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  1. Oh sorry, I thought the new keene three stage was an over and under. At least from what I have seen it is, but then again I could be wrong. It's ok, I just typed in Over/under dredge in google and up popped some sites with ideas. I am definitely going to modify mine though, it should be here tomorrow.
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I am new to the forum so forgive me if I slip on protocol. I was wondering if anyone has ever modified an already existing dredge to a three stage sluice. I have discussed with quite a few people at keene about thier 3 stage system and from what I gather the "Main" requirement is the amount of water moved and pump size. Of course the three stage sluice only starts at a 4 inch dredge; however, the 3 inch has the same pump and engine capabilities. Just not the same sluice. I know of the site for building one from the ground up three stage but I am just looking for
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