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  1. Dang it! I think this will be the first LSD outing in years... that I will miss the Saturday chow line.
  2. My policy is: If you ain't upsetting somebody...you're doing it wrong!
  3. Hahahahahahahaha....I laughed waaaay too long at this. Thanks Jeff. I may try to film something and see how it goes. Usually when I'm in the shop, there is far too much foul language. If I edited out all the sailor talk....it might be a silent film!
  4. Thanks Unc! I do have a youtube channel! There isn't really anything there yet though. Bill even gave me one of his older cameras to do videos with, but I'm really at a loss as to, what to film, and how to film anything for a watchable video. Self promotion has never been one of my strong points... Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg8P_2s4ubQ33-c-EntWbmA Projects Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/SonoranEagle
  5. Waaaay beyond my budget...both in money and weight!
  6. No danger of that! It will probably be spring before it's that close. You're welcome to stop by the house and take a peek if you like. Elevator hinges are figured out and installed. I still need to knock off the corners and sand everything before varnishing, but I think the tailfeather shape looks good on an Eagle.
  7. I know...it looks like it belongs there. I could not have done it that way, without the plans you gave me. Thanks Dave!
  8. Trial fitting of the rudder. Everything seems to line up like it should!
  9. Joyner has been around awhile. They are decent for being made in China. They are only uncrated and assembled in AZ though.
  10. Real AN bolts only. Donated by a good friend.
  11. No, I don't reckon they'll work great in that situation. As long as I have time to fire off a last ditch Hail Mary, I should be good. Divine providence has saved worse scallywags than me. Hopefully, the Almighty will allow me to cash in some good karma... on a timely miracle. Parachutes are for pansies. Unless I had the money for one. It would be nice insurance policy, but the price renders that an impossible option for the time being.
  12. Those real aerospace folks are a lot smarter than I am! I have gotten the brake lines built. I used -3 fittings and stainless braided hose. The only problem I encountered was that the stock banjo bolt on the caliper, was not long enough to accommodate the larger bodied universal banjo I got from Summit Racing. My solution was to fabricate my own banjo bolts. Started by trimming two 10mm x 1.25 bolts down to the proper length. I then drilled cross holes in each one, followed by a hole right down the center of the shank. I cleaned them up and they screwed right in. I also fastened down my new brake lines in such a way, that they will never chafe on anything, when the stick is moved or the suspension is cycled. All in all I am very happy with how this setup turned out.
  13. That hasn't changed. The roadside between Wickenburg and Wickiup is peppered with white crosses. Everybody is in a hurry to get into Vegas...and in a hurry to get back home. Most likely hung over as well.
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