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  1. Mine came with the 6in and I later bought the 10in... Never even bolted it on...
  2. I bought mine a few years ago for 1500 it was well used and came with 4 or 5 coils. I couldn't sell it for that now. Especially since the 4500 is newly released...
  3. Im no expert but looks pretty close to me. If I found it I would post it also. Others will be able to tell you for sure. Good luck.
  4. At least you guys are getting out and having fun! Nice find with the knife buddy!
  5. Ill quit gold!!! Not golf... I don't golf who has time for that and detecting.
  6. What fun I must say! Too bad this isn't in the desert.
  7. This little bugger was found in the grape vine as shown. It's a black widow and was in the fridge for 3 days after buying it from frys........ I obviously didn't was then good enough...
  8. Gee whiz guys looks like you were having a good time! Keep it up.
  9. I was trying to steal some honey last spring from a wild hive like I have done many times before. I have learned to park the truck several hundred yards away. Well when I got to the hive the bees were on me. They got so bad I could no longer see through my hood. At this point I decided this hive was not worth it so I walked away. The bees followed me to the truck. Then for another 45 min walking circles I thought they left. The second I took my hood off I got stung on the neck. After it was all said on done it took an hour for the bees to leave me alone. I never even touched the hive. With out
  10. Don't let this go to back order Tom I want one and 4 spares do you take PayPal
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