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  1. sorry guys just got back in town tonight i still am interested in meeting with you and taking pictures
  2. any advice i could get about this new find that is local and want to check it out
  3. thanks jim i have a couple different looking meteorites one of them is oxidized red but not hemitite and the deposit of magnetite is massive ore, samples are bigger than a volleyball,the others look metallic dark purple with black nodules on them,on the inside is shiny specs of metal,very different from any thing ive ever seen.hopefully i get pics on here soon,but am planing to try and make it to portland universary,classifacation through the mail can take months now that the market is flooded due to new crater find in africa. looks like i have found a cm-1 like the one in moapa valley nevada but the size of a soft ball i love this place anyone you know around carson city that has expert advice or contact close by?
  4. any locals willing to team up very rare finds i want to share and have no camera to show pictures?
  5. i dont hunt in dry lake beds usualy and come across deposits of magnetite which are very similiar to meteorites.my collection has many possible meteorites i will have to get pics online soon
  6. hello im very interested in any and all mineral subjects as long as it is from carson area

  7. i believe there is alot of new finds in this area.i am trying to get them classifide,it takes time and money.hopefully by examining these rare meteorites fossils will show sign of alien life
  8. i beleive they are iron but a couple are stony iron maybe cm-1
  9. me and my wife have a amazing collection of both we enjoy learning and sharing both. i have a great knowledge of this area we like to share
  10. i have recently discovered many meteorites in the area

    1. westcoast


      the carson sink is a amazing place i have many prospects for this area and am very familiar with this area

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