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  1. Apparently 31 reports have been made. Here is a screen shot. ..
  2. Thanks Adam. I just filed it. Hopefully this one hit the ground before it got to Mexico..... If it hit the ground at all...
  3. Did anyone see the fire ball over the Phoenix valley this morning? I was driving to work heading south when the sky lit up enough to make me turn my head to see the newly forming sun causing all that light. I haven't seen very many but this was by far my best.
  4. Nice! That baby coil is on fire!
  5. Tom that is one fine looking skunk you got there!
  6. Thanks guys. The area definitely need more exploring.... Good luck guys!
  7. I got out this weekend with some good friends. We hit all new area in an old spot with no luck. Then we decided to jump in the truck to an area we have never been. The area was worked hard by old timers who left lots of trash. Once tired of kicking hit rocks and digging their trash I got out of the washes and started pounding hillsides. The area is covered in "desert pavement" and one tiny piece of gold getting a tan. Good times were had by all!
  8. OT I turned 32... And woke up with a sore back. It's all down hill from here lol
  9. Thanks for the replys guys! Bmc it was mostly a scattered round up. Good luck it there guys!
  10. Well I haven't been on the forums much lately but detecting still happens every now and then. Here are hand full of nuggets from a new area I found last year.... I had to get them all first lol. I hope all is well with everyone here. I will try and get to the outing and say hi!
  11. Is this there one that turns little nuggets onto the big ones?
  12. Nice going Dirtbag. The trusty 5k strikes again
  13. Andy that is some awesome gold! Great story too! Hopefully there is more to come.
  14. Adam I think it looks great. Anything "cow" has to be good!
  15. Great gold! And good video of the 4 Grammer I watched it this morning
  16. Hey guys that is some awesome wall you made and even better yellow found keep it up. It gives me the fever bad.
  17. It may not look it but it is. Good wash it was. I actually found my very first nugget in this wash years ago dry washing. Washed round half gram slug looked just like the bottom nugget but slightly bigger. What a day that was too.
  18. I detected all day Friday got to camp at 1am said hi to a few people in the morning. Detected with some friends most of the day Saturday and started for home when dinner was served. Total weight was just shy of 4 grams. The second nugget down was found by my friends using my detector for the first time about 15 minutes after he started swinging. He is hooked now...
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