last note
  11. Thanks guys! It is certainly a part I wouldn't want to fail suddenly
  12. I did it! After a couple of tries... I now have a working locking flap lever! I made the lock slider longer and a tighter fit around the handle tube. I also added another guide pin and replaced the loose linkage rods with welded ones. That really tightened the assembly up. It locks @ 0 degrees, 22 degrees and 50 degrees. It still needs to be fully welded, but it is all in place and it is nice and firm.
  13. There are man made holes for sale all over the Bradshaw mountains. It would have to be something special to attract much attention from a prospective buyer.
  14. Everything Bob said is spot on. Sometimes the Gold Gods smile upon the humble prospector however, and it becomes worth it. Crushed 9 buckets of this material and got 2+ oz. The stringer vein then pinched out and poof...it was gone. Like a fart in the wind.
  15. Probably because most hard rock mining today is done on a larger scale of lower grade deposits. The start up costs are simply beyond the reach of most small miners.
  16. I would be tempted to do a proper assessment before spending any more money than I had to. Your ore looks like it has potential though. There are lots of marginal deposits out there that will suck the money right out your wallet, your bank account... and anywhere else you have it squirreled away.
  17. I think that ore type must be pretty common to the SW Bob, as it looks similar to the stuff that gets sent to the crusher piles at work. You can use a loupe and not see a spec of gold...but there is a pretty line of fines coming across the shaker tables when its run! I wasn't trying to be a smart azz about the crushing either. You want enough of a sample that you can calculate oz/ton value. Personally, I take several buckets worth when I am assessing a hardrock deposit. You should also take your samples from all over the vein, not just the higher grade section. Doing so will help avoid the inevitable spikes in opt values, that could lead to poor decision making. Don't neglect the wall(or host) rock either! There can be substantial values in the altered area adjacent to a vein system. Good luck!
  18. Could be worth investigating. If that pan is the entire result of the 5lbs it might be lean pickin's, but the values can come and go in a vein. I hate to say it, but you're going to have to crush a lot more rock to find out.
  19. Well... I began work on the lock mechanism yesterday and made some progress, but it has an unacceptable flaw. It's far too sloppy. When locked the bell cranks can move almost 3/4". Those bell cranks are directly linked to flaps, so 3/4" at the crank means substantially more at the flaps themselves. I can't have flaps flopping around like a limp noodle...that just won't do. I think the notch plate I made is good, but the slider needs to be redone. You can see in the last pic, that slider has a very loose fit on the handle tubing and that loose fit translates into slop when engaged. I'll try making a new slider with a snugger fit...but the entire locking assembly may have to go back to the drawing board if the slop isn't remedied.
  20. I wish I could take credit for them. This old Smith Airline is to blame for any good welds, I swear it has a mind of its own.
  21. I got the flap handle and bell cranks welded yesterday. I had to come up with a way to securely attach the two halves together, and ended up sleeving the inside of the tube and using AN-3 bolts through the clam shell and tubing. It is very secure with zero slop. If I get the chance today, I'm hoping to finish the locking portion of the assembly and get some finished pictures.
  22. They do look similar don't they? Well now you can make your own instead of buying them!
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