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  1. Tom i will try yo make it out for one of the days.
  2. All this water talk.... Where is there any water in AZ????? Never seen any myself...
  3. Aj we can trade you get the steers I getv the gold. Glad we could agree on this.
  4. Awesome story tom. We will have to get back out on them things when I get some time off work
  5. I'm going to take your pick when your not looking then I will have a lucky pick and a lucky big wheel then I will be unstoppable....
  6. Good job tom that is awesome!
  7. I had an awesome time out there guys! Cant wait til next year! Thanks Tom for setting it all up.
  8. Tom you just bout summed it up.... Other than the fact that I kinda got lost... But you probably left that part out on purpose. thanks for that Lol. Anyways it was a good day of detecting. Next time we have to bring the bike.
  9. Bummer! Was going to go Monday but I might as well stay home now... Thanks a lot.
  10. Lol Tom that is one way to put it. You missed one part tho. I was hurtin too. I'm still hurting this morning. It was a fun... Rard ride. I'm going to take a few days off I should be good next weekend.... Hopefully.
  11. Tom I did some vaccuming firday evening and got a total of 1.04 grams. Nearly all of it was in the first bucket and the next 4 buckets had nothing what gives....
  12. Well hopefully we are on to something good there. I havent been looking for gold tooooooo long but this is the first time I have come across this stuff.
  13. Always dirty Yeah I'm going to bring mine in March too we would be a cool gang I think there will be several of us there with them hopefully we can find time to go for a ride. Thanks Adam. This was my biggest piece out there I was very surprised when I saw it in the scoop.
  14. Thanks boulder dash and yes it was as good as it gets out there and I am glad I live in the great state of Arizona!
  15. I burned one as soon as I got home. It was pretty cool! It was a blast today just wish my bike ran a little better at that we both some yellow. Next time for sure. Thanks atticDave it's already good to meet new people in the hobby.
  16. The bike runs good tom. I had fun today hopefully we can do it again soon. Be safe out there.
  17. Tom and I hit some new to us stuff on the lsd with the motorcycles. We found a 4.06 grammer and lots of trash. We also found some sulfur? What ever it is it burns very good and smells bad. Here are some pictures.
  18. I vote with buckeye boy second week of march. Frank I will def let you know when we are coming.
  19. Frank. Yes that is me. No worries haven't killed any more so maybe my driving skills have improved... Probably going to be at gold basin sometime in feb. hope to see ya there.
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