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  1. A young Muslim kid can't find his mother in the supermarket. The store attendant says 'What does your mother look like?' The kid says “How should I know?” :ph34r2: :hahaha: :ph34r2:
  2. Here's a couple more for ya Terry:
  3. President Obama decrees that the Rules of Golf must be changed. New Federal Golf Rules Since these new golf rules will be in effect in April of 2011, please share with fellow golfers. New Federal Government Golf Rules President BHO has recently appointed a Golf Czar and major rule changes in the game of golf will become effective in April 2011. This is only a preview as the complete rule book (expect 2000 pages) is being rewritten as we speak. Here are a few of the changes. Golfers with handicaps: - below 10 will have their green fees increased by 35%. - between 11 and 18 will see no incre
  4. There once was a scoundrel named Weiner Who had a very perverted demeanor Forced from the Hill For acting like Bill Now Congress is one wiener leaner
  5. For her teeth or yours? :zapped:
  6. Great pics Don..WOW..that is one big lizard! Bit of checking says that the images are genuine but they were taken separately. Then someone put them together and created the story about Texas Power & Light. Don't really care who took the pics, I hate rattlers and oversized lizards equally. If a tornado came by I think it could suck you out of that pipe just like a soda through a straw, but, it's probably better than being out in the open when that twister rolls by! Mike
  7. Dizzy


    That's one lucky SOB..couple feet either way and his day might not have ended quite so well.. Mike
  8. Lanny, I just spent the best part of my morning reading this thread...you Sir are one great storyteller! You are saving all these articles/stories to combine into at least one book, right? All the best to you, and I look forward with anticipation of the tales your future ramblings may hold! Mike
  9. :zapped: That's just nuts! Is real estate that scarce around there?
  10. Jim Straight has apparently written a couple of books, but I'm not sure which title John is referring to. I did find an old discussion where Mr. Straight is talking about dry washer designs. Not sure if it would be of any help, but here's the link to it: http://www.voy.com/76600/1/2549.html Mike
  11. I wonder if the Mariners could sign her? :hahaha: Mike
  12. That was a great video Don...thanks for sharing it. I restored a vintage 15' wood river boat (drift boat) and it took me nearly 2 years, so I can only imagine the time, cost and commitment it took to bring that PT back to operational condition. Since it belongs to the US Navy, maybe they can take it for a cruise off the cost of Somalia? I can just imagine what those slimeball pirates would be thinking if they tried to capture it, and instead the Navy opened up on them with a couple of .50's. Mike
  13. Dizzy


    Wow! That was incredible.... Can you just imagine the conversation that crew had before he tried that stunt? Had 4x4's since I was 16 (almost 40 years), and this '03 Tundra is by far the best truck I've ever owned. Buried all of them a time or two. More cautious now that I'm older, but have once never got the Tundra even close to being stuck. Mike
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