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  1. Hello I was looking for some Nepheline syenites , and it's sooo difficult trying to identify the rocks because they almost all look the same. It looks like its of feldspathic origin. I'd really appreciate it, Thanks!!
  2. Hi I just got my test kit and :(((( it has no nickel now it just got more confusing . do you guys have any idea of what it MIGHT be ? I also used the test kit on my sisters earring . it has nickel so I know I was doing it right. Any other suggestions ,tests more photos ? Regards Ruan
  3. Hi Iv'e also read that it gives people false signals , but if I understood correctly most of them said that it is almost too sensitive , so if it tests negative for nickel then it should contains ZERO amount of nickle . Iv'e also read on a couple places like, if the pink color fades after 5 minutes then there not enough nickle for meteoritic origin. But if it doesn't show any nickel then ill be totally stumped , then ill probably take it to a neighbor down our road who collects rocks and show it to him as he might now more of what type of rocks are in the area. There's also the Prairie Meteorite Search that comes through here and ill probably take it to them if they ever come by If all else fails ill have a good meteorwrong , iv'e learned more about meteorites and of whats a meteorite and a meteorwrong PS; the nickel test kit should arrive any day now , (it should have been here already but Canada Post is on strike ) Kind Regards Ruan
  4. Hi I have done the tests there is no fusion crust( but it could have weathered away ) the shape of it is kinda squarish It attracts a magnet VERY strongly I filed away a window as in the pictures I posted It's density is about 4 I cant see any Chondrules , Thumbprints I also cant see any rust which is about the determining point that it is not a meteorite , but it attracts a magnet, and a magnet attracts only iron , cobalt and nickel I don't think its iron because I can see No rust whatsoever And if its nickel thats evident to a meteorite . And im just pretty sure its not cobalt because it looks nothing like cobalt . when I found the 'rock' it was on the surface. I ordered the nickel test because i just want to know if it has nickel . I'm just very confused of what i't is?
  5. I'm starting to think it is native iron . if its not a meteorite:) any opinions? Here is a pic of native iron
  6. Thanks i also think saskachewan is like the best place in canada for meteorite hunting ill be looking for some sandy areas:)
  7. i live in Saskatchewan , there are also some sandy areas around here
  8. yeah i think im doing it was too hard but ive read on lots of web pages saying that lots of meteorites do leave strikes that it is just a very general rule
  9. the streak test is the only test it did not pass with flying colors so id it again and it left a light streak and i did the streak test with just normal iron spoon, knife and they also left a streak i think im doing it to hard because im pressing down pretty hard to get a streak and he streak test is just a very general rule and not reliable , i also think the streak test applys only to iron meteorites right?
  10. hi thanks for the link its great but i cant find a match its really confusing me too all i know its not common:) here are some pictures of meteorites that look REALLY similar Its the nearest thing i could find . Oh and i ordered a nickel test kit on the internet so i will know in about 5 days if it contains nickel Do you have ANy suggestion you think it MIGHT be? Thanks so much Ruan
  11. Hi i found this rock in a rock pile and i don't know what it is its attracted very strongly to a magnet ,its not very shiny ,it leaves a light grey streak its density is about 4 . i was looking for meteorites and i found it so i really want to know what this is. Ruan
  12. Oh thanks i though the fusion crust has a higher concentration of iron/nickle. thanks so where do you think i should go hunt probably where one was found like the iron one near me it was only 2.29 kilo but there could be more .it was found in the 1940's in a field by a farmer while harvesting . do think thats my best bet or look for a strewn field near me ? Thanks Ruan
  13. hi ive been looking in a grazing field for some time haven't found anything yet:( im thinking of buying a PI detector with a 8m perimeter universal coil that i can change into different sizes, for $570 , they probably wont find chondrites right unless they have a fresh fusion crust but will find stony-iron and iron meteorites, there is a place relatively close to us where a single 2.29kg iron meteorite was found . so there considerably greater chances of finding one there right ?
  14. Hello i dont yet have the plan for the search coil , still trying to figure out how to make one, but if you have a design or any idea on how to make one ill be VERY interested on how to make it, my other question is i believe a large search coil cannot detect smaller objects only larger and deeper , could there be a way to make a detector with a big search area and sensitivity for smaller meteorites
  15. Hello im new here and i just wanted to know where a good place is to hunt for meteorites , we are gonna move to saskatchewan prairies , its a semi-arid there , and the farmer who we know has lots of farming and grazing land for me to hunt on im planning to build a large search coil that i can pull on a pvc sled. so i guess my question is is it best to hunt on grazing or farming land , and im not going on any strewn field just going out to look for them and hopefully get lucky and what are the odds that there is meteorites on that field like per sq mile . im planing to grid it very carefully , and search through the farmers rock piles. thanks Ruan
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