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  1. Thanks for the great info-so far I am el skunko on gold with the GBII but I know it will roll around. So I have been using the iron descrim as a test....find a target in regular mode and switch on the iron descrim mode and hear what she has to say. Anyone tried this? I have dug everything and it has all been hot rocks and trash....but I wonder if there isn't some signal in the iron discrim mode that screams gold once you've found a hit to check like this. Too all you GPAA members-yuo can thank me because I have hauled off approximately 6 metric tons of lead bullets, casings, iron junk, random nails, and other crap from the claims without a speck of gold to pay for it haha.Well, I guess if I were a lawyer, maybe even I'd say the GPAA owes me some money for cleaning up their claims thus inadvertently increasing membership! Anyway-heading out again this weekend. I feel like every weekend is going to be the one. I know I'm in gold territory, done my research, know what to look for, prepared to dig a lot...just need the planets to properly align for a nugget patch I guess. Wish me luck!
  2. Thanks for the info! I'm going out again friday-think I'll test some of those theories! Al
  3. So I was out beeping the other day-not really familiar with the GB2- and hit a couple spots I was sure were nuggets...dug them up and there was nothing there! I ran the detector over the dirt I excavated and nothing! Anyone have this happen? I was running it in heavily mineralized ground and had turned on the iron discrim earlier-that is why I was sure they were nuggets both times....thought about them being smaller nuggets-but rejected that because I couldn't get a read on the backdirt. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Just looking fer some gold! And anything else that comes along with it!

  5. Interesting post! I saw someone mention that if it were on private land it would be OK to keep...not exactly! Artifacts on private land are OK to keep (legally speaking) but human remains are covered under an entirely different set of laws and never OK to keep (legally). But you'd have to let your conscience be your judge on that one!
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