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  1. Selling my Minelab GM1000 with extras. Bought new from Doc in February of 2019. Used but in very good condition. Just found out that my fiance and I are in a great position to buy our first home, so my hobbies have to take a seat on the back burner for quite some time while we save up for a down payment. This setup comes with the detector with the 2 coils, Doc's display and armrest cover, 2 plastic scoops, rechargeable battery, AA battery pack, all chargers and parts, Bunks hermit pick, Minelab carry bag, Minelab headphones for the GM1000, a pair of Monster brand headphones (not pictured), Doc's pick and scoop holder with belt, and some white electrical tape to seal out dirt between the coil and cover. Asking for $700. I'm willing to ship but you will be responsible for the shipping cost. I live in Southern California so I'm willing to meet within 50 miles of Rancho Cucamonga. I DO NOT USE PAYPAL.... but I do have Zelle or am willing to work out any other form of payment. PayPal screwed me out of almost $800, so I refuse to use them again. Cash on meeting is always accepted as well. Thank you for looking.
  2. Thank you. Thinking of dropping the price by $100 just to get rid of it. 😁
  3. I have a chance to pick up a SE Pro for $500 or but a new 800. Thoughts?
  4. I am selling a gently used Minelab GPX4500. It has both stock 11" coils, a 14x9 Goldstalker Blitz Mono coil, a NuggetFinder 8x6 Sadie Coil, extra lower shaft, black widow headphones, one of DOC's digging picks, plastic scoop, chargers, AZO Control Box cover, and a Minelab carry bag. Bought in April of 2019 and still has warranty left. Asking for $2000 or best offer for everything. Will post pictures later.
  5. Bill, thank you so much for the reply. Your words helped a great deal in my decision on which attachments to get. I will be headed out tomorrow to get some of the items as I want to use this camera during my training with Mike next weekend. Sorry we won't be able to meet up, though. Thinking we will spend the day Saturday training and then head to Quartzsite or somewhere else in the westerly direction on Sunday on our way home.
  6. Hello all, So, I just received a GoPro Hero 8 as an early Christmas gift and was wondering if some of you could share your techniques on using these cameras for detecting? I would like to use it to record my detecting adventures, but not too sure on where to mount it. For those of you that use them, do you wear them on your body (chest mount or headband)? Do you mount it on your detector shaft? If so, is there a specific attachment you use? Or do you just break it out when you dig up a target? This is my first GoPro ever so this is all new to me. Would love to hear any suggestions or opinions!
  7. I have decided to sell my drywasher in order to pick up a Equinox 800. This unit has been used less than 10 times and is in excellent condition and runs great. I have found that I don't enjoy throwing dirt into this thing as much as I used to. Really just want to focus on detecting. Asking for $750 or trade for a Equinox 800. If doing a trade I would appreciate if the machine was in excellent condition as well. I am also willing to add a little bit of cash to the deal if the 800 is brand new. I will be in the LSD/Wickenberg area on the 14th and 15th of December, so I can bring it with me on that weekend. I am located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Contact me at chris_coffee@san.rr.com or 909-730-9220.
  8. Aiken, SC. Between Augusta, Georgia and Columbia, SC.
  9. Wondering if there is any notable gold bearing areas in South Carolina that anyone knows of? Looks like I will be moving back there in the next couple of months and I'm hoping to be able to continue my gold prospecting... as well as start doing some coin and relic hunting. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Wow, that's not very good now is it? My volume control doesn't work, limiter switch doesn't work, and one headphone cup is black and the other is green. Was able to get a hold of the main distributor for the US and he told me that there was definitely something not right about them. Thank you for the email address. Much appreciated.
  11. Does anyone know an actual way to contact DetectorPro for a warranty issue? I have called their number multiple times and left detailed voicemail messages, as well as several emails describing an issue I have with a brand new pair of Black Widow headphones, and have not received a single response in almost 2 wks time. Not sure if some are going to say that that's not enough time... that I should be more patient...but I feel even a short response acknowledging receipt of my complaint isn't too much to ask just so I know things are going to move forward. And just in case some are wondering, taking them back to the dealer really isn't an option since I bought them while on a detecting trip and the dealer is almost 300 miles away...lol. TIA
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