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  1. Oh and I still have the springs if you want then too...
  2. Tom call me I have the front axle and rear from my 86 in good working order and lots of extra parts you can have them. That is if you haven't bought new yet. 623 251 0126
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Strapped good luck to you in November! I'm going to try and get back there after work slows down again. Relichunter sounds like a terrible problem to have ?
  4. Hey everyone just thought I would share a couple gold basin finds. Both were buried about 6 to 8 in deep on a hill side patch. Just cut the flat one and it turned out pretty good. Enjoy.
  5. I run the 7k. I love it and hate it at the same time. Like you said it will find deeper gold and smaller gold. It is a loud machine when you run it to its fullest capabilities but you can clearly hear deep and small gold through the noise. After I got the 7k all my old patches started producing again and I found more gold in a matter of months than I have found in a few years. I hate that there are no smaller coils or any coil selection for it here yet. So the deal breaker for me would be..... do you have patches that produce nuggets that have slowed or stopped giving it up? Or are you hunting virgin ground? If it is going to HURT the pocket book at 8k then get the 5000 and a few extra coils and save some money and start finding the gold. If 8k isn't an issue get the 7000 and find gold with the confidence there is nothing better for now...
  6. Nice gold Tom! Hope you find lots more with that new coil. Keep up the good work!
  7. Way to go Tom! If you're giving nuggets with dental work can I schedule a couple hours?
  8. Fun outing! I had a great time. 5 nuggets for 3.25 grams... And one .5 gram copper.
  9. A little late but happy birth day Tom hope you had a great day!
  10. They did it on Watson road south of the white tanks too. Police there every evening and weekends. The only good part to that is now there is a nice park up there.
  11. Keep it up! I had three skunks leading up to Friday night....
  12. Yeah if I would put those back if I were you... You going to make a ring or something?
  13. Thanks guys! I had a good one. Tom, No I haven't been out but twice all winter and no good yellow... maybe this Monday will change all that????
  14. Driving to work this morning I saw a fireball. I was traveling west on i-10 at ile marker 100. It was about 15 degrees??? North of the highway. It was the first one I have seen. Pretty cool if you ask me.
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