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  1. I burned one as soon as I got home. It was pretty cool! It was a blast today just wish my bike ran a little better at that we both some yellow. Next time for sure. Thanks atticDave it's already good to meet new people in the hobby.
  2. The bike runs good tom. I had fun today hopefully we can do it again soon. Be safe out there.
  3. Tom and I hit some new to us stuff on the lsd with the motorcycles. We found a 4.06 grammer and lots of trash. We also found some sulfur? What ever it is it burns very good and smells bad. Here are some pictures.
  4. I vote with buckeye boy second week of march. Frank I will def let you know when we are coming.
  5. Frank. Yes that is me. No worries haven't killed any more so maybe my driving skills have improved... Probably going to be at gold basin sometime in feb. hope to see ya there.
  6. Thanks guys! Putting the button mod on the 3000 made a huge difference. I got the directions from a different fourm step by step and all the parts needed. It was much easier than I thought it would be.
  7. Said in another topic I would show pictures of some parts I built for my 3000.Made a new handle about 1.5" shorter than the stock one. Wired a tracking button and adapted it into the new handle. I also built stablizers for my coil cord with a slot to hold the button wire in place. And made a 6" extention for the upper shaft. All parts are made of plastic other than the upper shaft extention which is aluminium. Well here they are.... Enjoy.
  8. Yeah i just found the broken wire.... sucks my coil is in pieces right now. junk.......
  9. Thanks for the advice guys I run the 3000 and made a simmilar stablizer. I should post some pictures of it. I made a night and day difference how my machine ran.
  10. Yes it does, I will try that to see if it will help but it has the plastic nut on the coil side. I took it off and played with it wiggling and such tighter and looser but nada. Well thats not exactly true. It helped me pin point the problem. Where the nut tightened on the cord there are teeth it presses to hold it tight. If i wiggle it there it falses if I hold that tight and still and wiggle just below that point it doesnt. It doesnt above either. Im screwed
  11. Has anyone tried to replace a coil cable? I have a commander dd 10x5 and the connector on the coil is bad. I cant move the coil or detector at all without it falsing bad enought to over load the machine.
  12. Still beats a day at work i suppose... better luck next time. oh i got skunked today too.
  13. Well you guys wanted a story so take a seat its story time..... Well I had a lifted dodge ram 1500 hemi truck. It was pretty nice to look at but had a bunch of issues. Well I wanted to try a new spot out in the bighorn mountain range and drove out there quad in the back and beeped for a few hours with no luck. On the way home I didnt see the bump in the dirt road and when i hit it the quad which was tied down comes and hits the back window. All down and out from being skunked and the freshly broken window I called my brother... Buckeyeboy. Was telling him all about how unlucky I was with the t
  14. Thanks buckeyeboy.................................. <------ pretty much sums it up...........
  15. Awesome finds futuregold. Hope to see more pics coming from ya
  16. Thanks guys. I am going out monday hopefully i will have something else to show.
  17. Went out today to an old beat up patch..... I found two native and four while digging. The biggest is .75 grams and the smallest is .05 grams. That is a new smallest record for the trusty 3000 Total weight 1.45 grams.
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