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  1. ArcticDave

    Know Your Cactus!

    Bob, that San Pedro display on your front porch is awesome! We have a couple in the yard that look similar. I'm going to have to try and identify them now.
  2. ArcticDave

    Cowboy coffee

    A patio is a miniature island of sorts. I'm all for repurposing, and if you aren't going to wash them...might as well do something productive with 'em The Plaza Cafe sounds like a groovy joint. The perfect kind of place to chill and enjoy the people show.
  3. ArcticDave

    Cowboy coffee

    If you mixed the crushed dishes with some mortar it would be a satisfactory building material. You could slowly eat and grind your way into a new hacienda! Or just leave it a pile and bask in the luxury of owning your very own ceramic island! With a nice chair on top, and maybe a pool.
  4. ArcticDave

    Cowboy coffee

    I solved that problem by only having one plate, one fork, one spoon..etc. The pile never gets out of hand that way.
  5. ArcticDave

    Cowboy coffee

    I've tried coffee all kinds of ways. I enjoyed good ol percolator coffee for a long time. Then I got lazy and started using a mr coffee drip machine. It worked, but the coffee lacked soul. I can't handle the instant stuff at all. I switched to a french press recently. I will compare it to listening to recording through some chitty headphones and then hearing the entire orchestra in person. The difference really is astounding. If you ever get a french press(walmart $20) throw away the instructions and do it this way: I use about 4 tablespoons of good beans per large travel mug. Grind your beans coarsely. Dump them into your press. Pour enough boiling water in there to make your cup. Put the lid on and wait 4-5 minutes. The coffee grounds will be floating on top. Now give em a swirl to stir it up good. The grounds will sink. Now, leave the whole thing alone for another 8-10 minutes. Depress your plunger to push any unsunken grounds to bottom and pour the brown elixir into your cup...you will be rewarded with the most lush and rich cup of coffee you ever had. Repeat daily for best results, but be careful... you can quickly become a coffee snob.
  6. ArcticDave

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Cool! I've never seen those. I may get a set for the old 20lb Pearson. I bet for plinking at hay bales and bottles, it would be great not monkeying with a glove
  7. ArcticDave

    Traditional bowhunting.

    I was taught to shoot split finger from the beginning by my Dad. I've tried shooting 3 under, but it never felt right. When I starting shooting a compound I switched to a release aid and that felt even stranger. I shot for a couple more years then gave it up when the local indoor range closed. When it's 30° below zero...shooting outside isn't that fun. Bob what do you use when you shoot that Kingfisher? Glove, tab, bare fingers?
  8. ArcticDave

    Traditional bowhunting.

    You know, I was going to write "tastes like sourdough", but I made myself gag just typing it...
  9. ArcticDave

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Earlier in this thread I posted a link to a 3 piece hybrid longbow. I found it on ebay for $104 instead of $200. I couldn't stop my finger from clicking the buy it now button. So hopefully sometime in the next few months a #50 pounder will show up on my doorstep. I think Pops will approve of the way I spent the Christmas money he sent. Had enough left to buy some points, feathers and a fletching jig. What follows is gratuitous bow porn. Please shield the eyes of the young or gullible...
  10. ArcticDave

    Traditional bowhunting.

    I should be home and probably fiddling with something in the yard.
  11. ArcticDave

    Traditional bowhunting.

    29" felt natural the other day pulling that recurve at sportsmans. I'll take anything you can't use. I've got a 20lb Pearson super jet that I going to let the ol' lady use. She is interested enough to want to shoot herself. I searched through the primitive archery forums and came up with a good jig design for making your own arrows out of the right kinds of wood using a router. Cuts the cost of a shaft down to a few cents instead of several dollars. Fascinating stuff buried in some of those forums. I must have grown up on the wrong side of the tracks because "whisker biscuit" means something else to me. "I hate to tell you sweetheart...but your whisker biscuit smells like sourdough"
  12. ArcticDave

    Traditional bowhunting.

    I've seen those points. I wondered how well they work. Losing arrows is a PITA and I'm shocked at the cost of replacing them these days.
  13. ArcticDave

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Crap'll Is that a Snapple flavor? Hmmm...made from the worst stuff on earth
  14. ArcticDave

    Traditional bowhunting.

    My neighbors would probably prefer I have a really big wall of straw bales as a backstop first. I did step off an area for a range. Looks like I can get 30-40 yards without endangering the kids at the elementary school next door. The ranch down the street has a one of those styrofoam deer. They set it up front of the manure pile. Any stray arrows are guaranteed a soft landing. Of course the downside is digging your arrows out of the manure pile...
  15. ArcticDave

    Ham Radios

    Cool! You probably hear about some strange stuff...