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  1. Thanks Tom I didn't think about box canyon. I think we will go there. That area is really nice. Thanks for the reminder!

    Thanks for the reply Chris you are right about the local lashes they will be hot! Prescott is way nicer than the valley.

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  2. Mike I do but I just bought a 2300... Thanks articdave! I needed a good machine for my bike. Tearing down the 7k to put it in a backpack is hard on the wires. And I'm not the best rider so I worry about cashing and really messing my machine up.

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  3. Oh no Andy the sdc nugget was top right. Ha I think I see the boot... Maybe.... If I take my glasses off.

    Articdave that is definitely good to know. I was really hating the fact that it ate through batteries. I will give it another shot with fresh ones. Lol

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  4. Sweet thanks they were new off brand batteries. I wasn't impressed. The machine is pretty cool tho. I found alot of bird shot and even the first nugget of the night with it before it died. I'll try the 6000 ma batteries. I sure hope they work way better.

  5. I run the 7k. I love it and hate it at the same time. Like you said it will find deeper gold and smaller gold. It is a loud machine when you run it to its fullest capabilities but you can clearly hear deep and small gold through the noise. After I got the 7k all my old patches started producing again and I found more gold in a matter of months than I have found in a few years. I hate that there are no smaller coils or any coil selection for it here yet. So the deal breaker for me would be..... do you have patches that produce nuggets that have slowed or stopped giving it up? Or are you hunting virgin ground?  If it  is going to HURT the pocket book at 8k then get the 5000 and a few extra coils and save some money and start finding the gold. If 8k isn't an issue get the 7000 and find gold with the confidence there is nothing better for now... 

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