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  1. Is this there one that turns little nuggets onto the big ones?
  2. Nice going Dirtbag. The trusty 5k strikes again
  3. Andy that is some awesome gold! Great story too! Hopefully there is more to come.
  4. The top picture is from a couple small rocks with no visible gold. I didn't weigh it but it was way better than I thought it would be. Andy that spot is going to pay good. Get the buckets and the monster I will bring gb2!
  5. Thank guys! Tom they were about a foot apart and near 10ish inches deep. The big one and piece right below were in the same hole and the one on the top of the coil was ten feet from it getting a tan. These three fit together also.
  6. I got out to "no" gold basin looking for some gold but found some nice meteorites instead. A few of these fit together. All found on two different hill sides only two were surface finds the rest were pretty deep. All found with my 7k. Total just over 600 grams. The biggest is 275 grams and with it's fitting pieces is 390.
  7. Hey guys thanks for the b day wishes! No birthday nuggets but I got some nice space trash.... Frank I was on Stockton hill road this weekend and I didn't hit one! This is some kind of record for me!
  8. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great one!
  9. Adam I think it looks great. Anything "cow" has to be good!
  10. Great gold! And good video of the 4 Grammer I watched it this morning
  11. Hey guys that is some awesome wall you made and even better yellow found keep it up. It gives me the fever bad.
  12. It may not look it but it is. Good wash it was. I actually found my very first nugget in this wash years ago dry washing. Washed round half gram slug looked just like the bottom nugget but slightly bigger. What a day that was too.
  13. I detected all day Friday got to camp at 1am said hi to a few people in the morning. Detected with some friends most of the day Saturday and started for home when dinner was served. Total weight was just shy of 4 grams. The second nugget down was found by my friends using my detector for the first time about 15 minutes after he started swinging. He is hooked now...
  14. My two cents... difficult and audio smoothing will loose faint targets. In many cases it's better to lower the sensitivity and stay in normal than move to difficult. In gold basin I hunt in normal ground, sensitivity 10, audio smoothing off, general, and a very low threshold of around 5. I will change settings depending on emi and ground conditions but this is where I start. Good luck to you!
  15. Ha thanks everyone for the info. We went to the rim last weekend the family (wife) ? decided it would be to hot in box canyon and wanted higher elevation. East clear Creek was perfect! Not too many people and not hot. We will go back again.
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