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  1. For sure. Just as they should. Defending oneself or one's family is an entirely different matter, than killing people who don't share a political opinion.
  2. $22 /lb sounds decent to me. I have to brave the herds and make a supply run this week. I may stop and get a lb or two, along with caps & 54 cal balls. That's probably more powder than I will shoot in a lifetime. It's a shame so many morons are ready to step right up and start killing their own countrymen.
  3. I bet that was interesting to watch. I've heard that if you gently crush just the white tip of a strike anywhere match, you can press the powder into a cap with an arbor press. It is supposed to work as a passable primer in a SHTF scenario. A lot could go wrong doing that of course...
  4. That part doesn't sound too bad. Making the saltpeter is the nasty part. I looked up how it used to be made...and I don't want any part of that. https://www.survival-manual.com/saltpeter.php I am sure I would change my tune if it saved the life of someone I cared about.
  5. Thanks, he did an outstanding job. No yak...but we do have bison! Chances are good, that I would never draw a tag for that hunt, but it's cool to think about.
  6. Since you guys are talking about powders and such. Any recommendations for the rifle I posted? Since he made it for patched balls, I assume it won't shoot conicals or sabots accurately because the twist is wrong? I'm ok with round balls as they seem easier to make myself, but what about powders and charge size? It has the small percussion caps (FC), does that affect powder choice?
  7. That's really groovy Bob. I'd hate to find one those in my boot!
  8. This is a custom .54 caliber built by forum member wet/dry washer. It was gifted to me a few months ago when he left for socal. He said he built it for cross stick shooting...and it is hefty with a capital H. He told me that it shot extremely well with just a patched .53 ball. I have not shot it and probably won't till the weather cools. ol' bob was an excellent machinist and made the majority of it himself, including the barrel. The silver needs a good polish...but this boomstick is a work of art.
  9. I guess Skip and I are the only ones that like The Dead South. Since the last video went over like a fart in church, I am going to subject you to another one...just to be vindictive for your lack of taste. So enjoy it, you ungrateful scallywags.
  10. I agree wholeheartedly Bob. I just don't see it happening. Humans are ridiculously easy to corrupt, and as along as there is a mechanism in place (government) to oppress their fellow man... the wicked shall use it to do so.
  11. It does...but so does good. I think these warfare tactics have been used for thousands of years, by everybody. Heck, the Romans hated the Carthaginians so badly...they even salted the ground to keep them from ever growing crops again. After leveling Carthage and enslaving their women of course.
  12. Wow...that dude was a dirtbag. A traitor first, then he serves under a war criminal. As a 83 year old man, he gets a 34 yo retarded woman pregnant, who then has a mentally challenged baby that grows up being beaten by both her father and mother. Too bad nobody shot him during the war...could have saved the taxpayers $73 a dollars a month. Kirk's Raiders were notorious and not in a good way. A little more on them if you're bored. https://digitalheritage.org/2010/08/kirks-raiders/ Thanks for the interesting story Luke!
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