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  1. I was trying to steal some honey last spring from a wild hive like I have done many times before. I have learned to park the truck several hundred yards away. Well when I got to the hive the bees were on me. They got so bad I could no longer see through my hood. At this point I decided this hive was not worth it so I walked away. The bees followed me to the truck. Then for another 45 min walking circles I thought they left. The second I took my hood off I got stung on the neck. After it was all said on done it took an hour for the bees to leave me alone. I never even touched the hive. With out my suit I would have been in the hospital or dead. Like I said I never touched the hive I could have just as easily been hiking with my wife and kid. So be careful. You don't have to mess with them to get into trouble.

  2. So about how good the 5000 is... I went over that "spot" with my gb2 and got flustered with the hot ground... Not wanting to deal with the noise I moved down the wash maybe 10 or so feet and found a couple dinks on more quite ground. My detector may have found most if not all but I walked past because it was too hot... I wish I would have had the 5k that day... I also have a 3k that I use most of the time but the ground was too hot for it also... My 2 cents. Good job dirt bag.

  3. Here is my take with the gb2! I didn't take the 3k this trip but still had a blast breaking the gold from the bed rock! Ha ha aj no poison oak for me spot steeler.

    I will get a better picture this afternoon.


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