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  1. ArcticDave

    Winter is coming.

    It did seem extra hot and humid last summer. It was hard to motivate myself to do much of anything. I'm thankful for the sudden cooling too. I know what you mean about the coffee! I usually have a pot in the morning and I'm done. Yesterday I made a pot in the middle of the afternoon! Blatant blasphemy, but I enjoyed it.
  2. ArcticDave

    Winter is coming.

    Things are definitely on track for a strange winter. Last year was warmer than normal, so I guess it's time for the pendulum to swing the other way. The extra moisture sure has made the desert turn extra green though.
  3. Eaaaa !   I tested these batteries and quite pleased with they're performance.  The operating voltages run from 12.6 down to 8v or 2.0v per cell.   You can't let them go below that or they get pissed and start loosing Capacity levels .  Voltage stay good but they just would not last as long.   

    Question I'm asking is would your Coil and point produce a viable and safe operation of spark down to that level ? 8 Volts?   I'm thinking Yes sense your using good ol Points and coil system ? 

    Unlike all other Lithium Chemistry batteries these are all but a Direct replacement to Lead Acid batteries.  Can be recharged via regular battery charger.  You just can't leave them cooking as long. 

    Rated 8Ah capable of delivering some 100A until drained. 

    Your flight times would be under a Hour ? 

    C#    MFD         InV      ICur            mHh                   %
    1 /    160510      3.57v   / 925mA  /  7482  / 7440 / 93%
    2 /    160615      3.58v   / 951mA  /  7868  /   98%
    3 /    161031      3.58v  /  847mA  /  8112  /  101 %
    4 /    160730      3.53v  /  937mA  /  8239  /  102  %
    5 /    161031      3.55v  /  935mA  /  
    6  /   151119       3.55   / 931mA  /  7593   /   94%
    7 /    160806       3.55   / 915mA  /  8291  /    96%
    8 /    160806       3.59v / 900mA  /  8618  /  107 %
    9 /    161125       3.55v / 936mA  /  8422 /   105%
    7440+7868+8112+8239+8618 + 7593+8291+8422      averages 8072




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    2. homefire


      8 Ah / 2 would be 4 hours of run.  Going with that you would never get below the 10V mark I think.  Let me do some testing .  I can run them down with a 3Amp load and see where da voltage is after like the 3rd hour.  Cool.   I need to do a Load test anyways.   


    3. ArcticDave


      Right on! Let me know how they they hold up :)

    4. homefire


      I have eight of them here to play with.  As soon as the guy comes up with another batch I'm ordering some more. 

  4. ArcticDave


    Bill sells Bunk's picks http://m.nuggetshooter.com/ Or buy them from Bunk http://bunknteri.com/Store.html
  5. ArcticDave

    Winter is coming.

    I have the furnace running right now. Lit it for the first time yesterday. The forecast calls for warmer weather by Friday. I hope so...I wasn't ready for this crap yet.
  6. ArcticDave

    Winter is coming.

    I know! It's been downright chilly the last week or better. We are unseasonably cold this fall. It is 48° this morning I know that's not cold to everyone else, but it is almost a month early for the Sonoran desert. We should have high temps in the low 90's...instead it was 64° yesterday.
  7. ArcticDave


  8. ArcticDave


    Bring some tortillas. The good kind in the refrigerated section, that have to be cooked. I think my griddle top is big enough for 4 of those at a time.
  9. ArcticDave

    Prospectors Soap

    Ok, that is a reason I can fully stand behind.
  10. ArcticDave


    You better be hungry! I roasted and peeled a batch of chile...they are chillin' in the freezer waiting for Thursday supper!
  11. ArcticDave

    Prospectors Soap

    Bringing this subject back to soap, why use goats milk in the soap formula? What purpose does it serve? I see it used a lot in homemade soaps, but never understood why. Is it just an abundant filler? There is not a large demand for goat milk these days and maybe this is a way to use an unwanted product? They used to tan leather with piss, not because it was better, but because it was abundant and more importantly...cheap. The origin of the phrase "so poor they don't have a pot to piss in" comes from the time when you could always round up some coin by selling the family's urine to the local tannery. I can imagine what that smelled like on a hot day.
  12. ArcticDave

    Prospectors Soap

    Funny you should say that. I have been toying with the idea. It makes such a nice stash box though. I have an old Marvel mystery oil can that I stored away for an homemade electric guitar. Just have to find the right neck for it.
  13. ArcticDave

    Prospectors Soap

    Lol...sometimes its fun to poke a bear with a stick. Jokes on me. I smoked the last one a month ago. I don't know if I will ever be in a position to blow $300 on another box of man candles...but dang they were good.
  14. ArcticDave

    Prospectors Soap

    Did you say Dominican? I won't stoop to torture by showing you the inside.