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  1. Thank you Jeff. Probably more like fall or even as late as winter... as slow as I move. I'm running into difficulty finding an appropriate instructor. The LSA flight instructors around here are all nose wheeled planes. I need a tailwheel trainer and I may have to drive to another state to find one.
  2. I believe it. My Dad is only a year older than you.
  3. Thanks Grubby. You got me beat...I'm only 48 now.
  4. It's a heater. Works great too. A lot better than standard 48 yo Beetle heat.
  5. Figured I should update this thread and not leave it hanging. The car is up and running! I have some nickle and dime crap left to do, but it has carried me to work for the last two weekends. Aside from a few mechanical things, I still have to build the roof rack and spare tire carrier...and maybe some nerf bars too. It will be back to the airplane project now that this winding down.
  6. You never know when that might come in handy! Or it may sit on a shelf taking up space for years. Still, considering the price...I would probably have bought some too.
  7. Thank you both! I went to work like usual last night, but am here to tell about it this morning...so it's all good @Old Tom I too look forward to the days when we can get out again my friend!
  8. Those are gorgeous Tom!!!!! 1949 looks like a Bat Woman
  9. 88 lbs is a healthy sized pumpkin! Bigger than anything I've ever grown It's a shame they aren't fit to eat when they get that big.
  10. Not really. The arms cycle through the same geometry as stock. I just "pre adjusted" the adjusters a little much when welding them in. I want it to ride nice...not like a truck. The adjusters control the spring preload is all.
  11. Since you have a saws handy...you should carve a big ol Jack o' lantern for Halloween. It would be a shame to waste it!
  12. Did all my modifications to my front beam and got it installed. Sits a bit higher than expected. I may have miscalculated the orientation of the adjusters I welded in. I may have to take the beam back off and cut those adjusters free and weld them back in at slightly less angle. I did some beefing up of the beam while I had it out of the car. I also drove sections of the old sway bar into the each tie rod to strengthen them. It is starting to look good though.
  13. Sweeeeeet! I've been to Owl Wash with Tom, and I probably walked past that fine nugget too. Good job Luke. I bet you could find gold in a Basha's parking lot!
  14. Thanks. Seeing yours done was a big instigator to finally acquiring one myself. I'll post a pic when I hook it all up. I'm basically going to route it over to the driver's side wheel well. The mount I made for the heater elevates it above the metal apron so there is enough room to make the bend in the exhaust tubing. I'll also add some heat shielding to it...just in case. I'm thinking of building a 1915 for this one too. I am hoping that will be plenty of power. The 1600 still runs, so it is something I can do over the course of the winter.
  15. I started working more hours and haven't had much time for the Bug lately, but I finished the front winch bumper yesterday. I also got all 5 tires mounted in preparation for rolling it outside, and turning it around to start work on the back. The bumper turned out well. Nice and strong and will hold the 5000lb winch perfectly. I added a ring to the bottom of the skid for either an anchor point, or a place to clip the cable in double line winching. It's a strong enough winch I shouldn't have to resort to that very often. I pressed out all the ball joints and pressed in the n
  16. I'm not sure why, but you really have to look, to find any around here. I'm okay with that though. I think the stray cats keep the population in check.
  17. When Arctic Cat sold out, I quit buying them, and I've had several great Cats. It's sad to see an American company go down the tubes like that...corporate greed can be a killer.
  18. I hardly see any out here either. They are here, but seem to keep a low profile.
  19. Oh jeez, that would sure suck for the owner of said pants A friends home was built next to an old pecan orchard on the east side of Phoenix. The scorpions migrated en masse to their house, when a development company bought the orchard and starting cutting it down for houses. Her Dad would go out and collect a jar full every night just off the wall around their yard! They were in the house, they were in the yard...those little suckers were everywhere! The numbers finally came down after a couple of years.
  20. That uv glow really makes them look creepy!
  21. Possibly. I figured the only way to know, was try it and see. If that pin walks out I will probably weld it in. I believe it will stay though. IT was a snug fit before the epoxy. The majority of the load is in shear anyways.
  22. I posted those pictures of my project and the raised spindles I made yesterday, and I have heard several stories about broken left side spindles. Since I put all that work into those spindles... I figured some extra insurance would be a good idea. I sacrificed an 11/32" transfer punch as a reinforcement pin. I cut it to the proper length, smeared it with industrial epoxy and drove it into the speedo cable hole. I staked the end of the keyway over the pin for extra retention. I have absolutely zero proof this will help, but I don't think it hurt anything.
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