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  1. Well, I received my GPX4500 last week and met up with DolanDave and his awesome dad here in Southern California for a hunt on Saturday morning. We were in the vicinity of Randsburg in what "looked" like very good gold-bearing ground. This is also an area where a lot of gold has been found in the past. Dave and his dad got there Friday and spent a lot of the day detecting the area before I met up with them. So, I get a text from Dave Friday evening that says the following: "Went out at randsburg today, really disappointed, couldn't walk 5 feet without hitting bullet, this place is a war zone" I felt bad for him because I know exactly how he felt. There are literally MILLIONS of bullets littering this desert out here. I mean, you can drive 7 miles off the paved road into the middle of nowhere on a mountaintop (like we did on Saturday) and dig. 22 shells/projectiles as much as a foot deep. I climbed to the top of a hill that had to be 100 foot tall, got a signal, dug down about 8", and found a staple (the kind for papers). I recall Dave telling me that in Arizona and Nevada it's not near as bad, and that this would be his last trip out here because of it. As if the ungodly amounts of bullets wasn't bad enough, we were digging up nuts, bolts, spark plugs, lead bird-shot, and lots of other garbage. As bad as I felt for what they were going through, and even myself on Saturday, it kind of gave me a little bit of validation for all of my frustration over the years. I know a lot of folks say that you have to just keep going and dig everything, but I wonder if those people have ever literally dug over 100+ bullets EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY GO OUT? It is definitely hard to keep the motivation there when you are running into bullets and other garbage literally every 3 to feet apart. All in all, I had a great time and I'm looking forward to hunting these to gentleman again in the future.
  2. Can anyone tell me, by these pictures, what type of stone this is? Kind of looks like quartz to me, but when picking it up it feels real chalky. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Fred, your memory is absolutely correct. I went through a lot of stuff that didn't help me one bit... because I didn't know how and where to use them. After reading everybody's replies to my recent questions I have decided that, like you mentioned, I am only going to incorporate 3 coils (technically 4 because of the 2 stock coils). Rob was awesome enough to have a NuggetFinder Sadie coil drop-shipped to me which I received today. So, in addition to those 3 coils, I want to EVENTUALLY add a large elliptical coil to the arsenal. But until that happens I will spend as much time as I can using and learning my machine.
  4. I have been looking around YouTube and other sites trying to get some comparisons between the Advantage and the Evolution coils to no avail. Looking at a couple of dealers sites both models still run pretty much the same price. With the Evo being the new line, shouldn't the Advantage line drop in price? What is the biggest differences between the two? TIA
  5. Adam, just an FYI, I personally never took anything you said as a shot against me. Just want you to know that! I am hoping to make it to the outing, but that will depend on whether or not we are forced to work overtime. Thanks for the offer to chat. If I can't take you up on it this time, I will certainly be happy to talk with you at another outing.... or on here! Whichever you prefer.
  6. Thanks guys. I will just go ahead keep the Eureka. I paid $240 for the coil and the battery pack, so selling it for any less would be basically giving the detector away for free with the new items. Guess it never hurts to have too much than not enough. 😊😁👍
  7. Fred, I was detecting in another area that day and found this on the way out at the end of the day. I had a 3 hour drive home so unfortunately I didn't have the time to swing. I was literally only there long enough to snap a few pics and off I went. But it looked good, and after a little research today found that gold has been found within a half mile of this area, so hoping for a good outcome once the 4500 gets here. 😁
  8. Thank you guys. I will definitely look into that.
  9. I have an area I found that I am interested in hunting based on what little I know about where to find gold. These are pictures of the ground in the area that to me look real promising. There is this type of ground for at least a couple of square miles... literally... and the soil is a reddish color, broken iron-stained quartz everywhere, many contact zones where the quartz veins meet schist, desert trumpet plants all over, and a few old tailings here and there. What do you guys think? Would you hunt the area? I know it may be hard to tell just by these pics, but just want an idea.
  10. Ok, so, since I only have one classified find listed in the MetBul, I'm by no means an expert on the subject. I have spent the last 45 minutes reading this thread. Dr. Rubin classified my find, and it was registered into the MetBul in about 3 months. We are almost 7 months (I think) into this topic and I'm blown away that there has been no update from Rocky on his classification process! Anyone know what REALLY came of this find?
  11. I have a Minelab Eureka Gold detector that I am trying to get rid of and would like some opinions on whether what I am asking for is reasonable. My Eureka comes with the detector, the Koss headphones, two 12V battery packs (one used and one new in plastic), two stock 10x5 coils (one used and one new in plastic), a Minelab carry bag, and a neoprene camo control box cover. I am asking for $500 or best offer OR trade for either a Gold Screamer Power Pack System for a GPX or a NuggetFinder Evo 14x9 coil with skid plate for a GPX. Another thing I'm contemplating is doing a straight across trade for a gold nugget dollar-for-dollar value. So, what would be a fair size nugget to trade for? I would really prefer a solid nugget instead of a specimen, but if I did consider a specimen I would like it to have enough gold value to match my asking price. Please share you thoughts or ideas.
  12. Good morning, Kyle. Yes, it is very easy to get addicted to this hobby. I first started on these forums, and detecting, probably 8 or 9 years ago. Bought a 5000 from Rob Allison with a crap load of accessories, used it for almost a year and got frustrated and sold it. After that I bought a Eureka Gold (same situation), then a X-Terra 705 Gold Pack (same situation), then a Whites GMT (same situation), then a SE Pro (same situation), then a Gold Bug Pro (same situation), then a Gold Bug 2 (same situation), then ANOTHER 5000 and kept that one until I went through my divorce 4 years ago and had to sell it. So, after all the times I got frustrated for not finding anything, here I am the owner of a Gold Monster, a Eureka Gold, with a 4500 due to be delivered on Tuesday! It is hard to go away and stay gone. This time, even if I get frustrated, I'm NOT selling off the detectors though. I always come back to the hobby so why have to start over every time? I WAS a little concerned with the whole modding thing because of warranty service and all, but only considered it after watching some of Woody's YouTube videos. My problem has always been, and still is, getting in the right place to get the coil over gold. Plus, sometimes I just get fed up with digging up bullets and aluminum foil and just throw in the towel for the day. I know digging trash is part of the game, but it really blows my mind when I find bullets, aluminum foil, pellets from pellet guns, paper staples and such after hiking 2 or 3 miles into nowhere to hunt. I just need to really put some effort into learning where to look for gold. I guess at this point a modded detector would just help me find more trash...lol.
  13. Is this still available? Have a friend who might be interested.
  14. I agree wholeheartedly, good sir! ☺ May I pose another question..... There was a mention in an earlier response to buy the 4500 and have it modded. Is Peter Woodland still doing mods on the 4500's? Who would be the I've to mod it and what is the average cost to have it done? Obviously having the mod done would void the warranty, so is the trade-off of losing the warranty for the modification truly worth it?
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