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  1. How long did it take you to get enough to pour it into the bar??
  2. I would like to ask a few questions if someone is available. Thanks Tim
  3. Which metal detector do you use and if you have a screen with a VDI how does one react to a metal detector? Are all of you guys out in the western US who look for meteorites on a regular basis? I live here in Middle Tennessee and I know 2 guys who have found a meteorite just wlking the banks of rivers and creeks. I am fixing to start looking in the large pastures and fields here and see what I may run across. Sorry if I am bringing up an old topic but just curious what you guys do. I know alot of people out west just take and surface hunt with a magnet on the end of a stick. But who or is ther
  4. I guess the odds are against it being a meteorite since I have tried the scratch test again on the window I opened up. Leaves a light graphite colored mark on ceramic. Yes it does seem to be pourous on the interior of the piece from what small area I opened up. Still might try and cut it in half if I get a chance and see what going on in there. Tim
  5. I have a buddy here in town that is a jeweler. He may have something to cut it in half with. Maybe if I get a chance I will take it to him this week and we will see. It would be something if it was one. I always wanted to find one, Tim
  6. Yes I found that out after I posted it!!! LOL!! sorry guys, Tim
  7. First of all hello everyone, I new to this forum and my name is Tim and I live in middle Tennessee. I found this in my back yard where some water washed away some soil the other day. I put it in my pocket thinking it was obsidian and was going to clen it up later. After cleaning it I noticed it was not obsidian but totally different from anything I have ever found before. I decided to try a magnet on it and it sticks to it very well. I tried a scratch test and it leaves a gray pencil colored type mark on ceramic. I filed away a small spot on it after I took pics and it is the same metallic
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