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  1. I skimmed over this stuff on the first set of heads I made, and I wish I hadn't. This log has been useful a couple of times, when I forget what I did to some part I made. This is technical to an extent...so just change the channel if you like. I decided to get my combustion chambers in order next. Chamber volume is a critical measurement for any engine...a custom engine doubly so. I started by performing an initial volume measurement = 59cc Target = 66cc How did I arrive at 66cc? With the handy CB Performance calculator! http://cbperformance.com/v/enginecalc.html I removed all the hardware from the heads at that point and began assessing where I want to remove 7cc of aluminum from my combustion chambers. I installed my copper head gasket and marked it out with a sharpie. I can take out anything up to that line. You will see in another pic the red is where you remove material, the blue area you really try and leave alone, as that is the quench deck. It is generally accepted that a deck height of 40-60 thousandths of an inch is a good target zone for reaping the benefits of piston quench. This engine has a .055 thou deck. I could get it down to .040 by spending more cash, but at some point you have to draw a line. As of now, I am roughing out the area with the die grinder and an aluminum bit. Every so often you have to reinstall the valves and spark plug to measure volume again and again and again and again...
  2. Cylinder head progress. Cut donor end sections from an old head. I then soda blasted the the pieces. You can see in one of the pics how nasty the old head was. I will notch the new heads to accept these end caps next and weld them on. I also was not impressed with the air passages that are supposed to cool the exhaust valve. Some were not even open. I drilled every one them out to 3/16" for better airflow.
  3. Come on over Grubby...the water is nice. Depends on what you like. Kingman sits a bit higher than Bullhead and can get colder in the winter. Bullhead gets a little hotter in the summer, but is right on the river. Both towns have gold detecting within a reasonable drive. The river towns can get crowded during tourist season...be warned.
  4. Thanks Homey! I did come from a military family, but the closest I got was ROTC in high school. I wish I had stuck with it sometimes. My grandfather, Clyde Voak, was an ace mechanic. He was also a Flying Sergeant during WWII. He flew a C-47 transporting wounded soldiers back to England from the European front. Pop was always my hero, and still is today, even though he has been gone for many years. He taught me how to work on stuff...and make do with what you had.
  5. I cut down my rocker shafts today and drilled both stands for alignment pins. I am going to try and beg some lathe time from a friend in order to cut oil passages around the rocker shafts next week.
  6. Yeah it was bad here too. Thankfully not 58 mph It was still enough to discourage anything outdoors. It was cold too That map is trippy. It looks like your second hand wind is headed right for us.
  7. It was a fun trip! Tom taking pictures of the inside of the tank.
  8. Oops...got the firing order wrong! 1-2-4-3 is the correct and we're using #2 and #4. My mistake
  9. Hi Sydney! I don't mind the questions a bit. 1) Firing order is perfect for the opposed twin configuration. VW Type 1 Firing order is 1-3-4-2, of which #'s 3 & 4 become the new #1(3) and #2(4) cylinders. Also weight is another key factor. Your inline twin idea would require a full length crankshaft and camshaft, along with some hefty counterweights to compensate for the missing cylinders on the opposing side...adding several pounds. 2) Good eye on the top structure! I will be adding diagonals to both of those boxes. Just haven't got to it yet. If you check out Eagler's Nest forum there have been a couple built by guys down in OZ. If you get on that forum look for a guy named Grant. He built a Double Eagle and used the full engine. I can't remember what part of the country he was from, but he really enjoys flying his. https://www.eaglersnest.com/forum/ I have been really sick for the last few weeks and am finally getting to the point I can actually talk again.(Lost my voice almost entirely for a couple of weeks) The weather is warming up after the last cold snap, so work begins again. I CC'd my heads this morning and am carving out some extra chamber volume today.
  10. I couldn't agree more! There is short period before sunrise that is awesome as well.
  11. I'm thankful to have never needed one!
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