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  1. I'd like a copy of that map after you mark all the good spots.
  2. Yes, and just think the trash your father and mine picked up in the 1930's is considered "archeological" today and has to be left where it lays. 50 years from now all those diapers, beer cans and shotgun shell casings will be illegal to pick up.
  3. Just finished reading Jim's book on Dry Washers. I thought I would be able to use one, and was shopping. After reading the book and checking my area. I see that even at the dryest the material is too wet for dry washing. Thanks Jim for all the good info. Live long and Prosper
  4. Some Meteorites have metal in them some donot. So no metal no signal from a pinpointer or any other detector.
  5. I have the Garrett pin pointer and the Pistol Probe, We use them all the time. Someone who wouldn't use them hasn't had any experience's with them. I plan on getting the Minelab pin pointer too, soon. Last week I had 2 pans of black sand and gold setting out to dry in the sun. My wife came along and knocked them over while hangiing out some sheets. She spent some time on the ground with the pinpointers scraping up my GOLD!!
  6. Yeah, Glenn I hope you enjoy your new detector as much as I have enjoyed my GP3000.
  7. Billl: How about considering video taping your sessions and have DVD's for sale for those of us who will never get withing 1000 miles of Arizona?
  8. All: By all means take photo's to show the agencies what you came accross and what you did to clean it up.. When I was in the Backcountry Housemans group we cleaned up a lot of trash out of the forest, documenting this, and the hours spent was the only way of saving a lot of the trails that the inviros wanted us out of. If you don't have proof of your commitment to keep the area's cleaned up they will blame the mess on all of us..
  9. I was cold yesterday. 10 degrees here. Snow again today..
  10. Now that's worth knowing. :hmmmmm:
  11. Did you straighten your pull tabs? All mine are bent up!
  12. Looking for a market for used poptops.. :lol:
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