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  1. Bucket I'm an American bud, I'm not out to mess anyone over. Our last take, my partner split the black sand 50/50...He got more than I did okay man. That was pretty RUDE of you to comment like that. Good people are still here in the states bud.
  2. Had a really good time today! Got some color, saw a rattle snake, tried my luck on a high banker for the Fist time. The high banker kicks butt, a constant spray as well as being classified, THAT KICKS ASS!!! A WIZ-BANG would be even better! Had a BLAST, Chris
  3. Any help here would be great. I live in Sacramento, CA. not far from the Mother Load.
  4. I'm having a bit of trouble pinpointing with bot coils. Any tips would help. Maybe One day, I'll be able to help people when I master this Unit, and coils.
  5. No rounded rocks though!
  6. Yes, Could be part of an ancient river channel
  7. I need help with the settings in prospect mode. I have a 6x10 DD coil, and also the 10"DD coil. I went out to Dutch Flat the other weekend, found a square nail, and a piece of flattened out buckshot, the machine was irratic at times. Just some pointers please, also live in Sacramento. If there's anyone near by, please let me know. Thank you, Chris
  8. I've been prospecting for 16 years as a hobby, I just purchased a Whites MXT Metal Detector in Dec. 2010. I have the stock 950 coil, 10" DD coil, and just purchased the 6x10 DD coil. I enjoy the outdoors, and hunting for gold. I live in Sacramento, CA., and am looking for some friends that like to search for gold.

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