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  1. I try to grid search, but from the tracks on my gps it looks like the drunken sailor method. Going to try the little red flags and a smaller area next week.
  2. Nice! I found 4 nails and some lead there the day before.
  3. Wife and I had a nice day out in the desert. Got out there soon after sun up, temps in the high 30's. It warmed up fast to the high 50's. Perfect. We set up the drywasher and was going good until the battery gave up. Charged it the night before. Screw Wal-Mart and their batteries. So we got to use the hand crank feature. Really wasn't that bad. After lunch my wife wanted to use her new metal detector so off we went. She did well learning the ropes. She didn't find any gold, but did find a nice crescent wrench about 8 inches deep. I stuck with her, surprised there wasn't any crosstalk between m
  4. I was wondering where I lost that...great find!
  5. I bought a Thompson at the GPAA gold show and we like it. The link from the motor to the bellows needs improvement. I will be using rod ends. I bought two motocycle batterys from Walmart to use. One has already failed. Down to one. They last all day, I tried using a solar panel to keep the spare charged for a long weekend. Did not work well. Think I am going to try my Dewalt lithium batteries from my cordless to see if that will work.
  6. I payed $25 apiece for them. I think I did good.
  7. Wow-these are nice Found them in an antique store, but not that old. Cheaper than new ones and not plastic. Got two doubles that I may display with my old metal gold pan.
  8. Am I being lazy or smart by staying out of the heat? Would love to go out.
  9. Been away from work too much lately, but maybe the fall...sounds good!
  10. Yes-the pro-pointer gets retarded once and a while and it needs rebooting. I set my detector down and using my plastic scoop, I dump/meter the material though the coil. Works good for me. Bullets give me the biggest problems.
  11. In the case of this hunt, it was in a dirt parking lot that had been baked in the desert sun for years. It was tough digging for the organizers, therefore most targets were under rocks, is sparse grass or very shallow. There was a good amount of junk (I skipped most of it). It was the first time in that location so it will improve. It was still lots of fun. In the field, after you learn the detector, the digging and isolating goes pretty fast. Use a good digging tool (Lesche)that I expoxyed rare earth magnets to. I also use a Garrett Pro-Pointer. Watch out for the rivets in your pants and othe
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