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  1. Yes, I understand between submersible and waterproof I stated the wrong word. I do mean submersible, there are a lot of streams that are less than a foot deep that I would like to detect. So putting a bag over just the coil and coil connection is not a bad idea either, just another protection barrier. The GB2 I was looking at comes with a 10" oval coil. Is this better for the 6 & 20khz setting and not going as deep? Is the 60khz used with larger than 10" to get deep penetration?
  2. I am just looking to put the coil and maybe a foot up the pole in the water not the control box. But your saying the connection wire that goes into the coil can't get wet?
  3. I'm going to go with the GB2. I looked and the Garrett Infinium but that would be better as a second detector and I can't really afford a second detector now. Does anyone know if the GB2 is waterproof?
  4. Thanks. I will take a look at those detectors. Scott
  5. I live in Massachusetts and the only gold in the North East is placer gold that was brought down form glaciers a long time ago. My question is which detector would be better to help me find placer gold? I'm reading that a lot of the gold around New England is in the form of flakes and/or small nuggets. I'm not sure if the ground is very mineralized or not and I know from my sampling many spots that there aren't alot of black sands like in the west. I do hit a lot of streams and rivers so something that is waterproof is better (I don't need to be going underwater with it but have the coil in the water). Thanks Scott
  6. New at Prospecting, but enjoy going out with the family looking for GOLD!

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