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  1. Still beats a day at work i suppose... better luck next time. oh i got skunked today too.
  2. Well you guys wanted a story so take a seat its story time..... Well I had a lifted dodge ram 1500 hemi truck. It was pretty nice to look at but had a bunch of issues. Well I wanted to try a new spot out in the bighorn mountain range and drove out there quad in the back and beeped for a few hours with no luck. On the way home I didnt see the bump in the dirt road and when i hit it the quad which was tied down comes and hits the back window. All down and out from being skunked and the freshly broken window I called my brother... Buckeyeboy. Was telling him all about how unlucky I was with the truck and no gold and other crap... well while talking on the phone and driving too fast in the dark in the middle of the night there it was. I didn't see it until i hit it. A black cow on a black road on a black night with a black truck. yeah i hit the cow going about 65. I pulled off to the side of the road and still on the phone with my brother.... DUDE I JUST HIT A FREAKING COW!!!!!! Sad story I know totaled the truck just my luck. Well if one wasn't bad enough less than 30 days later I was heading to gold basin via stockton hill road. I am in my new to me ugly bone stock 1986 toyota pickup. Then i see the sign OPEN RANGE! I put the brights on along with seat belt and both hands on the steering wheel and slowed down to 5 under the limit. YES five under was still too fast....... Next thing i know...... BANG wtf was that???????? yup another cow. Whats the first thing i do??? call my brother.... YOU WONT BELIEVE ME IF I TOLD YOU... he says what... you hit another cow?..... YUP... end of story... sad I know.
  3. Thanks buckeyeboy.................................. <------ pretty much sums it up...........
  4. Awesome finds futuregold. Hope to see more pics coming from ya
  5. Thanks guys. I am going out monday hopefully i will have something else to show.
  6. Went out today to an old beat up patch..... I found two native and four while digging. The biggest is .75 grams and the smallest is .05 grams. That is a new smallest record for the trusty 3000 Total weight 1.45 grams.
  7. Some guys I detect with did a canyon up and back four times no gold then at the end of the day they got a small dink.... went back the next day and found several. They took me there after hammering it and i found a dink and a 1/2 oz. Patch turned out to be a several ouncer. Just keep swinging a couple inches makes all the difference.
  8. Nice finds! I can't wait to get back there and do some swinging my self.
  9. There are several clubs that have claims there join one of then or all. Stay off the private claims there are lots.
  10. Yeah me too. Dang that candy looks good! Awesome find guys.
  11. Nice job adam I'm a little jealous!
  12. So about vlf machines... I have never had one. They won't pick up a half oz st 8inches?
  13. Well glenn of they were your dig holes I think I owe you one my a thanks. So thanks.
  14. Go figure.... I got skunked ol well that just means more for next time! Frank I have a gp 3000 and was using a 16 round double d. The halfer was about 8 inches down on the side of a hill. I also found a half gramer on the same hill. The funny part was there were dig holes within a few feet of the monster....
  15. Ha I know here is my weekend at gold basin...
  16. at the basin it is an awesome specimen with quartz and a couple dark iron looking spots. By far my best piece. I should sell my detector cause I'm never going to do better than that.
  17. All those that went on the trip how did you do?
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