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  1. Don't marry a Brazilian. For them BBQ is what you would define as grilling--- and is more about the social activities around it... Now, to avoid arguments, I call it cooking out.
  2. Sometimes, I miss that part of the world. Preparedness is key.
  3. I wrangle up several a week out at Wickenburg Ranch. Golfers are shocked I don't kill them--- ride them over to Martinez wash and let 'em go. City slickers are easily impressed and usually tip me just for the show.
  4. Glad your getting well. I could stand to lose a few pounds--- just don't want to use the 'rona to do it... Just got back to Wickenburg. My daughter wants to be on rifle team so she is going into public school. Family was in Brasil for several months. I went down for a few weeks. Stayed on Fazenda in Campo Algeria. Nice to be disconnected from the world. Last two weeks we were in Goiania to take care of some legal issue and we hoped to travel a bit--- but things were just not lining up. Take care of yourself.
  5. Little bit worried about Don. Phone number I had didn't work. Anybody heard from him outside of forum?
  6. Hope your doing ok Don. Was thinking about popping by--- but it is ( as you know ) bats**t crazy here in Goiania.
  7. Close. It is rum. In Brasil the number the brands. #9, 29, etc. 51 is regarded as the "best". It is straight up ethanol--- mix drinks, shots, hand sanitizer, fire starter and so much more....
  8. It was a quick trip under not so good circumstances ( death in wife's family). My presence was was mostly to make sure she and the kids could get out--- very strict laws about only one parent leaving with kids. Had to come back earlier than planned as my nephew was killed in a car crash in Georgia. I do miss this time of year down there--- just too hot here in Wickenburg to go beeping...
  9. That's the way to do it--- especially now , I just flew out of Brasilia last week and the Federal Police gave me a going over like I've never had in last 14 years.
  10. Sometimes "horsing" around isn't what it means.
  11. I like the heat. No utv's. No RV desparado. I guess it is a little risky being out by myself but, I have no friends, therefore no choice the gold calls me...
  12. Miss those days. Sure the gold was small but there was nothing better than the cold water in the middle of August. A break for a few brewskis and a nap under an oak...
  13. That's good stuff. Best of all no payments! Have a pow wow about what a big deal that is ---setting aside a few hundred bucks monthly as if she did have payments will put her way ahead of the game.
  14. Put your birthday suit on and go swimming!
  15. True---honey bees whether European or African are not native to the Americas. They are a big pollenater now but many species of native bees have gone extinct because of them. The vanilla bean bee is an example. Now, all vanilla orchard must be hand pollenated.
  16. Thanx AuSeeker. Wet and soggy here in Wickenburg. Spent the day indoors--- my little girl has same B-Day so we baked sweets all day...
  17. My liver will be processing some hooch tonight. I have a green house---grow it , pick it, eat it. But just because it's natural is not always the best. Uranium, nightshshade and Stavesacre are natural.
  18. My Latino wife and half breed kids have more smarts than to swallow the kool-aid.
  19. Sad state of this Representative Republic when these are what we have to choose from. Moses warned us...
  20. Looks like ex girlfriend's chastity belt...
  21. If that is original casing then it probably just looks small----as they dig deeper to WT they may just be dumping dirt as they go, building up around rim. They did that when the built my septic tanks at chacara. Hey Don---those islands must really be getting exposed now.
  22. Here"s to a cattle ear tag at 6".
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