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  1. It was a quick trip under not so good circumstances ( death in wife's family). My presence was was mostly to make sure she and the kids could get out--- very strict laws about only one parent leaving with kids. Had to come back earlier than planned as my nephew was killed in a car crash in Georgia. I do miss this time of year down there--- just too hot here in Wickenburg to go beeping...
  2. That's the way to do it--- especially now , I just flew out of Brasilia last week and the Federal Police gave me a going over like I've never had in last 14 years.
  3. Sometimes "horsing" around isn't what it means.
  4. True---honey bees whether European or African are not native to the Americas. They are a big pollenater now but many species of native bees have gone extinct because of them. The vanilla bean bee is an example. Now, all vanilla orchard must be hand pollenated.
  5. Looks like ex girlfriend's chastity belt...
  6. If that is original casing then it probably just looks small----as they dig deeper to WT they may just be dumping dirt as they go, building up around rim. They did that when the built my septic tanks at chacara. Hey Don---those islands must really be getting exposed now.
  7. Here"s to a cattle ear tag at 6".
  8. Malucos cut you off and surround you. Getting back to car/hotel is dicey. Plus the beaches are really trashy. They bring everything into the beach and just leave the trash where it falls. My beach experience was in Macieo---more of a non international beach. Rio may be slightly better beacause of that. I believe Garimpo beeped in Rio years ago. Said trick was to watch during the day and see the spots where They got all greased up then return later. I suspect he liked doing "research".
  9. F-22 we're active today. Sometimes that's all it takes.
  10. Funny thing gold fever is... My girl always wants to go out with me. My boy never took interest untill he saw. Others using detectors at the last outing. Biggest problem with prospectors tends to be prospectors. Weird is normal. Unfortunately, surly is also normal.
  11. Last few weeks of good hunting weather--- folks out getting gold? I've always been curious about the amount of people that sign up compared to active posters.
  12. It is more mobile friendly.
  13. Since my family and I are eatin' and running I tought I should bring a some beer to keep the crowds happy. Any particular brands that are the popular type for this part of the world?. I'll bring along bag of charcoal to help the cause.
  14. What's the timeline for Saturday's cook out? Not able to camp so will be coming out in soccer van--- let the kids run around a but and meet in greet. The better half doesn't do well with groups of people so I'll be nursing that defunction. I'm guessing three will be lots of bean dishes so I'll bring some pies or some such. .
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