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  1. Aiken, SC. Between Augusta, Georgia and Columbia, SC.
  2. Wondering if there is any notable gold bearing areas in South Carolina that anyone knows of? Looks like I will be moving back there in the next couple of months and I'm hoping to be able to continue my gold prospecting... as well as start doing some coin and relic hunting. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Wow, that's not very good now is it? My volume control doesn't work, limiter switch doesn't work, and one headphone cup is black and the other is green. Was able to get a hold of the main distributor for the US and he told me that there was definitely something not right about them. Thank you for the email address. Much appreciated.
  4. Does anyone know an actual way to contact DetectorPro for a warranty issue? I have called their number multiple times and left detailed voicemail messages, as well as several emails describing an issue I have with a brand new pair of Black Widow headphones, and have not received a single response in almost 2 wks time. Not sure if some are going to say that that's not enough time... that I should be more patient...but I feel even a short response acknowledging receipt of my complaint isn't too much to ask just so I know things are going to move forward. And just in case some are wondering, taking them back to the dealer really isn't an option since I bought them while on a detecting trip and the dealer is almost 300 miles away...lol. TIA
  5. Hi Boogfhu, It only has the one 11" round stock coil.
  6. Not much to look at, but this is my haul from my last few trips to Gold Basin. Haven't bothered weighing any of it, but I love the color...lol. The two pieces at 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock positions are quartz specimens with very small gold in them. Nothing big yet, but going to keep trying and digging! Still trying to figure out the 4500 settings. Grabbed a used Coiltek Goldstalker 14x9 Blitz coil and found the smallest guy in the pic with it. He is about half the size of a grain of rice. I know, I should have used a coin or something for size comparison...lol.
  7. That's the exact same two detectors I use, Unc. Wouldn't give up the GM1000 for anything. Still trying to get the settings right for the 4500.
  8. Hello everyone, a very good friend of mine has a complete Minelab SD2100 (the green one) set up that he is looking to get rid of, but has no clue what they are worth. So I figured I would ask the experts here what their thoughts are! He recently bought a GPZ7000 and wants to either sell his SD2100 or trade it for a new GM1000. He has all stock gear with it and an extra battery and everything functions perfectly. What are y'alls thoughts? Any and all suggestions/comments welcome. Thank you in advance.
  9. Thank you, Ron. Right about the time we figured out we were in the wrong place it was time for us to go. Ran across a couple of young guys with a broke down quad so we pulled them out of the river bottom and gave then some cold water. .After that, it was time to begin our 6 hour trip home. Jrdemaris gave us a hand with some directions, but the drive to the spot y'all are talking about was another 40 minutes from where we were and we just didn't have the time. There's always next time! 😉👍
  10. We hit the area south of the 10 near the Plamosa placers. Struck out. So decided to try to get to W'berg and the LSD Wash. Never hunted there before so went where we "thought" was the right place. WWAAYY OFF! Going east on the 60 wh turned right on W Gates Rd. Went down the road/hill until we crossed a wide waterway. Not sure that we were in the right place though. Thinking of hitting the other side of the 10 right now on the way back.
  11. Just saw your post with the number right now. Going to be making the call in a minute or two.
  12. Thank you for the reply. It doesn't really even have to be IN Wickenberg. Somewhere close would be fine as well. I didn't see a number, sir!
  13. So, on a whim, me and a friend decided to take a day trip to wickenberg from southern California to try and detect for some gold. At this point we are in Quartzsite and still a couple hours from wickenberg. We would be forever grateful if someone would give us a generalized DECENT area to detect. I know it's a lot to ask. We're not asking for secret spots (unless you WANT to give one up...lol), just somewhere with a pretty good chance of finding something yellow. Thank you in advance.
  14. How about this....I would like to trade this detector for a new set of Black Widow headphones and a new Minelab pinpointer.
  15. I would love to help you, but I 4am wondering the same thing. I have a LOT of hits that do the left-then-right thing. I usually just dig it when it does that... and it always turns out to be trash. I don't want to walk away because each target could be "the one". I have laid small nuggets on the ground and swing over them and they sound the same as every lead bullet that I dig. I'm anxiously awaiting the responses to this thread.
  16. Man, that must be nice. My lady would NEVER go detecting with me. Good luck out there.
  17. Up for sale is a used, but in good working condition, Minelab Eureka Gold detector. The sale includes the detector, a used stock coil with no skid plate, A BRAND NEW IN THE PLASTIC stock coil with skid plate, a used stock 12V AA Battery Pack, A BRAND NEW IN THE PLASTIC stock 12V AA Battery Pack, Koss headphones, camo control box cover, and a Minelab carry bag. The unit does NOT have the rechargeable battery pack. The two holding tabs broke off of it, and since I'm selling the unit Idecided to just add another new AA Battery Pack. If interested call or text me at 909-730-9220. I am located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Asking for $375 or best offer. Also willing to trade for a new, or like new, NuggetFinder 14x9 Evo Coil with skid plate or gold nuggets equaling value.
  18. Congratulations, Kyle. Don't matter how small it is as long as it's yellow.
  19. Steve, seeing the gold you got from up there really got my blood pumping...lol. I figured that with the new 4500, and being in an area where I knew gold was found, that we (myself and the rest of the gang 😁) would have a really good chance at finding something. I even made it a point to slow my swing speed down, take half steps to ensure I was covering the most ground, and dig every single target. And here I am, 3 days later, and I still can't hold a glass for long because my hands hurt so badly. Looking forward to hunting with you too, bro. Let's make it happen 😁😊
  20. I definitely don't plan on giving up this time. I haven't found gold that wasn't "planted" in a very long time and I won't stop until I do. The funny thing is... every time I go out I think to myself exactly what Kyle says..."this is the day I being home some yellow stuff", but that yellow stuff usually ends up being pollen. LOL. I completely agree with FrankC about moving on. It would really be nice to find somewhere to go to that WASN'T covered in trash, but the reality is that it is EXTREMELY difficult to find places out here that is clear of that kind of stuff. I'm sure they are out there. I just have to find them. 😊😉
  21. Well, I received my GPX4500 last week and met up with DolanDave and his awesome dad here in Southern California for a hunt on Saturday morning. We were in the vicinity of Randsburg in what "looked" like very good gold-bearing ground. This is also an area where a lot of gold has been found in the past. Dave and his dad got there Friday and spent a lot of the day detecting the area before I met up with them. So, I get a text from Dave Friday evening that says the following: "Went out at randsburg today, really disappointed, couldn't walk 5 feet without hitting bullet, this place is a war zone" I felt bad for him because I know exactly how he felt. There are literally MILLIONS of bullets littering this desert out here. I mean, you can drive 7 miles off the paved road into the middle of nowhere on a mountaintop (like we did on Saturday) and dig. 22 shells/projectiles as much as a foot deep. I climbed to the top of a hill that had to be 100 foot tall, got a signal, dug down about 8", and found a staple (the kind for papers). I recall Dave telling me that in Arizona and Nevada it's not near as bad, and that this would be his last trip out here because of it. As if the ungodly amounts of bullets wasn't bad enough, we were digging up nuts, bolts, spark plugs, lead bird-shot, and lots of other garbage. As bad as I felt for what they were going through, and even myself on Saturday, it kind of gave me a little bit of validation for all of my frustration over the years. I know a lot of folks say that you have to just keep going and dig everything, but I wonder if those people have ever literally dug over 100+ bullets EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY GO OUT? It is definitely hard to keep the motivation there when you are running into bullets and other garbage literally every 3 to feet apart. All in all, I had a great time and I'm looking forward to hunting these to gentleman again in the future.
  22. Can anyone tell me, by these pictures, what type of stone this is? Kind of looks like quartz to me, but when picking it up it feels real chalky. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi Fred, your memory is absolutely correct. I went through a lot of stuff that didn't help me one bit... because I didn't know how and where to use them. After reading everybody's replies to my recent questions I have decided that, like you mentioned, I am only going to incorporate 3 coils (technically 4 because of the 2 stock coils). Rob was awesome enough to have a NuggetFinder Sadie coil drop-shipped to me which I received today. So, in addition to those 3 coils, I want to EVENTUALLY add a large elliptical coil to the arsenal. But until that happens I will spend as much time as I can using and learning my machine.
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