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  1. Spot price is now over $1600. Are people so worried about the economy that the US Dollar is now headed for the Critical Care ward? Mike
  2. Looks like it worked well! Congrats on the nice color, too! I watched the video as well. What camera did you shoot that with? Mike
  3. Cottonwood Cove was a special place to go when I was young. Starting back about 1972 we would drop the boat in at Cottonwood, load it up with a weeks worth of camping gear and then make our way upriver (uplake, actually) about 5 miles and camp out in the wilds. We would beach the boat way up in one of the deep coves, and make camp. We went for a week every Easter and Thanksgiving for many years, and even kept a boat in Searchlight. Haven't been there since 1987, but I've heard it's changed a great deal. That was a good sized rattler, sure would have got my attention, too Mike
  4. A young Muslim kid can't find his mother in the supermarket. The store attendant says 'What does your mother look like?' The kid says “How should I know?” :ph34r2: :hahaha: :ph34r2:
  5. If you are detecting in open fields and a T-storm blows in, odds are you would be heading for the car before the rain arrived. Best suggestion is don't walk in a lightning storm with the detector propped over your shoulder or held up in the air. Lightning usually takes the fastest way to ground...just make sure that's not through you.. Mike
  6. Next time you come up I'll bring both the A51 and modified A52. I believe the larger one does a better job with capturing fine stuff, but either one will certainly suffice. If it's not too hot, I'm heading back there on Saturday to check out those areas on the lower part of the bar. Mike
  7. It was a pleasure meeting you both. We all had a killer breakfast, and then had a great day on the river... Was that the gold from your EZ sluice? Some of those chunks look pretty big for Nooksack flood gold, so we were definitely in the paysteak on that bar. That last spot we were working looked like it had some promise, and we should spend a day working that after your vacation.. Give my best to your fiancee; it's easy to see that you two are going to have some great prospecting adventures in the future. Mike
  8. Here's a couple more for ya Terry:
  9. Rained all morning, and topped out at 68º today, but we're hoping for 75º tomorrow. Hottest I've ever been was 123º in Searchlight Nev. back about '84. We were camping upriver from Cottonwood Cove, and it was so hot we broke camp and headed off to the Searchlight Nugget. Back then it was about the only place to go with air conditioning and where we could stay for awhile, but it was a drive up from Cottonwood. Mike
  10. Ouch.. Not quite, but close. I'll be a whopping 52 effective this weekend. My horse was reserved for the places the trucks wouldn't/couldn't go. No diesel Tundra's here in the US (that I know of). The little 4.7 V8 does a righteous job though, and has never once let me down. It's an '03, and just barely has 115k on her now, so the motor's just barely broken in. BTW, that bridge top looks passable, but did you get a good look at the pilings and framework before you got brave and crossed it? (that sweet looking stream got me to slobbering all over the keyboard...need a fix, so it's a good thing I'm going sluicing tomorrow with Denny!) Mike
  11. I've never been without a 4x4 since I was 18, and have had 5 Chevy's, a '91 4x4 Ford Ranger, 2 Dodges and one Toyota. The Tundra beats them all, hands down. Better ride, better handling and unquestionable dependability. Mike
  12. That's not just you Frank. I don't know a thing about dimethylglyozime, but my guess is there's a few here of the same mind regarding "government agencies and city people", me included. Mike
  13. Bit of research shows that Pine Tar was (and still is) used in roofing in some places: http://www.schwedischer-farbenhandel.de/online/templatemedia/all_lang/resources/auson_produktbroschyr_eng.pdf I do think this is a much different product than the pine pitch I used to gather for my firestarters. Still, I wouldn't have believed it unless I read it myself. :zapped: Mike
  14. I used to gather pine pitch, mix it with heavy sawdust, then mold it into pieces about the size of breakfast sausages. Made for a hellofa firestarter, even in bad weather, as once you got it burning it would stay lit and burn hot for long enough to get a decent fire going. Don't know anything about roofing, but would sure hate to have that stuff as part the roof over my head. If it was to catch fire you would play he11 putting it out. :twocents: Mike
  15. President Obama decrees that the Rules of Golf must be changed. New Federal Golf Rules Since these new golf rules will be in effect in April of 2011, please share with fellow golfers. New Federal Government Golf Rules President BHO has recently appointed a Golf Czar and major rule changes in the game of golf will become effective in April 2011. This is only a preview as the complete rule book (expect 2000 pages) is being rewritten as we speak. Here are a few of the changes. Golfers with handicaps: - below 10 will have their green fees increased by 35%. - between 11 and 18 will see no increase in green fees. - above 18 will get a $20 check each time they play. The term "gimmie" will be changed to "entitlement" and will be used as follows: - handicaps below 10, no entitlements. - handicaps from 11 to 17, entitlements for putter length putts. - handicaps above 18, if your ball is on green, no need to putt, just pick it up. These entitlements are intended to bring about fairness and, most importantly, equality in scoring. In addition, a Player will be limited to a maximum of one birdie or six pars in any given 18-hole round. Any excess must be given to those fellow players who have not yet scored a birdie or par. Only after all players have received a birdie or par from the player actually making the birdie or par, can that player begin to count his pars and birdies again. The current USGA handicap system will be used for the above purposes, but the term "net score" will be available only for scoring those players with handicaps of 18 and above. This is intended to "re-distribute" the success of winning by making sure that in every competition, the above 18 handicap players will post only "net score" against every other player's gross score. These new Rules are intended to CHANGE the game of golf. Golf must be about Fairness. It should have nothing to do with ability, hard work, practice,, and responsibility. This is the "Right thing to do." ********************************
  16. Denny, The water level has dropped at the spot I go to, so we can get in there now. If you are available this coming Sat. we could meet for breakfast and then get some color in that sluice of yours. I PM'd you my number, so give me a call and we'll cover the details. Mike
  17. This is a product that, if I owned a 4500 or 5000 I would take advantage of. Being 100% deaf in one ear and having limited hearing in the other means that when metal detecting you take every advantage you can get to increase the sounds of the machine. This might allow some to use a detector that otherwise would be left out. :twocents:
  18. Found a free online eBook version of the "Hunting with the Bow and Arrow" by Saxton Pope. Amazing the technology we have today. Thought you might appreciate reading through it. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Hunting with the Bow and Arrow, by Saxton Pope Another good one is "Witchery of Archery" by Maurice Thompson. He and his brother were huge archery buffs, and in part they were the fire that got people started using archery equipment for sport hunting. The complete text of Witchery of Archery is also available on-line for free: The Witchery of Archery Both Pope and Thompson are the real deal, and are superb storytellers as well. Enjoy.. :glass: Mike
  19. Bob, Ishi is a real legend among primitive archers, and although I've read a number of books about him the one I liked best would have to be "Hunting with the bow & arrow" by Saxton Pope. Ishi was somewhat "discovered" by Saxton Pope and Art Young (aka: Pope and Young Club for archery records), who were doctors in Ishi's era. I have a copy of that book in my collection, and it is definitely one of the most treasured. http://www.stickbow.com/FEATURES/HISTORY/DrPope.CFM Yep, loads of history there. Glad you and Jim had a good visit! Mike
  20. There once was a scoundrel named Weiner Who had a very perverted demeanor Forced from the Hill For acting like Bill Now Congress is one wiener leaner
  21. Yes, we've determined that it is melted glass, and was probably made using old green glass crab pot and fishing net floats that were melted down. Why they did it is a question for another day. Mike
  22. As I walked over to my neighbors I could see the crowded porch, meaning that a meeting of the CCOBS (Concrete Cranky Old Bastards Society) was in progress. With all the [wasted] years of wisdom present, we decided apply our cumulative knowledge to the problem. Our final verdict was that the object was made up of melted net floats. Scratch test came up with no color at all. Back before plastic, they used glass balls as floats for fishing nets, marking crab pots, etc. An old fisherman among CCOBS members pointed this out to Phil and I just before he asked why we were lugging around a 20# chunk of molten crab float... Now, how/who melted them is another question that we'll never know the answer to, right along with how the heck the oversized paperweight wound up down in that deep ravine. :eee: Few more pics: We do appreciate all the helpful input, 'cause now Phil will quit walking around bragging that he had found a bowling ball sized Emerald. :hahaha: Mike
  23. Glass slag may be a very reasonable description, and thank you to Homefire for providing the helpful data that obsidian wouldn't have the million bubbles..cause this thing is full of 'em. This was found creekside in a somewhat settled area here in WA. There are properties bordering the creek, but the nearest buildings are 200-300 yds. distant from where this was found. From what my neighbor described, it was pretty much a nightmare hacking their way through the blackberries to get down to the creek, and it was in a narrow gully. If he's home tomorrow I'll try a streak test and see what comes up, and I also plan to knock off a chunk or five that I can use to try my hand at knapping some larger pieces. Can't imagine where a chunk of glass this big would have gotten into that ravine, and from where it would have come. Still, that makes the most sense at this point. I'll get some more pics and a streak test and hopefully that will let us better determine it's true ID. Thanks for all the great input. Mike
  24. A friend of mine found this last Sat. while prospecting a local creek, an has asked me to help him identify the substance. It was mixed among the river rocks that were lining the creekbed. It is transparent enough to shine a flashlight or blacklight into and see the glow on the opposite side (about 9" across): Here is a blacklight and regular flashlight shining through: The substance has a deep green color to it, and there are many small bubbles inside. I haven't tried to flake off any of the material, but it looks like it would be very good for knapping. He also found this odd material that appears to be somewhat fossilized, and includes what appears like quartz material embedded in the stone: Any thoughts? Dizz
  25. ELD, even you will have to admit it...that right there is just plain funny.... Mike
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