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  1. kwah

    Newcomers beware

    Wyoming, VLF detectors struggle in highly mineralized areas normally associated with gold. Normally okay if used in areas with shallow bedrock, but you have to keep a good ground balance and sort out all the ground noice from the target response. Not easy for a novice. I had a TDI SL and found it to be useless as it really could not handle mineralized soil particularly well. I never found a Nugget with a VLF or the TDI in 3 years. I bought a SDC2300 and started finding nuggets on club claims. It is an amazing machine and simple to operate. Just turn on and go. Once you start finding them you start to build a knowledge base that you use to find more. These days finding nuggets is hard and I am happy if I find one or two in a day. Most are small sub-gram. Even at that you may go weeks without a sniff. The finds of 100-200 nuggets in a new patch in a day are near once in a lifetime for most folks.
  2. kwah

    MicroNugget showing how it's done!

    Micro Nugget, very interesting recovery technique. I think I am going to give it a try. Where did you obtain the large flat bottom scoop?
  3. Brownie, now that you mention it, I don't remember hearing about this happening before the election. Could it be more collusion? What flavor is your hat?
  4. kwah

    Township/Range overlay....

    On the same website you can get a topo map overlay for Google Earth. Check out the menu on the left margin. It is very useful.
  5. kwah

    Blasting caps

    A stern warning at 9:50 for you Tommy!!
  6. kwah


    About 7 years I got interested detecting for gold. One of the biggest initial challenges of this hobby is finding a place in a known gold producing area to detect. Most people in my position join a prospecting club to have a place to detect while learning more about the entire process of "doing your research" to find your own gold. When I joined a prospecting club as a newbie I didn't think of myself as someone too lazy or mentally unable to find my own gold, I had to learn how.
  7. kwah


    That is a little harsh. At some point in time the club must have made a decision to invite inexperienced members. Wouldn't you expect inexperienced people to take advantage that opportunity to learn from the more experienced members and also find some gold? Nothing wrong with that.
  8. Yes, I hope be out there at 84. Good on your Dad. I don't think my beard will be that nice I haven't been to the outings yet.
  9. I appreciate your reply. Looking back, my question was not phrased properly. I should have asked if you limited your hunts to the washes. Your response was great. I use the same approach hunting everywhere, well almost. I tend not to hunt the larger junk filled washes and at 78 I leave the crawling through brush to the younger guys. Hell, I'm having trouble just getting off my knees after digging a target.
  10. Yes, very nice good. I got a big time LSD skunk going. Do you hunt the washes?
  11. Jen generously shared some information but left herself open to comment because of the big red square and how she worded her post. A decent intent misunderstood. There was a subtle accusation in Clay's post along with the helping hand. Maybe the helping hand could have been given more diplomatically. I am not pointing fingers, but I have observed that some members of this forum tend respond to Jen's posts with less respect than if someone named Jack made the same post. Time to get in the 21st century.
  12. kwah

    GPZ Observations

    Okay, I see how this post can read differently than I intended. I have found nuggets with both detectors. Not as many as would like, but who has not said the same. I agree the 7000 has made the 2300 somewhat redundant. I think I have enough detectors to find nuggets.
  13. kwah

    GPZ Observations

    I love my 2300, still have a love/hate relationship with my 7000 (probably wouldn't have bought it if I knew then what I know now). I covet a GM 1000, but dam it, if a 2300 and a 7000 won't find them then fug it, I am done with buying detectors.
  14. kwah

    GPZ Observations

    Rod, very interesting audio thought process. Thank you for sharing. Being "right brained" has its advantages. Thanks to others who have shared additional tips.
  15. kwah

    GPZ Observations

    Hmmmmm, .......thanks. Back to more patience.