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  1. Yes Clay, it's melting it is then. I wasn't sure. Indeed, I'm trying to get more purity or as close to 24K as possible.
  2. Thanks for your replies. It's flour gold and small nuggets. No ore, just gold from Idaho, Alaska, Arizona, California, and some from Australia. Gold smelted into a 9.93 OZT bar.
  3. Hey all, I recently smelted and refined my gold into a gold bar. I used my newer electric furnace set at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. I let it smelt for about 30 minutes in a graphite crucible. Using equal amount of borax to gold ratio with adding a small amount of soda ash. Twice I refined and came up with a scratch test of about 16K gold after breaking off the slag and cleaning the bar into a nice shine through many different cleaning processes. Is there anything else can you suggest I add or refine differently to gain more purity. I do not want to go into various types of liquids. Just smelting and refining. I would appreciate any help. Thanks beforehand.--Jim
  4. No disrespect meant........... PVC boundary markers, then something else, now this? Yet clearly here prospecting/miner correlation. I feel as though I am walking into a lefty protest as of late with the typical restrictions rhetoric. In the distant past, I would unleash some couple hundred rounds of 45 cal. at my local firing range. It did the trick of ridding oneself of frustrations if that's the case. Just saying... Let's all chill out and enjoy life. Thanks to God for this precious gift of life for another day.
  5. Just to think.........In the early mining days, when a miner disrespected other miners, this is how they dealt with it. Happy Halloween! Vulture mine AZ. Hanging Tree
  6. If I had to define a liberal in one word it would be----"Restrictions". If a miner in that area has a beef with another miner there, then by all means do what you have to do. But to restrict everyone else who has a claim or not is wrong. That's an old historic road passing the Weaver cemetery and old post office back to the 1800's. Further up on the left fork passing by old crazy Willy's? shack and mine. Some beautiful mining history there. I wonder if a road could be declared historic by our government. Worst scenario that whole area being declared a wilderness area like the Superstitions. Then no one can mine or drive any motorized vehicle. But at least you will have foot access. Then that would fall on this greedy miner or company acting like a liberal. EEWW just mentioning that word gives me the creeps. Maybe I should give my buddy John a call (aka Senator John McCain) see what his thought's are. Jimmy
  7. Hey DOC, I'll go with the same number I picked on the AZO Forum #14---Thanks!
  8. Welcome Steve, it will be a pleasure reading your posts. Besides gold, I too enjoy collecting Civil War artifacts and the history. Especially to one particular revolver. Jimmy
  9. It's amazing how those little suckers can hide. Get them all Wade.
  10. Similar type sign was posted here in La Plata canyon outside of Durango, Colorado in the past. It turned out that it was unauthorized, placed by a group or person. Typical liberal movement here. If that sign at Lynx Creek or similar type were/are real, I would be concerned. With no specific info on exact location, it would be open to interpretation by an official. No to say that couldn't be fought in court due to being vague. Mike, if you are in Durango, Colorado on Sunday morning. There will be a car show and parade in town. I will be there with my ride. Jimmy
  11. I totally agree with John Hoser. Just to childish for me. At what point does it border a personality disorder. JMO
  12. The thing I like about this show is there is no million dollar investors or expensive machinery that breaks down. Sure there is some kind of drama for TV and these prospectors egos. But I can relate to prospecting at 12,200 feet above sea level and higher. For that is my prospecting playground. This is hard rock country. These prospectors just use hand tools that they carry in and out. Oxygen- that I wear at nighttime home at 6700' from my past exposure to 9/11 as an authorized WTC responder. I also have portable O2 tanks that I wear when up at this altitude. I turn the dial all the way up to five. Two is my nighttime lower elevation setting. You walk a few feet climbing at this altitude it's like a rock in your chest blocking air into your lungs. Small crystals- I find on the floor at times especially by mine sites. I have always given them away to kids. I will re-think that now! Weather- Once years ago in the lower town of Silverton 9300' it snowed on July 4th. When I'm higher up I often see storms come and go. I just wait in the jeep for it to pass then I'm right back out there exploring. There's a saying here in Colorado, if you don't like the weather wait five minutes. Temp's here in the southwest region often fluctuate 45 degrees within one day. It's layered clothing here in this weather extreme state. But for me there's nothing like prospecting above tree line. No people, trees, bushes, snakes, mountain lions, even bears won't venture this high up. It's just the snow that gets in the way until late summer. I hope I gave you all an insider look at things here. Prospect on--Jimmy
  13. Also how can one amendment (1st) should trump another amendment the (2nd).
  14. Taxes, penalties and royalty levy. May be or sound the same but not necessarily. Taxes are on goods sold. Penalties are fines for when and what you screw up on. Royalties are commissions, with a party (government in this case) as a silent partner. If our government will claim royalties after you pay your initial permit fee to mine/prospect whatever. Then our government will also assume partial liability and any reclamation costs in years to come AFTER you do not renew your permit. Here in Colorado we have acid drainage from mining years ago. Ground water pollution, deep holes, eroded holes in roadways. But people here are proactive. Enviromentalists, previous mine owners, our government, state, etc. Came together, and formed a stakeholders group. Where liability and reclamation costs is no longer an issue. They cleaned up that polluted land area in question to the best of a combined ability. So no more beuaratic (sp) bs. But oddly enough according to one of those stakeholders they cleaned that area in question by diluting the acid drainage by sending it downstream. Imo our government should think twice before they put their hands out.
  15. Adam, great pics on how mother nature reclaims itself. It makes you think how prospectors, old and new can never find that spot where they found or buried gold and treasure. Earth's ever changing geogrophy.
  16. Thanks for the nice pics Bill. I come across needle quartz and pyrite often only to discard. I wasn't aware there is a market for it. Along with chunks of proxymagnite (sp) aka rhodnite. I chipped some out of a interior hidden high mountain waterfall. Just to busy looking for gold all the time.
  17. The average person including myself are not familiar with the identification of meteorites. It takes certain skill through evaluation. What I read on another forum this new law falls under the Antiquities Act. Some local here in Colorado tried to include all dirt mountain roads to fall under this act as off limits to all vehicles. Does it not the interpertation of the Antiquities Act law is to protect national treasures belonging of that to the United States of America. Meteorites are space rocks totally alien not to just the USA but to planet Earth. Sounds like an arguement for a good upcoming lawyer to challenge in court. Just my two cents. Jim
  18. I received the GPS unit today. Thanks Skip and Bill. Jim
  19. Hey, thanks Skip, Bill, Steve and others. I Iost my old GPS unit a few years back. It was March in SW Colorado. I missed judged a turn thinking the snow was low on the narrow cliff road. It turned out I was in a mountain slide! With the bank some 1000 feet or more. My 4X4 was half hanging over the cliff. I stepped out reluctingly from the passenger side. Talking about a lifetime scare. Lost my GPS unit there. But it did come in handy on identifying my location. Made some good friends that day. Eventually I was pulled out by a tow truck that then got stuck. That's how remote the area was. No tow truck wanted to come up that way. They couldn't figure how I made it up that far. Climbing trees on the roadway and driving through mud and snow. Afterwards, it was beers, pizza, with my new buddies. Including the now off duty cop. It's a small town we even did some target shooting while up there. We didn't go on our separate ways until 1 AM. I learned that never drive over dirt roads covered in snow in the mountains. You don't know how deep it is or if ice is underneath it. Sorry for rambling on. Jim
  20. Hello Bill, My wild guess is 521g.
  21. I hope this does have a good public relations for prospecting. But on the down side I am not so gullable as some of your posts. What "if" this is a multi gay marriage honeymoon. These "gang bangers" might leave behind Coney Island whitefish (aka trojan bags) the area could be closed down as an infectious, medical disease, hazardous waste site. I hope there visit Gpaa members or not doesn't backfire. Funny but true.
  22. Hey Bill, You guys have mountains in AZ. Depending on how high, the mountains in Colorado are 15-30 degrees cooler. If you have mountains in gold country in which you do. Find some 4X4 roads and travel up there. If you don't find any gold, at least you will cool off. Take a picnic basket, and enjoy GOD's beautiful living room. Everything in life has it's good and bad points I always say. Seek out those good points and capitalize on them and enjoy! Jim
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