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  1. Do these guys ever have a bad day?
  2. Goldseeker, I understand what you are doing and I wish you well.
  3. Well sir, the way you are currently handling the funding of your book is essentially a "go fund me".
  4. Hi G.S. I think you are going to have to find another way to get your book rolling. It is going to be a long wait to get to 280 pre-orders at the current pace. You may never get there.
  5. I suggest you indicate what you think would be reasonable and why. That would be helpful.
  6. Most people who start nugget hunting start with a VLF detector designed for detecting gold. Those recommended above qualify as logical choices, especially the Equinox 800 if you want to also hunt coins/relics. But if you want a detector that will give you, a beginner, the very best chance to find gold I recommend a Minelab SDC 2300. It is very simple to operate and capable of finding gold in highly mineralized areas. VLF detectors, while economical, are highly affected by mineralization and are more successfully used by experienced detectorists. Numberous beginners have been discouraged
  7. Please PM if you have a Thompson drywasher in reasonably good condition you would like to sell. Interested in electric powered model, but would consider hand cranked model.
  8. Good lesson here. Dr. says "looks good, but you can never be sure if you got it all". He has a report that shows he didn't get it all. WTF, was he just going to turn you loose with an unfinished job? It pays to do your research and be persistent when dealing with your health. Question everything you are told, it is amazing how many Dr.'s out there are incompetent.
  9. Wyoming, VLF detectors struggle in highly mineralized areas normally associated with gold. Normally okay if used in areas with shallow bedrock, but you have to keep a good ground balance and sort out all the ground noice from the target response. Not easy for a novice. I had a TDI SL and found it to be useless as it really could not handle mineralized soil particularly well. I never found a Nugget with a VLF or the TDI in 3 years. I bought a SDC2300 and started finding nuggets on club claims. It is an amazing machine and simple to operate. Just turn on and go. Once you start find
  10. Micro Nugget, very interesting recovery technique. I think I am going to give it a try. Where did you obtain the large flat bottom scoop?
  11. Brownie, now that you mention it, I don't remember hearing about this happening before the election. Could it be more collusion? What flavor is your hat?
  12. On the same website you can get a topo map overlay for Google Earth. Check out the menu on the left margin. It is very useful.
  13. A stern warning at 9:50 for you Tommy!!
  14. About 7 years I got interested detecting for gold. One of the biggest initial challenges of this hobby is finding a place in a known gold producing area to detect. Most people in my position join a prospecting club to have a place to detect while learning more about the entire process of "doing your research" to find your own gold. When I joined a prospecting club as a newbie I didn't think of myself as someone too lazy or mentally unable to find my own gold, I had to learn how.
  15. That is a little harsh. At some point in time the club must have made a decision to invite inexperienced members. Wouldn't you expect inexperienced people to take advantage that opportunity to learn from the more experienced members and also find some gold? Nothing wrong with that.
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